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Can You Win At Least $7,000 On "Jeopardy!"?

Would you like to make it a true Daily Double?

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You are going to be asked a series of actual Jeopardy! questions. You'll be given the name of the category as well as the dollar value of the question.

Answer the question correctly, and you'll add money to your winnings. Answer it incorrectly, and you'll lose that much money.

For each question, you'll have a "don't buzz in" option, which you can select if you don't know the answer. Do this and you won't make or lose any money for that question.


You won't be able to choose your questions, all of the questions will be multiple choice, there are no Daily Doubles, and there will be no Final Jeopardy!.

You're just answering some questions and accumulating some cash.

How much money will you walk away with?

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