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    Kendall And Kylie Made "Vintage" T-Shirts People Hated, And Now They've Been Removed From Their Site

    I guess complaining about something on social media can pay off sometimes.

    *Sigh* So, Kendall and Kylie recently launched a "vintage T-shirt collection."

    Which basically pissed everyone off.

    I am #DEAD tht Kendall + Kylie put their family's initials on a Tupac shirt and are selling it for $125

    SHOCKER! A Kardashian-Jenner controversy involving one of their products!

    Why is everyone pissed? Well, there are a number of reasons, so let's go over them one by one.

    If I see you wearing a Kendall+Kylie shirt with their faces on top of Biggie and Tupac... just know that I'm legally obligated to punch you.

    For starters, people don't believe these "vintage" tees are really vintage.

    Whether the public believes these shirts are 20 years old (for something to be rightfully considered vintage it has to be from two decades ago) or not, the website describes them as a "one of a kind, perfectly worn vintage tee shirt."

    No one understands why they superimposed their faces, IG posts, and initials over legendary rock and rap artists.

    Fans of the musicians featured don't believe the Jenners even listen to or know their music. Though Kendall did say Tupac was her "spirit animal," so maybe she *is* a fan? Idk.

    Lastly, people think these tees are overpriced and not worth the $125.

    Social media was not happy about the shirts, and then *PLOT TWIST* it seems that the shirts have been removed from their website.

    I even looked at their Instagram account and all the pictures of the collection have been removed.

    So...will they address the shirt dramz or not?

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Kendall + Kylie for comment.

    UPDATE: Biggie's mother, Voletta Wallace, took to Instagram to slam the Kendall and Kylie collection for exploiting her son's death.

    Soon after, Kendall and Kylie issued an apology via Twitter.