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This Poutine Donut Is Officially A Step Too Far With The Canada 150 Nonsense

This stops now.

Look, we've had weeks of white-and-red festooned Canada 150 stuff and we've been pretty patient about it all.

But this. This... "poutine donut," is a step too far. It's time to put our collective foot down.

First of all, only Timmies locations in the United States are selling it.

Tim Hortons is doing a poutine donut on July 1 BUT ONLY IN THE US? Are you fucking kidding me.

Which is both a curse and a blessing, really.

Even if we don't want it, it's kinda rude tbh.

@TimHortons the amount of disrespect you showed to Canadians... offering a poutine donut to the states on Canada Day.

And as if Americans need another reason to make fun of us.

tim hortons is selling a poutine donut this is exactly why nobody liked canadians

But also let's talk about the actual concept of a poutine-topped donut.

Because it is a bad one.

A while back, BuzzFeed Canada actually made and ate Timbits poutine.

And you know what it tasted like? Regret. Salty, cheesy, oddly sweet regret.

But if you're still tempted, you can also get an Iced Capp topped with bacon bits. Because at this point, why the fuck not.