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    "Another Couple In The Theater Fully Sprinted For The Door": People Are Revealing The Most "WTF" Movie They've Ever Watched

    "I recommended this movie to my adult kids and said, 'I'll watch most of it with you, but when it gets to the party, I'm going to leave the room. You'll be glad I did.'"

    Have you ever watched a film and not been able to believe what you were seeing onscreen? Well, you're not alone. When redditor u/SortOfFasc asked the r/AskReddit community which movie left them thinking, What the hell did I just watch?, a lot of people had their opinions. Here's some of what they had to say below:

    1. "The Lighthouse."

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    "Willem Dafoe farting."


    "The Lighthouse is some of the best acting I've ever seen in a movie. It's so captivating. Dafoe was just lights out."

    2. "Everything Everywhere All at Once."

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    "Raccacoonie, hot dog fingers, everything bagel, googly eyes...I probably forgot a dozen other weird things."


    "I can’t believe my eyes got watery, when they were just rocks. How the hell can you have absurd dildo fight scenes and then hit that hard with just rocks…WTF."


    3. "Sorry to Bother You."

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    "I recommended this movie to my adult kids and said, 'I'll watch most of it with you, but when it gets to the party, I'm going to leave the room. You'll be glad I did.' Great movie, but do NOT attempt to watch with your family!"


    4. "Swiss Army Man."

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    "I watched that movie drunk, and I seriously couldn't believe what I remembered from it, so I watched it sober, and turns out — I remembered it accurately. It's a great film. I'm still not sure what the meaning of it was, but it was enlightening in some enigmatic way."


    5. "Rubber."

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    "AKA that movie with the killer tire that roams around. I mean, it's not terrible, and I get what they were going for, but you still have to ask yourself the OP's question after watching it. Did I really just spend an hour and a half on that?"


    "It's definitely a weird, great little movie that deserves a cult following. I've only ever recommended it to people with an absurd sense of humor.

    "I looked up the director (Quentin Dupieux) a little after posting my answer and checked out some of the trailers for his other work. I definitely think I'm going to go see if I can find some of his stuff via streaming (Mandibles and Smoking Causes Coughing are at the top of that list).


    6. "Akira."

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    "It either gets the brain working REALLY hard or breaks it."


    "I saw Akira in theaters a few years ago, and there was a woman with her teenager in the row in front of me. At the end of the movie, I heard, 'Mom...what just happened?' I had to try not to laugh, since that seems about the right reaction for your first time seeing it."


    7. "Mother!"

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    "I saw this movie in theaters — fully prepared for it to be fucked up. An older couple sat in front of me — they must have never heard of Darren Aronofsky and just liked Jennifer Lawrence. Well, two hours in or so, 'that scene' went down, and they got up so fast, the man fell over the next row of seats, and they left in a full sprint for the door."


    8. "Midsommar."

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    "I really liked Midsommar. Every small thing has meaning behind it and eventually correlates to the rest of the story. A very well-thought-out film, but I could've done without THOSE scenes..."


    9. "Requiem for a Dream."

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    "I watched it as part of a rainy Labor Day barbecue. It really killed the mood."


    "This movie requires a good three hours of digestion time. I love it — it's a great movie! Any movie that leaves me speechless for three hours is powerful!"


    10. "Rise of Skywalker."

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    "The Last Jedi was my answer to this. It left me with such a 'WTF' that I didn't even bother watching Rise of Skywalker. I read the plot synopsis and just rolled my eyes back into my skull.

    "The thing is, though, I don't even blame Rise of Skywalker for being bad. I was absolutely stumped about what the hell they could possibly do to rescue that broken story. After what Last Jedi did to it, I had absolutely zero confidence that anything coherent or satisfying could possibly come from the third movie in the trilogy. The fact that Rise of Skywalker is such a chaotic mess is just proof of that."


    11. "Donnie Darko."

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    "This is a good example. I didn't understand this movie very well for years. The older I get, the more relevant it seems. I couldn't believe it was such a cult classic so early in its release history. I was recently ruminating on how cool the experience of his death actually was."


    12. "Annihilation."

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    "I had to read the whole book trilogy after watching it. Loved the movie and the books."


    13. "I’m Thinking of Ending Things."

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    "That's the only movie I've ever watched where I was literally angry afterward at having my time wasted with such incomprehensible gibberish."


    14. "The Menu."

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    "Not gonna lie, I left that movie so hungry."


    15. "Eraserhead."

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    "I watched this for the first time when I was home sick from work and my wife was pregnant with our first child…I really couldn’t have timed that any better."


    16. "Tenet."

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    "I'm a Christopher Nolan fan, and I like that he plays with convention, but even after googling it and reading the plot in detail, I couldn't make sense of it. It felt like someone was like, 'Backward fights,' and they made a movie around it."


    17. "Parasite."

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    "I love that movie, but I’ve only seen it once because for a good week after I saw it, I was so freaked out about the thought of someone secretly living in my house that I couldn’t look at the door to my basement without getting nervous."


    18. "End of Evangelion."

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    "I watched it before watching the anime when I was 12 years old. Needless to say, I was fucking baffled. But honestly, watching the anime, the final six (?) episodes with the added scenes and dialogue, and then rewatching it made it so impactful.

    "Nothing is worse than being a teenager with a dead mom and shitty dad, and you’re gonna make him be your Christ figure? Ohhhh boy. Also, I love how the anime focuses on 'mech'/'alien' violence, and 60% of the movie is just brutal human violence that occurs to the cast you’ve grown to know and love/hate.

    "Artsy indulgence be damned, it’s still one of my favorite series and finale movies to watch."


    19. "The Lobster."

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    "You just start watching because it’s a movie, but then like, what the actual fuck is this? Then you can’t stop watching it, because what the fuck is this, actually?"


    20. "Being John Malkovich."

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    "Dude, that movie is so fucking weird and outstanding and disorienting and brilliant. Not often, but every so often, I will be having a conversation with a stranger where I feel like we are on two different planets. That feeling of what the fuck is going on is captured so well during the job interview scene with the secretary."


    21. "Tusk."

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    "Tusk is by far the scariest movie, psychologically, I've ever seen. And I'm a big Kevin Smith fan. It's scary because just imagine waking up missing a leg, then hearing Michael Parks's monologue about why you're there. Very, very frightening."


    Is there a movie you watched that left you thinking, What the hell did I just watch? If so, tell us what it is and why in the comments below.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.