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We Had Kristen Wiig And Steve Carell Confess Things To Each Other And It Was Hilarious

A despicable duo.

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Tristan Fewings / Getty Images / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Whether he's playing a socially awkward weatherman on the big screen, or she, an unpredictable, drunken bridesmaid, Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig have proven to be two of Hollywood's most entertaining comics. The long-time friends recently linked up for the third installment of their hit franchise, Despicable Me 3, so we had the pair ask each other questions... all while spilling some HILARIOUS confessions.

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Question: Fuck, Marry, Kill — pizza, alcohol, and John Krasinski.


Steve Carell: I would fuck the pizza...

Kristen Wiig: Me too.

SC: I would marry John Krasinski because he's a sweetheart...

KW: Me too. Mhmm.

SC: And I'd kill alcohol.

KW: Yup.


Confession: Have you ever pretended you weren't Kristen Wiig when asked?


KW: All the time. Instead of recognizing me, they always tell me I look like Kristen Wiig or I look like someone that was on SNL, or something. And then I'm just like, "Oh yeah, I get that all the time!"

SC: I was on vacation with my family and a woman came up to me. The woman said, "Can I have my...picture...Ben Stiller?" And I was like, "No. I'm not Ben Stiller."

Question: Do you do any vocal exercises to help prepare your voice before scenes?


SC: Yes, I dooo! No, what I generally do is just come in, do all of the screaming first. So by the end of a five or six-hour session, there's nothing there.

KW: Wait, for real?

SC: No.

Confession: Have you ever used your celebrity status to get you into something?


SC: Yes, all the time. It's all I do. But more importantly, the look on someone's face when they know that they aren't as important as you are, is PRICELESS. I love it!

Question: What's the craziest tabloid rumor that you've ever read about yourself?


KW: Oh my god. They're all crazy! I went to a restaurant with my friend's parents and it was very loud for them, so we asked to move. According to the papers, I hated my seat, so I asked to be moved three times. And I left my bag at the table, and when they returned it to me, I yelled at the manager and told them it was their fault. They just make shit — stuff — up!

SC: Careful what you say, it can have consequences.

KW: And what you read and what you spread.