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26 Of The Most Legendary Snapchats To Have Graced The Internet

The Snapchat Hall Of Fame.

1. The Rihanna lookalike:

2. The poltergeist:

3. The flying dick:

Why the fuck has my 15 year old cousin just put this on his sc story 😭😭😭😂

4. The friendship attempt:

5. The baby blessing:

6. The makeup mare:

Had 2 have my makeup done 4 a fashion show 2day. Went into ESTÉE LAUDER and the 'professional artist' genuinely tho…

7. The makeshift message:

8. The hoverboard kitty:

9. The window-loving dog:

10. The Adele:

11. The little sister:

12. The fidget winner:

13. The boomerang bouquet:

14. The Get Out treatment:

15. The neighbourhood dogs:

16. The oddly supportive mum:

17. The sneaky snap:

18. The cancelled night out:

19. The poison ivy warning:

20. The clothing coincidence:

21. The soap gift:

22. The accidental slip-up:

23. The potato philosopher:

24. The Olde English:

25. The emotional response:

26. And finally, the LAGASA:

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