20 Frustrating Things Filipino Commuters Experience Literally Every Single Day

    Hay buhay!

    1. TFW you can barely move your limbs inside the jeep and then the driver says "APAT PA!"

    2. When you’re “the one” in the “ISA NA LANG AALIS NA” and only a quarter of your ass touches the seat.

    3. Jeepney drivers who blast rap music like it's the end of the world.

    4. Then the driver doesn't hear your voice.

    5. When you’re seated at the back of the UV Express and everyone in the middle is sleeping so you have to recreate the Creation of Adam.

    6. Or that nakakaiyak moment when everyone in the middle just plain ignores you.

    7. Your katabi falls asleep and invades your personal space.

    8. Bonus: You eat hair for breakfast and you get free drool on your shirt!

    9. Getting a ride during the rush hour after waiting for an eternity and someone tries to beat you to it.

    10. When the driver has no spare change and gets angry at you.


    12. Enters MRT fresh as a flower. Exits MRT like you’ve fought three world wars.

    13. When you’re running late and the driver decides to have a gas and/or CR break.

    14. And when it’s you who needs a CR break, you’re unfortunately stuck in traffic.

    15. When it’s tayuan sa bus and MRT and you have to endure smelling your katabi’s armpit.

    16. When you’re seated at the very back of the bus and you arrive at your stop.

    17. When the bus is full and getting off is like going through a freakin’ obstacle course.

    18. Going home from work late at night and the one sitting beside you is drunk and scary.

    19. When your driver chooses to listen to radio dramas and you have no choice but to listen to “buntis ako Bugoy, at ikaw ang ama!”

    20. Falling asleep and waking up to the horrible realization that you’re already miles away from your stop.

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