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    We Tried The Fake Cocktails That Kristen Wiig And Steve Carell Made Up

    And only one of us almost puked!

    Last night on Fallon, funnywoman Kristen Wiig made up the recipes for a Sea Cloud and a Fuzzy Wormhole, two fake cocktails Steve Carell invented.

    View this video on YouTube

    The clip starts around 3:10.

    According to Kristen, this is what goes is a Sea Cloud:

    - salt water

    - three half orange wedges

    - a little rum

    -a little milk

    - served lukewarm

    And this is what's in a Fuzzy Wormhole:

    - tequilla

    - a little apple juice

    - sweater fuzz in the ice cubes

    - served in an empty Campbell's soup can

    Well guess what we happened to have in the BuzzFeed kitchen...

    So I, Erin, begged my coworkers to try a Sea Cloud and a Fuzzy Wormhole with me.

    And the weaker ones declined.

    Until finally a valiant and noble prince stepped up.

    So we got mixin'

    First up...

    Step one was procuring sea water, which we had none of. So we googled the salt-to-water ratio in the ocean and attempted to brew our own with Poland Spring and Costco brand sea salt.

    Then we mixed in a "little bit" of rum a "little bit" of milk (gag), and shoved a whole orange and a half in there!

    And here's the result: A perfet Sea Cloud.



    As you can see, the cocktail had different effects on us.

    RYAN: And I was right. It fucked me up. Tasted like sewer water and a shitload of salt. I was not OK. At all. (See GIF for evidence.)

    ERIN: I mean, no human should consume that much salt, and oranges and milk taste kinda like if you wrung the liquid out of a cat's hairball, but I didn't puke so I'm feeling GREAT.

    Next up:

    Before we could get to cocktail mixing we had to empty out the soup cans, which Ryan handled because he is, as I said before, valiant and noble.

    Before you wreck us in the comments we felt Bad and Guilty about wasting food, so please direct your wrath at Kristen Wiig.

    Next we fuzzed-up some ice and transferred it to the cans.

    Fuzz courtesy of Erin's sweatshirt. Emphasis on the sweat, as today was 81 degrees in NYC.

    We added some apple juice and a metric shit ton of tequila

    And voilà, a fuzzy wormhole:



    We were smitten!

    ERIN: It's honestly delicious if you sip around the sweater fuzz. I think I'll order one at the bar tonight.

    RYAN: It was good. We actually both finished our drinks and proudly flaunted them as we walked back into work. I’m sure people thought we were drinking soup, but w/e.