Here's A List Of My Top 10 Mental Breakdowns That Will Make You Feel Like You Have Your Shit Together

    *Almost* all of the times I've completely lost it, compiled into one BuzzFeed list.

    1. That time I decided to make this post while at work.

    2. That time I wanted to surprise my mom with ABBA tickets for her birthday, then realized I spent $75 on a cover band.

    3. That time my ex bought me underwear for Christmas instead of putting in more than a minute's worth of thought into a meaningful gift.

    4. That time I realized I only knew every line to the first 40 minutes of A Goofy Movie and not every line to the entire movie.

    5. That time I thought I was pregnant and had to buy a test from one of my ex's friends at Target the week after I broke up with him.

    6. That time, two minutes ago, when I left my desk to go to the bathroom only to realize I broke the office toilet earlier with a massive poop and, uh-oh, guess what. I just drank a ton of coffee and am about to go break it again.

    7. That time John Cena beat Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at WrestleMania 29.

    8. That time I woke up to three zits on my face at the age of 23.

    9. That time my phone died on public transit in the middle of my favorite song.

    10. That time my ex hooked up with another girl and I saw him at a party and broke his lamp.

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