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    22 Little Facts That Will Make Every "Love Island" Fan Go "Omgggg"

    Dumped islander Chloe told BuzzFeed what life inside the villa is really like.

    1. Sometimes contestants are asked to appear on the show before they get a chance to apply.

    2. But this series had 80,000 applicants!

    When you realise ITV2 got your application mixed up with Homes Under the Hammer #loveisland

    Including Camilla, apparently.

    3. Sometimes producers talk to contestants.

    ITV 2

    "They give you guidance if something big is going on," explained Chloe. "For example, when we're voting people out and they don't want everyone talking over each other, they'll put couples in their own rooms to talk privately."

    4. The only time the contestants get to hear what's going on in the outside world is when new people enter the villa.

    ITV 2

    "We're in our own bubble," says Chloe. "We don't find out anything."

    5. There really are cameras everywhere.

    ITV 2

    "The cameras pick up everything," says Chloe. "You're never safe from them. There are even camera men in some rooms."

    6. The contestants have to make their own breakfasts, but lunch and dinner are provided for them.

    ITV 2

    "It'd be chaos otherwise!" says Chloe. "There are members of staff around at mealtimes and they tell us what to wear for the evenings. We don't film when they're there."

    7. But the food this series has been much too spicy for Chloe!

    ITV 2

    "At first the food was quite spicy and out there," she explains. "Jess and I like plain food so we asked for some and then they started sending in plain chicken and potato salad. Everyone got bored of that. But then towards the end it got better. We were getting barbecue ribs, steak, and beef."

    8. The contestants aren't allowed to get drunk.

    ITV 2

    "Sometimes we don't get any alcohol," says Chloe. "But sometimes we'd get one or two glasses of wine. For big occasions, we'd get a bit more."

    9. Everyone does their own hair and make up.

    ITV 2

    And they re-do it multiple times a day.

    10. And they bring their own clothes in.

    Definitely me on the left!! All the girls on #LoveIsland are stunning!

    "We mixed and match with each other," Chloe says. "All the girls in there can fit into each others clothes."

    11. Laundry gets done once a week.

    ITV 2

    "We put it in bags and it gets done for us," says Chloe.

    12. There's only one room in the villa that we don't see on telly.

    ITV 2

    "There's a toilet near the lounge," says Chloe, "but obviously you don't get filmed in there."

    13. The contestants do swim, even though we never see them in the pool.

    ITV 2

    "We always went in there because it's so hot," explains Chloe. "But maybe they don't show it because you can't wear a microphone in the pool so you can't hear what anyone is saying."

    14. Contestants are encouraged to wear factor 50 sun cream every day.

    ITV 2

    "I don't wanna be ruining my skin!" said Chloe.

    15. There's an endless supply of condoms in the bathroom.

    ITV 2

    "They're kept in a bowl," she says. "Camilla put some in my suitcase to take home as a souvenir."

    16. And when they're in bed, they can hear ~everything~.

    ITV 2

    "Have you seen how close the beds are? You can hear everything, let’s just say that," Chloe says. "Gabby used to wear ear plugs every night. She had the right idea, didn't she!"

    17. Every contestant is given a phone, but they can only text each other and their texts go through producers.

    ITV 2

    "We'd go on each others phones all the time and send each other cringey text messages," says Chloe. "Most of the time, if someone was texting you, it was off someone else's phone saying 'I wish we could have made a go of it,' or something."

    18. Contestants aren't allowed books or music, and they don't leave the villa unless it's for an organised activity.

    ITV 2

    "That's why everyone smoked so much," says Chloe. "We're just bored!"

    19. After each re-coupling, the new couples have a photoshoot first thing in the morning.

    ITV 2

    "They happen so early!" says Chloe. "I remember one time I went to sleep in my make up, because we had to wake up early for a photoshoot, thinking I would wake up looking like a queen. Of course, I didn't look good at all! My pillow was orange for ages."

    20. Chloe thinks Marcel and Gabby are the most genuine couple.

    ITV 2

    "Unless Montana finds herself a cracker, I think they'll win," she says.

    21. And, despite the rumours, she doesn't think Jess and Mike hooked up after the show.

    22. But most shockingly of all: The bed sheets only get changed once a week!

    ITV 2

    "I think they only do it after every re-coupling," said Chloe. Ewww.

    Love Island is on ITV 2 at 9pm every night.

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