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Animated character Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid" next to a quiz banner

Who's Your Disney Husband?

Flynn Rider is my exact type to a T. 🩷

Left: Four mimosas with the label 'Rapunzel', right: A croissant and coffee labeled 'Belle'

Let Your Brunch Cravings Match You To Your Disney Princess Alter Ego

πŸ‘‘βœ¨ From savory delights to sweet treats, find out if you're a Belle bruncher, a Tiana tastemaker, a Rapunzel recipe reveler, or an Aurora appetite aficionado! ✨🍳πŸ₯ž

People Are Talking About Charles Melton's Oscar Snub β€” But I'm Wondering Why He Landed The "May December" Role In The First Place

While I love Charles as much as the next gal, his casting as Joe Yoo (the character inspired by Vili) is indicative of a larger issue in Hollywood: the erasure of Pacific Islanders. Yes, the film was only partially influenced by the true story, but the real-life victim, Vili, is Samoan.