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ICYMI, Hannibal Buress Sent A Body Double To The "Spider-Man: Homecoming" Premiere And It's Genius

Double, double, toil and trouble.

This is Hannibal Buress — comedian, actor, writer, and just all-around funny guy.

Not Hannibal Buress? This guy.

I'm out here at the @SpiderManMovie premiere. In theaters July 8th.

Despite what the above tweet would lead you to believe, Buress — who plays Coach Wilson in the upcoming movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming — couldn't make it to the film's LA premiere.

That's where Joe Caroll comes in.

Caroll not only walked the red carpet, but he even did interviews about the film as Buress, and tbh, they even sound kind of alike!

Check out my red carpet interview for #SpiderManHomecoming in theaters July 7th.

And the resemblance is...interesting.

When fans began to notice the ol' switcheroo, Buress gave a short, sweet, and pretty understandable explanation.

It's called extreme FOMO.

OK, Hannibal. We see you.