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The Rock Thinks This Emoji Isn't Masculine Enough Which Got Me Thinking, What The Heck Is???


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This morning The Rock said something that made me question everything I thought I knew about emojis. Because in his reply to someone who thinks the new Jumanji seems familiar, he wrote this:

@ollyog Haha buddy, juuuuust see the movie first then make the comparison. And for fucks sakes stop using the non masculine 🤔 emoji

To which I literally can only respond with the so-called non masculine emoji!!!!!

🤔🤔🤔 ????

Others were also confused. Would this nice goatee make this emoji more masculine?

@TheRock @ollyog is this the masculine thinking emoji

Possibly the goatee was enough. But maybe not. So It got me thinking, what might make this emoji the most masculine it can ever be? Perhaps he must be holding a cold one at all times.

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