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23 Guys Who Truly Know How To Beat Their Face

Boys just wanna have fun, too.

1. Makeup is a beautiful thing.

2. Because let's be real, it's truly an artform.

3. The possibilities are endless.

4. Real makeup addicts know that achieving the perfect look takes skill...

5. ...and time...

6. ...and of course effort!

7. I mean look at those EYEBROWS.

8. And wow, that blending.

9. Pucker up because those lips look magical.

10. This guy's highlighter is P-O-P-P-I-N!

11. Even the simplest looks can be incredibly sickening.

12. And would ya look at this transformation.

13. And the attention to detail.

14. Those that appreciate makeup know to never be afraid of trying something ~different~.

15. It allows anyone to be as detailed as they want.

16. Or as simple as they like.

17. It's all about having fun.

18. And being your true self.

19. Because, I mean, this look, OMG.

20. And that eye detail. WOAH!

21. It's simply amazing the things that you can do.

22. Makeup ain't an easy job at all, but those who get it...get it.

23. *Drops mic*

In conclusion: continue to SLAY!!!