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Here’s How Indigenous People Are Resisting, Not Celebrating, Canada 150


An Indigenous-led social media campaign is blowing up in response to #Canada150 and Canada Day celebrations.

The hashtag #Resistance150 was started by four diverse Indigenous community leaders: Anishinaabe storyteller Isaac Murdoch, Michif artist Christi Belcourt, Métis author Maria Campbell, and vocal Cree activist Tanya Kappo.

Now, it has blossomed into a roaring social media campaign with thousands of Indigenous and non-Indigenous followers.

Decolonize 150. Honor the Treaties. #Resistance150

For one thing; the federal government is spending half a billion dollars on #Canada150. Yet, some First Nations communities have been under a boil water advisory for so long, that "an entire generation" of kids have grown up without ever running a tap of clean water in their own home.


Some believe #Canada150 (or Canada Day, in general) is merely a celebration of colonialism and genocide.

Love my new shirt #colonialism150 #Resistance150

Two words that tend to make a lot of Canadians uncomfortable.

#Canada150 #CanadaDay #Resistance150 Time to learn our history.

Some are taking advantage of the opportunity to educate others about the "truth" behind Canada's history.

Truth: Before being colonized, North America was Turtle Island, home to 500 Nations. Aspiration: Reconciliation.…

And remind us of the violence that came with Canada's founding.

#Canada150 #genocide #Indigenous #Resistance150

Both before and after confederation.

#Resist150: Battleford mass hangings poster

Non-Indigenous folks are taking notice.

As a solidarity with indigenous people, #Resistance150 I will be carrying 150 minutes of silence​ on #Canada150 at Nathan Philip SQ at noon

And figuring out how they, as settlers, can help.

Adding my voice to #Resistance150. As a Settler, I want to help educate other Settlers as I learn. I've started here:

However, the Grand Chief of the Assembly of First Nations recently said that Indigenous peoples should take advantage of #Canada150, in order to keep highlighting our history and future in Canada.

Wisdom from @perrybellegarde on #NationalIndigenousPeoplesDay, formerly #NationalAboriginalDay #Canada150

Cree artist Kent Monkman has also taken the opportunity to "celebrate" Canada's 150th birthday by shifting the focus back to Indigenous people.

Monkman recently took on the illustrious role of Grand Marshall at this year's Toronto Pride Parade, in response to #Canada150.

A skateboard company even collaborated with Monkman to use #Canada150 as a way to bring attention to the history of residential schools.

Although many have seized the opportunity to educate others about some of the darker parts of Canadian history, some are using the hashtag to poke fun at the irony of it all.

Tim Hortons you sly dog, G'Chi Miigwech!! Who would've though it was this simple?? #Canada150 #Resistance150…


canada: we're celebrating 150 yrs of being super nice! general Indigenous populations:

But some Indigenous people are taking action for #Resistance150 in the form of demonstrations.

#reoccupation of parliament hill happening now #resist150

A group of Indigenous people tried to set up a teepee on Parliament Hill late Wednesday.

RCMP officers holding the end of the teepee to keep people from raising it. #Resistance150

And were met with opposition from police.

Confrontation between police and protesters on Parliament Hill

The group wanted to hold a ceremony and several people were detained but later released, according to CBC News.

The demonstration was meant to be a sign of Indigenous resilience, resistance, and more importantly, a sign of a revitalized First Nations culture.

What's happening at parliament hill is representative of hundreds of years of colonialism, genocide, and oppression. #Resistance150 #cdnpoli

And is now a symbol of #Resistance150.

tipi on parliament hill, a glimpse of turtle island #Resistance150 a fight to remove it, thats #Canada150