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    If You're A Parent Who Hates Caillou You're Gonna Wanna Read This Fan Theory

    This one's for all the parents that can't stand another minute of Caillou.

    This is Caillou. If you're a parent, you probably hate him.

    So maybe you won't feel too bad when you hear about this fan theory that Caillou is actually dead.

    The theory, put forth on Reddit's r/fantheories, posits that Caillou died of cancer.

    Because of his diagnosis, Caillou's parents let him do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, and was kind of a brat as a result.

    He's obviously not sick on the show, though, so what's the deal there? Well, the theory says that Caillou has stuffed animals and pets that remember him as he was before he died.

    So there you have it. Something to calm your soul the next time your kids are watching Caillou and you just wish it would stop.