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A Dog Walked Onstage During An Orchestra Concert And Made Itself Nice And Comfortable

And it got the best damn seat in the house.

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Ah, the symphony. A place for intellectuals and elites alike to gather and take in the arts.

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Oh, and dogs. Dogs are also apparently super into orchestra concerts, too. Proof? This dog that strolled onstage during a Vienna Chamber Concert on June 27 and made itself riiiight at home in front of the first violin.

Cutest moment in classical music. 😍😍😍Vienna Chamber Orchestra - Ola Rudner, Conductor - Fazıl Say, Piano - Ephesus,…

The orchestra was playing at the International İzmir Festival in Ephesus, Turkey.

The orchestra was working its way through a Felix Mendelssohn tune when the dog entered stage right, because who doesn't like Mendelssohn?

It then paused for a few seconds as the audience roared with laughter.

And then it did something only a dog could get away with at a concert — it lay the hell down.

Twitter: @fazilsaymusic

Several of the Very Serious Musicians couldn't help but smile as the doggo got itself comfortable.


I don't know what we did to deserve this — or any — dog, but honestly, every orchestra performance needs a surprise dog cameo in the future.

Thank you, dogs.


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