These Pixar Versions Of "Harry Potter" Characters Will Make You Believe In Magic All Over Again

    Pixar Ron Weasley is everything I want and more.

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    I'm one of those Harry Potter fans who have rewatched all the movies, like, 100 times. But recently, I was wondering what the films might've looked like in Pixar style. With some help from AI, here are the magical results:

    1. Harry Potter:

    Animated character resembling Harry Potter in Hogwarts, holding a wand, with a whimsical expression

    2. Ron Weasley:

    Animated character with a mouse on his shoulder, wearing a school uniform with a crest

    3. Hermione Granger:

    Animated character Hermione from "Harry Potter" in a classroom holding up a wand with a feather floating
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    4. Albus Dumbledore:

    Merlin from animated film stands with wand in a sunlit, magical library setting

    5. Draco Malfoy:

    Animated character 'Edgar' from the film 'The Willoughbys', holding a broom in an ornate room

    6. Rubeus Hagrid:

    Animated character holding a magical egg inside a cozy, dimly-lit room

    7. Severus Snape:

    Animated character Severus Snape from "Harry Potter" series depicted in a stylized 3D illustration, standing in the Potions classroom

    8. Luna Lovegood:

    Elsa from Frozen depicted as a stylized student in Hogwarts uniform from Harry Potter series

    9. Hedwig:

    10. Dolores Umbridge:

    Elsa from Frozen stands in a room, wearing a pink outfit with a cat brooch, looking stern

    11. Neville Longbottom:

    Illustration of a young wizard in school robes holding a wand, with a frog companion, evoking a magical theme

    12. Minerva McGonagall:

    Lady Tremaine character frowning in a scene from an animated movie

    13. The Sorting Hat:

    The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter is sitting on a stool with eyes looking forward in a dim, large hall

    14. Fred and George Weasley:

    Animated characters Fred and George Weasley in Hogwarts attire holding wands

    15. Bellatrix Lestrange:

    Character from "Frozen," holding a staff, wearing a fitted gown with intricate details, standing in a castle corridor

    16. Cho Chang:

    Animated character resembling a young girl dressed in Hogwarts robes standing in a castle hall

    17. Lord Voldemort:

    Close-up of animated character Voldemort from the "Harry Potter" series

    18. Dean Thomas:

    3D animated character in Hogwarts uniform holding a wand in a castle corridor

    And finally...

    19. Dobby:

    Dobby from Harry Potter holding up a sock, symbolizing his freedom

    Which character was your favorite? Who should we do next? Comment below!

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