"I Was Bored To Tears": 17 Moviegoers Are Revealing The Films They Hate But Everybody Loves

    "I watched it last night and did not get the hype, just the ick."

    Although a movie may be loved by many, it doesn't mean you will agree. When Reddit user u/imnachos asked: "What is a film you didn't really enjoy that everyone seemed to like?" over 3,000 people replied, so here are some of the top answers below:

    1. "A Quiet Place. 'Son, we can talk as loud as we want next to this waterfall. Now let’s go home to our creaky home with wood floors where we have to tiptoe and use sign language….' My guy… just move next to the waterfall!"

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    2. "Sorry folks, but The Princess Bride blows. The only interesting thing about the movie was actually in the Andre the Giant documentary, detailing the pain Andre was in throughout the filming."

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    3. "The Notebook. The main characters are fucking terrible people. The dude threatens suicide to get a date. Like, what the fuck?"

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    "And the other main character cheats on her loving fiancé as soon as her boyfriend shows back up in town. I couldn’t understand how so many people glossed over that…he was literally planning their wedding with HER mom while she was banging her ex-boyfriend."


    4. "Everything Everywhere All at Once. I had to take breaks to watch it because it was just too much going on."

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    "I couldn't get through it. I thought it was a complete mess and didn't care enough about the characters to keep trying."


    5. "Saltburn. I watched it last night and did not get the hype, just the ick."

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    "It felt like just another 'privileged pretty person is obsessed with another pretty person and ruins lives over it' type movie. This is an obnoxious pattern in movies, to be honest."


    6. "Barbie."

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    "It was fine. I get its standing as a cultural phenomenon: this bright toy-inspired social satirical commentary that coincidentally comes out at the same time as a bleak three-hour film that follows the fella that created the atomic bomb.

    I don’t think it was bad, but it’s not as great as what people were celebrating it as. But if people find enjoyment in it, then that’s good for them."


    7. "Fast & Furious — all of them. I find them all to be ridiculously stupid (admittedly, I really can’t sit through all the movies). Just awful."

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    "For me, it's a 'so bad it's good' thing. The first one, especially, is so damn cheesy, I can't help but love it. They're guilty pleasure movies for me. I will say I lost interest after the sixth one, so I haven't seen any after that one. They might all be just irredeemable garbage, I don't know."


    8. "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It's not a bad movie, but I feel like all of the stuff around DiCaprio’s character is not at all interesting. One of Tarantino’s worst in my opinion, and I couldn’t understand why everyone thought it was such a masterpiece."

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    "I was bored to tears by this movie. If I weren't with family in the theater, I would have happily walked out. I'm so confused why people love this movie."


    9. "I was not satisfied with the way Encanto ended. At all."

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    "I was so confused. Is she the replacement for the grandma? Does she have magic? Is the house her room since the front door is hers? So many unanswered questions."


    10. "The Purge was one of the most boring movies I've seen. I'd watch it again just to see if my opinion actually holds up. But yeah, I didn't like it and haven't watched any of the follow-ups to it."

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    11. "Elf. I hate Elf. I can’t stand Will Ferrell. He’s not funny; he’s just loud."

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    12. "La La Land. Absolute utter trash. I hated it."

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    "I've heard it described as 'a musical for people who don't like musicals,' and I can only agree with that, because why would you want bad dancing and boring songs in a musical?! This can not be what people were demanding!"


    13. "Wonder Woman. It was cool for a woman-led superhero film. But the plot was pretty mid."

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    "I enjoyed the first one (up until the awful CGI fight at the end), but the second one was just unfathomably bad."


    14. "Bird Box. People kept insisting it was scary, but it wasn't scary at all to me."

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    "The book was way more interesting, in my opinion. I feel like a movie for this kind of concept is really hard to pull off since they need visuals to convey what’s happening, and most of the horror comes from the fact the protagonists don’t have visuals. I read it randomly on a holiday years before the movie, and when I heard they were making a movie, it felt like a terrible idea."


    15. "Call Me By Your Name. I felt like it was only liked because it was beautiful to look at. The setting and cinematography were great, but I just couldn’t get past the adult graduate student grooming a high schooler part of the film."

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    16. "Oppenheimer."

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    "I found it an exceptionally boring and overrated movie, and I'd say I'm fascinated by the science and spectacle of nuclear weapons."


    17. "2001: A Space Odyssey. All I heard was that it’s a classic and you have to watch it. After the intro scene, I was disinterested and bored for pretty much the entire movie."

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    Is there a beloved movie that you absolutely dislike? Tell us which movie and why you don't like it in the comments below.