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23 Guys Who Truly Know How To Beat Their Face

Boys just wanna have fun, too.

2. Because let's be real, it's truly an artform.

Instagram: @zachzenga

4. Real makeup addicts know that achieving the perfect look takes skill...

Instagram: @zachcampbel

7. I mean look at those EYEBROWS.

Instagram: @heflawless

9. Pucker up because those lips look magical.

Instagram: @jesssusgomez

10. This guy's highlighter is P-O-P-P-I-N!

Instagram: @jesuskardashian

11. Even the simplest looks can be incredibly sickening.

Instagram: @patrickstarrr

12. And would ya look at this transformation.

Instagram: @zacharyedward

13. And the attention to detail.

Instagram: @alannized

14. Those that appreciate makeup know to never be afraid of trying something ~different~.

Instagram: @mannymua733

15. It allows anyone to be as detailed as they want.

Instagram: @mac_daddyy

16. Or as simple as they like.

Instagram: @euan

19. Because, I mean, this look, OMG.

Instagram: @makeupbyjaack

21. It's simply amazing the things that you can do.

Instagram: @hectorios_

22. Makeup ain't an easy job at all, but those who get it...get it.

Instagram: @melvinjr_sfx

In conclusion: continue to SLAY!!!

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