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18 Gross Things All Cat Owners Secretly Do

You've probably stepped in some vom.

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2. Found cat litter as far away as possible from the litter tray in your house.

Instagram: @silvertigereyes

3. Encouraged your cat to lick you even though they also use that same tongue to lick their butt.

Instagram: @vini

Their lil' rough tongue just feels so nice.


4. Kissed them all over their furry lil' bodies even though they lick themselves all over.

Instagram: @12healerbex11

Lick themselves with that butt tongue.

5. Felt blessed every time your cat touches you with their paw, even though they use those same paws to bury their poop.

Instagram: @casperselfies

6. Given your cat a little bit of your human food.

Instagram: @stellathetinycat

(Only the non-cat people think this is gross.)


8. Gone to work accidentally covered in cat hair.

Instagram: @nicolelush

The lighting is a lot brighter in your office.

9. Or just seen actual tumbleweeds of floof rolling about your house.

Instagram: @drago

They seem to magically appear just after you hoover.

10. Stepped on a coughed-up hairball.

Instagram: @championfloorservices

If you've escaped this fate so far – good luck!


12. Sharing your bed with your cat, and realising that means your bed has an invisible layer of cat hair all over it.

Instagram: @honeyandclyde


13. Literally having to clean up your cat's discarded prey.

Instagram: @kevinkittycat

It's hard facing up to the fact that your cute lil' kitty is actually a COLD-BLOODED MURDERER at heart.

15. Occasionally used the same bowls for cat food and human food.

Instagram: @shannanagins

You wash them!

17. Accepting that your cat's asshole has touched every surface in your home.

Instagram: @comics

The hardest part of being a cat owner.

18. But all the gross stuff is 100% worth having a lil' kitty as your best friend.

Instagram: @casperselfies

"I'll pick up your poop forever, lil' angel."