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What Do You Think Will Be This Year's Song Of The Summer?

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It's officially summer, so you know what that means — it's time to fight with all of your friends about which track is the ✨ SONG OF THE SUMMER ✨ in 2017.


We see you, Miley Cyrus.

Maybe you're feeling Rihanna, Bryson Tiller, and DJ Khaled's "Wild Thoughts."

Roc Nation / Via

Gimme that Santana riff!

Or maybe you're excited about another summertime collab — "Feels" by Calvin Harris, Katy Perry, Pharrell and Big Sean.

Columbia Records /

OR, maybe you — like everybody else in the world right now — can't stop singing the Luis Fonsi remix of "Despacito" featuring Justin Bieber.

Denyse Mitterholfer / Via

Sing it with me now!

Whatever song you love, we want to hear all about it!

Much Music /

We're currently in Round 2, so if you care about any of these songs get out and vote now!

Mollie Shafer-Schweig / BuzzFeed

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