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    23 Things You Need If You Have Million Dollar Taste But A Hundred Dollar Budget

    Everything. Under. $100.

    1. A dispenser for your olive oil that will look so much more chic on your counter than those huge plastic bottles oil usually comes in.

    2. This metallic vase that seems like perhaps it could have been designed by an avant-garde artist.

    3. A globe that wouldn't look out of place in a stately library covered in wood paneling. You know, if you could afford one of those.

    4. This dining chair, which provides Eames style without the Eames price tag.

    5. A hypoallergenic silk pillowcase that will give you restful sleep and fruitful dreams.*

    6. Italian truffle sea salt to help turn your meals into Michelin star–worthy creations.

    7. This stunning necklace, because those faux gemstones shine just like the real ones.

    8. A floor lamp that belongs in a midcentury home somewhere out in Palm Springs, perhaps.

    9. This wall clock that is silent so you won't want to take it down from the wall and throw it away just to avoid the ticking.

    10. A French press coffee maker that will make a cup of joe way better than what you usually get from the office coffee pot.

    11. This set of stainless steel measuring cups that definitely measure up to the competition.

    12. A decorative dog sculpture that will make your home feel like a gallery at the MoMA.

    13. A ghost chair with a price that won't actually scare you away.

    14. An insulated water bottle that won't leak all over your stuff, unlike that mediocre plastic one you've got now.

    15. A crystal decanter that looks so fancy, you'll be able to trick people into thinking it's a family heirloom.

    16. One last thing for your bar — a bottle opener in the shape of a damn shark!

    17. A Betsey Johnson ring that won't require you to drain your bank account.

    18. An oil diffuser and humidifier with a curvaceous design and sleek wood look.

    19. This ~golden~ bar set that will help you live the Mad Men high life (without all the, uh...terrible things that happened on that show).

    20. A set of makeup brushes in über-trendy rose gold.

    21. This trendy coffee table that would make another perfect addition to your collection of midcentury items that's starting to pile up...

    22. A stunning heel you'll want to wear for a night out on the town.

    23. And an area rug that is cheap enough for you to still be able to afford a home or apartment to put it in.

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