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January 11, 2016

Lana Del Rey Stalker Sentenced To 84 Days In Jail

The 19-year-old obsessed fan from Kansas pleaded no contest to stalking the singer.

Quiz: ¿Eres más Sean Penn o Kate del Castillo?

Descubre cuál de los amigos del Chapo realmente eres.

18 Things You Never Realized “Boy Meets World” Taught You About Life

Let's be real, you'd be lost without Mr. Feeny and Cory Matthews.

Vegans Are Upset With These New Ads For Lamb

"I hate you and I hope you choke on your lamb."

LAPD Chief Recommends Criminal Charges For Officer In Fatal Shooting

LAPD Officer Clifford Proctor fatally shot unarmed Brendon Glenn, a homeless man, in May.

Can You Tell The Wes Anderson Film By A Single Shot?

Do you know your Tenenbaums from your Zissous?

A Man Had A Three-Day Boner After Taking An Herbal Supplement

There are boners, and then there are three-day boners.

Bad Driving School

If you ever wondered where all the bad drivers come from...

This Gay Couple's Kiss Cam Moment At A Hockey Game Will Melt Your Heart

The audience's reaction will warm your cold heart.

People Don't Know Who David Bowie Is And We're Here To Clear That Up

Let's set things straight about Ziggy Stardust, people.

The Playboy Mansion Purchased By Owner Of Twinkie Maker

The historic Playboy Mansion comes with grotto, private zoo, and even Hugh Hefner.

19 Times Mary J. Blige Kept It All The Way Real About Love

If the love (and heartbreak) didn't feel like a Mary J. Blige song, it wasn't real.

“Affluenza” Teen’s Mother Released From Jail

Tonya Couch posted bond on Monday night after it was reduced from $1 million to $75,000 by a judge earlier in the day. Her son, Ethan Couch, remains in custody at an immigration facility in Mexico City.

27 Of History's Most Iconic Rock Stars As Youngsters

“You can neither win nor lose if you don't run the race.” —David Bowie

An Actor Was Blurred Out Of A TV Show Because Of An LGBT-Related Facebook Post

Wong Hei shared an article suggesting a former Chinese leader was gay, leading to his erasure from a reality show.

15 Formas de tener mejor sexo en 2016

Empieza 2016 con gran excitación ;).

17 Seemingly Harmless Bathroom Habits That Are Actually Disgusting

*touches genitals* *touches towel* *touches doorknob*

Harrison Ford Just Became The Highest Grossing Actor In Box Office History

Talk about Star Wars: Can franchise alumnus Samuel L. Jackson fight his way back with big earnings?

Which Member Of GOT7 Are You?

Hint: it's all of them.

We Bet You Don't Know The CTrain Stations By Heart

Let's see you remember the Red Line and the Blue Line.

Escucha esta increíble grabación aislada de David Bowie cantando "Starman"

"Then the loud sound did seem to fade / Came back like a slow voice on a wave of phase."

Let's Take A Moment To Appreciate David Bowie And Iman's Love Story

They were married for a Hollywood-defying 23 years.

David Bowie's Most Iconic Fashion Moments

From over-the-top glam rock attire to stripped down menswear, Bowie and his numerous personas influenced the fashion world immeasurably.

Kids Explain How Boys And Girls Act In Third Grade

"Girls talk a lot to the boys...but the boys don't really have a lot to say!"

21 Argollas para tu piercing de septum que necesitas ya mismo

Perforado o no, ya no hay vuelta atrás.

This Woman Cut Her Vagina While Trimming

Every woman's greatest fear.

How Many Of These Ice Cream Flavors Have You Actually Tried?

Let's see if you're a true frozen dairy fanatic.

Which Pro Staff Are You?

Are you more Richard or Helena? Gwen or Geoff? Take this quiz to find out!

17 Signs "Younger" Should Be Your Next Binge-Watch

If you've been wondering what Lizzie McGuire's been up to in her adulthood, it's probably this.

5 Books To Read While You Wait For Game Of Thrones

It's official-- winter is here and George R.R. Martin's sixth installment of A Song of Ice and Fire series will NOT be released before the sixth season premier of Game of Thrones. If you're anything like us, aka a Game of Thrones super fan, the suspense is killing you. What are you supposed to do while you wait?! Check out these 5 epic reads to hold you over.

17 Heartbreaking Confessions From People With An Unrequited Love

"I'm scared that I can only fall in love with people who will never love me back."

How Well Do You Know The Job Descriptions On "The Bachelor/Bachelorette"?

We hope you're taking this quiz for the right reasons.

This Baby Shower Card Won't Stop Crying For Hours After You Open It

This is either a really funny gag or the meanest gift ever.

Iman's Recent Instagram Posts Are Heartbreaking

David Bowie's wife of 23 years shared quotes and images on Instagram over the past few days that now take on a devastating new meaning after his death.

How Much Do You Love Oscar Isaac?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

13 Ways I Lost My Baby Fat

I tried and failed all of 2015 but this year, I'm coming up on top.

David Bowie: Una vida en imágenes

El legendario cantante, compositor y actor murió el 10 de enero, a la edad de 69 años. Acá tienes la vida de David Bowie en imágenes.

17 Dads Who Almost Definitely Traumatized Their Kids

Our thoughts are with these kids during this difficult time.

This Is The Story Of David Bowie's Role In Ending The Cold War

Hundreds of East Berliners on the other side of the Berlin Wall gathered to hear the Man Who Fell To Earth perform.

Who Would You Be In The "Star Wars" Universe?

Find out your name, your occupation, and more if you lived in a galaxy far, far away.

Kate Winslet Is So Right About Women In Film

Let's not give all the awards to The Revenant, k?

