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Chickens Are Fed Yellow Things To Make Egg Yolks Yellower, And My Mind Is Blown

This is inter-egg-sting news.

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Raise your hand if you think eggs are the most amazing breakfast, lunch, and dinner food.

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THAT WAS A TRICK QUESTION. Every hand should be raised because eggs are obviously the greatest.

Yup! Egg yolk color is dependent on a hen's diet. I'd like to say it's from the power of egg magic — because, again, eggs are fantastic — but it really boils down to science.

Certain plants contain yellow-orange pigments called xanthophylls. After being eaten by the chicken, these pigments are deposited in the egg yolk, resulting in a sunny-yellow color!

Why does the color matter? Honestly, it doesn't, but humans are evidently divas about egg yolk color. Some people associate egg color with an egg's nutritional value — or the overall health of the hen. However, yolk color has not been shown to be indicative of either!


What I am saying is, don't look to yolk color to tell you if the chicken it came from was a healthy chicken. Cool?

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