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13 "Game Of Thrones" Characters Who Might Die In Season 7

Guesswork is coming.

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1. Arya Stark


Before you throw things at me, please allow me to explain myself.

From the trailers it looks like there is a VERY strong chance that the two remaining MIA Starks – Bran and Arya – will finally return home to Winterfell, and honestly we're already a little moist-eyed at the very idea.

The problem is, as Isaac Newton nearly said, "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction that rips your heart out through your eyes until you can no longer understand the concept of hope." In other words, good things don't go unpunished.

Death-proof Jon is wearing Valyrian steel plot armour and Bran needs to continue his role as Lord of Exposition, so if they want to break us with some long-overdue Stark-killing (Rickon doesn't count; it was his own stupid fault for running in a straight line) then we're left with Sansa or Arya. My money's on the assassin, rather than the one who will probably stay inside Winterfell for the entire season.

Likelihood: 3/10 💀💀💀

How: Honestly I think perhaps this season is a little too soon for Arya's demise, but if it were to happen...being killed by an ally when masquerading as someone else would be suitably devastating.

2. Littlefinger


That's more like it, eh?

Ever since he convinced Lysa to murder Jon Arryn, shit has been going down in Westeros. Wars have raged, kings have come and gone, the continent has been torn apart, and it's pretty much all Littlefinger's fault. What a dick.

How he's escaped retribution up to now is anyone's guess – however, Bran's return to Winterfell could just be the turning point. Ned Stark's only remaining son has access to, seemingly, all information ever thanks to the World Weirwood Web. As soon as the remaining Starks work out that their parents and brothers would still be alive if it wasn't for Petyr, surely it won't be long before Arya adds him to her list.

Valar Morghulis.

Likelihood: 7/10 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

How: Arya opens his throat – Frey-style – with Baelish's own Valyrian steel dagger, which caused so much trouble way back in Season 1 after he told Catelyn it was Tyrion's.

3. Tormund Giantsbane


Full disclosure: I actually predicted Tormund would die in Season 6, so I clearly know what I'm talking about.

Unfortunately for Tormund fans, this time things look a lot more bleak for our red-headed wildling friend. As you can see in this shot (and others like it) from the trailer, Tormund finds himself back north of the Wall, fighting wights and White Walkers with Jon Snow, Beric Dondarrion, the Hound, and a bunch of others who we're yet to identify.

With just two short seasons to go, the cast needs thinning out, and we know from "Hardhome" just how deadly an undead attack can be. He might make it out alive, but wouldn't it be very like Tormund to sacrifice himself to save Jon?

Likelihood: 6/10 💀💀💀💀💀💀

How: Attacked by wights while saving Jon Snow from an almost certain death. But don't worry, his final thoughts will be of Brienne, so he'll die with a smile on his face.

4. Beric Dondarrion


When predicting deaths, you'd be right to suggest that Mr Unkillable is a somewhat unexpected choice, but hear me out.

Until his brief reappearance in Season 6, Beric (along with Thoros and the rest of the Brotherhood Without Banners) had seemingly been forgotten, so seeing them back in the fold, and hanging out with big players like Jon and the Hound, is undoubtedly super exciting.

But with the best will in the world – and even though he has a badass flaming sword – you can't imagine Beric being one of the last men standing. He may help people like Jon get to where they need to be, but with only so much screen time remaining, being a bit-part character in Westeros is a dangerous game.

Likelihood: 8/10 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

How: Either mauled to death by wights (in which case resurrection will be tricky) or he sacrifices his own chances of resurrection in order to bring back Jon, or something.


5. The Mountain


The first thing you have to say about the Mountain in the trailer is how snazzy he looks in his new Darth Vader costume. Definitely the best-looking 8-foot zombie in the Seven Kingdoms.

But there's another, WAYYYYY more interesting shot in the second trailer that has caused everyone to get more than a little...hype.


As much as the showrunners have been careful not to show this character's face, as far as I'm concerned his shape, size, and hair leads me to be 95% sure that this is Sandor "The Hound" Clegane. If you think it's Jorah, Daario, or anyone else, you're welcome to your opinion, but you're also wrong. This has to be the Hound.

But it's clearly taking place in the south – the sun's out, there's no snow on the ground, he's not wearing a jumper – so how is this possible? My undoubtedly wrong theory is that he, Jon, and any other survivors from their excursion north of the Wall head back down south, whether it's to help Dany with her cause (invasion) or just to get some colour back in the faces.

It's at this point that Sandor will run into his big (in more ways than one) brother. Yep. Jump aboard the hype train. CLEGANEBOWL IS NIGH. And I'm predicting a Hound victory on points.

Likelihood: 5/10 💀💀💀💀💀

How: Beaten in combat by his little brother, because surely a Mountain victory would be too obvious? 🤞

6. Cersei Lannister


Despite losing her husband, her father, and all three of her children – talk about careless – Cersei managed to end Season 6 sat on the Iron Throne. The girl's tenacious, it's got to be said.

But in her own words, there are enemies coming at her from every direction, and not even a whole army of reanimated Mountains could keep her safe forever. Very few people out there can see her keeping her seat (or her head) until the end, so it's more a question of when she finally gets her long-overdue comeuppance.

The trailer seems to imply that Jaime will at least begin the season sticking by his sister, but surely she's just one or two more acts of mass murder away from losing his support. And what lengths might he have to go to to stop her...?

