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These Tiny Versions Of Iconic Canadian Foods Are The Cutest Lil' Things

I just want to *nom* them.

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These are the work of clay artist Jennifer Robeson, who made a whole set of miniature Canadian classics for Canada 150.

Jennifer Robeson

It all started when she did a 100-day project challenge, where she made a clay sculpture of food every day for 100 days. When the organizer of the Terroir culinary symposium saw them, Robeson was asked to make a special series of Canadian foods.

There were hiccups, though.

Jennifer Robeson

"There was one that I failed at miserably, which was butter tarts," she said.

"I kept buying them from different places and eating them and examining them," but they were just too difficult to recreate in clay.

Her personal favourite to eat is Kraft Dinner, which she made in her preferred way — topped with ketchup.

Jennifer Robeson

"I think it’s just a classic, there’s lots of ways you can dress it up as an adult eating person," said Robeson.

Her show at Terroir — which included a print of this A&W Teen Burger — had people oohing and awwing, and now she's being asked to make all kinds of tiny treats.

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