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17 Tweets That Basically Sum Up "House Hunters International"

So you're looking for an American-style house with a big backyard in Central London?!

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1. When the couple on the episode immediately say or do something stupid right at the beginning and you know you're just tuning in to hate-watch:

2. When you wonder if they really thought out the decision they're making:

3. When you wonder how the hell these people with no real jobs can afford to move abroad:

4. When the couple or person brushes over an interesting tidbit about themselves and you're left thinking, Fuck the house hunt, I need to spend the next 20 minutes with you telling me about the crazy shit going on in your life!

5. When the argument over buying or renting a FANTASTIC place is over something really trivial:

6. When all they do is ask for a house with "lots of local charm and character" and then reject it when shown one:

7. When you wonder if they even bothered to google what the rents go for in that city:

8. Or if they know anything about the country they're relocating to:

9. When you honestly just wonder if they've ever been outside the US:

10. When you can tell that the episode is going to lead to a fight about going over budget:

11. When you're just really surprised about the direction the episode goes:

12. When the real estate agent is just over their demanding clients:

13. When you can see a big mistake a mile away:

14. When no matter how large of a place they see, it's never BIG enough:

15. When you just want to hate-watch an episode, but instead cringe the entire time:

16. When you start to think that there is only one real estate agent in all of Paris:

17. And finally, when they pick the wrong house:

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