Likelihood: 2/10 💀💀

How: In reality it feels like since she's made it this far, they'll keep her around until Season 8 – with Ramsay gone we're running short on villains – but if she dies, it has to be at Jaime's hands. Jaime Lannister: the Kingslayer and Queenslayer.

7. Ellaria Sand


As Dany sailed towards Westeros in the final shot of Season 6, with Tyrells, Martells, Greyjoys, a tiny Lannister, the Unsullied, and a shitload of Dothraki, she looked like she would flatten anyone and everything in her path. Problem is, we know this show is never that simple.

Someone – quite possibly lots of someones – in her badass invading gang won't make it. Tyrion is probably safe and Olenna Tyrell is too old to get too close to danger, but Ellaria Sand is just the sort of character the writers could sacrifice.

She's more than happy to run towards conflict, she's got a mouth on her that could easily rub people up the wrong way, but above all that...the whole Dorne storyline has been a disaster from the start and the sooner it's forgotten the better.

Likelihood: 8/10 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

How: Killed in the battle we see in the trailer that looks like it's Euron's fleet attacking Dany's. Or by angry fans who are done with her shit.


8. Yara Greyjoy


Yara's first encounter with Daenerys was one of the most surprisingly enjoyable moments of the whole of Season 6. There was more chemistry between these two daughters of terrible fathers than the Mother of Dragons ever had with Daario.

But if this was the moment when viewers fell hard for Yara, then it could also have been the moment her fate was sealed. As stated earlier, Dany is going to lose people, things won't go as she hopes, and with two Greyjoys still standing by her side, the odds are that at least one won't make it.

As great as Yara has turned out to be, Theon's arc is unlike anyone else's. To see him die in battle before he's had a tense reunion with one-time surrogate brother, Jon Snow, would be a huge missed opportunity.


These shots from the trailer appear to show Yara jumping through the air while her fleet is attacked by Euron's, before a huge number of Greyjoy ships sail calmly into King's Landing.

If this fleet was Yara's, surely there would be some sort of counter-attack from the Lannisters? The ease with which the ships are approaching the capital ominously suggests that this is Euron on his way to make a deal with Cersei, meaning he must have been victorious.

Good luck, Yara.

Likelihood: 9/10 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

How: Killed by Uncle Euron when her fleet is attacked.

9. Eddison Tollett


Though never a major character as such, Edd has been ever-present since Season 2. And thanks to an unexpected sequence of events, he's found himself in the top job. A bit like Trump, but also very much not like Trump.

The new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch doesn't appear in either of the trailers we've seen so far, but there is a shot of Bran and Meera arriving at the Wall, so we will get to see at least a little of Edd's lovely face.

The problem is, winter is – as predicted – very much here, and the dead come with it. Castle Black is the first line of defence against the White Walkers, and given their depleted numbers you can't see those defences lasting long against a full-blown attack from the north.

Likelihood: 9/10 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

How: It's very possible that one of the last things that happens in Season 7 will be the Wall coming tumbling down. If it does, the Night's Watch don't stand a chance.

10. Melisandre


Last time we saw the hottest secretly 1,000-year-old (give or take) woman in Westeros, she was being banished from Winterfell by Jon Snow for murdering Princess Shireen.

The trailer, however, seems to hint at both Melisandre and Jon turning up at Dragonstone to visit Dany and the Coattail Riders. The wannabe queen has done some dodgy shit in her time, but I'm almost certain that "child murder" is on her list of things you 100% can't do.

When Jon tells Dany what Mel's been up to, her track record suggests the sentence will reflect the crime. And if Dany ignores it and lets her live, then I'm switching to team White Walker.

Likelihood: 6/10 💀💀💀💀💀💀

How: Sentenced to death by Daenerys. With Jon successfully resurrected, it's unclear what use she'd be going forward anyway.


11. Grey Worm


He may have no testicles, but one thing Grey Worm does seem to have is a massive part (😉) to play in the coming season. Above, we see him about to enter a cave in full battle mode, with many theorising that this could be the storming of Casterly Rock.

We also see him FINALLY getting down and dirty – sort of – with the best-looking translator since C-3PO, Missandei.

Put simply, everything seems to be going swimmingly for the leader of the Unsullied. Which in Westeros means he is absolutely guaranteed to die a slow, painful, and heartbreaking death. Them's the breaks.

Likelihood: 4/10 💀💀💀💀

How: Killed in battle with the Lannisters.

12. Brienne of Tarth


Cast your mind back to before the Red Wedding – it almost doesn't feel like such a care-free time ever existed, right? Sigh.

But it did. And it was then that Catelyn sent Brienne to King's Landing with Jaime under instruction to find and help Sansa and Arya. She took her time, but if Arya really is about to find her way home, then it seems that Brienne's work is done. Better late than never.

She's been an incredible character, and it would be just about the most heartbreaking death we can envisage, but it's for this very reason that Brienne is actually a very likely Season 7 victim. THIS FUCKING SHOW.

Likelihood: 5/10 💀💀💀💀💀

How: Killed, tragically, by Jaime when they are forced to face each other.

I'm almost always wrong about this stuff, so let me know who YOU think is going to die in the comments. And please avoid spoilers if you've been reading set leaks. Thanks!