Sean Penn Says He Has "Nothin' To Hide" Regarding El Chapo Interview

The actor made his first public comments to the Associated Press following his interview with the fugitive Mexican drug lord.

Wendell Lira vence gol mais bonito e agradece por encontrar ídolos que conhecia do videogame

Com golaço feito pelo campeonato Goiano, o jogador foi premiado no evento de gala da FIFA.

We Bet You Don't Know The Montreal Metro Map By Heart

More difficult than trying to get a seat during rush hour.

13 Geniales diseños de uñas inspirados en los 90

¡Hay una fiesta de neón aquí!

Eva Longoria Took The BuzzFeed Spelling Test And Here's What Happened

"I want one of you guys to spell Matthew Fucking McConaughey."

18 Ilustraciones tributo a David Bowie creadas por artistas latinos

Un homenaje al fallecido ícono y leyenda del rock, David Bowie (1947-por siempre).

Apple Is On The Hunt For Medical Tech Talent

Apple is hard at work on something related to health and biosensors, a handful of new hires and job postings suggest.

18 imagens que provam que na verdade o Facebook é o melhor lugar do mundo

O melhor do mundão do tio Mark coletados pelo Twitter @printsdoface

16 Hilarious Dieting Fail Confessions That Are Way Too Real

"I tried eating healthy, but I was told peach vodka didn't count." –Courtesy of Whisper.

Lionel Messi Wins The Ballon d'Or For A Record Fifth Time

The Argentine forward has been crowned the best player in the world for 2015.

The Fugitive Who Sent Cops A Selfie Because He Hated His Mugshot Has Been Caught

Donald Pugh had complained that the cops had "put a picture that made me look like I was a Thundercat or something."

Which New Doctor Are You?

Are you fantastic, brilliant, cool, or lasagna?

As Enrollments Plummet, America's Biggest For-Profit College Is Up For Sale

The 176,000-student giant is "in discussions" that could lead to new owners, it said today.

Artists Pay Tribute To David Bowie

Artists from around the world paid tribute to David Bowie, who died on 10 January at the age of 69.

7 Easy Ways To Eat Healthier Without Even Noticing

You're already on the bandwagon, you just have to keep it going.

18 Papitas preparadas que te harán babear sin control

Te retamos a no babear descontroladamente.

Change Your Phone Case As Much As You Change Your Underwear

Here's how you can DIY an unlimited amount of phone case designs using a clear phone case and LITERALLY ANYTHING THAT IS FLAT. No glue necessary!

What Underrated Baby Products Should Everyone Know About?

Let's separate the "need" from the "don't need."

Get Ready For Another Crazy Season Of "House Of Cards"

The new season premieres in March.

16 Animal Pals Who Don't Care About Your Resolutions

They'll love you, no matter what!

24 Things You'll Totally Get If You Grew Up In Southeast London

Don't ask me where my closest tube stop is. Your guess is as good as mine.

19 People Share Touching Stories About How David Bowie’s Music Influenced Their Lives

"Bowie was one of the people that I always assumed would live forever. Now that he's gone it feels like much of my childhood has died too."

21 Emotivos tributos a David Bowie que te romperán el corazón

"There's a starman waiting in the sky."

Mit diesen beeindruckenden Illustrationen nehmen Künstler von David Bowie Abschied

David Bowie starb am 10. Januar 2016 im Alter von 69 Jahren an Krebs.

Floods Chief Resigns Citing Unacceptable "Media Scrutiny"

Chairman of the Environment Agency Sir Philip Dilley has resigned from his post after being criticised for holidaying in the Caribbean at the height of the floods.

14 coisas sobre David Bowie que você provavelmente não sabia

Não, os olhos dele não tinham cores diferentes.

Should You Stay Home From School?

SNOT today, math class.

As pessoas estão compartilhando o vídeo comovente que David Bowie lançou dias antes de sua morte

"Olhe aqui em cima, cara, eu estou no paraíso. Eu tenho cicatrizes que não podem ser vistas", o falecido músico cantou em "Lazarus".

17 Practical Items That Will Soothe Your Type-A Soul

Celebrate your inner Monica Geller.

David Bowie Memorial Concert Planned At Carnegie Hall

The tribute, which will include Cindy Lauper, The Roots and the Mountain Goats, had been planned before his death on Sunday.

This Story Of David Bowie Blasting MTV For Not Playing Black Artists Is Going Viral

He said the network's alleged racism was "extraordinarily blatant."

A Man Who Survived A Suicide Attempt Is Teaching Teenagers About Mental Health

"I’m doing this to stop other young people from going through what I did," Jonny Benjamin told BuzzFeed News.

Trump On Sean Penn's El Chapo Interview: "Sort Of Amazing The Way He Got In There"

"I guess we have bigger problems in this country, but I guess it was a little amazing that he was able to get an interview with a guy that everybody else was looking for, right?”

Another Deadly Blow For Unions: Here's What's At Stake At The Supreme Court

Public sector unions stand to lose much of their money and power if the decision in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association goes against them.

21 prazeres na vida de quem é apaixonado por maquiagem

Acertar, como por um milagre, o delineado!

47 Of The Most Breathtaking Shots From Quentin Tarantino Movies

"When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them: 'No, I went to films'." - Quentin Tarantino.

13 Acting Performances From David Bowie

There's more to Bowie the actor than just Labyrinth. He was directed by Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Christopher Nolan, Tony Scott, and Nicolas Roeg.

Automated Journalism That Works With Journalists

Making bots that collaborate.

What "Force Awakens" Fan Art Should We Draw?

The BuzzFeed illustrators are just as obsessed with Star Wars as you are!

A Firm That Ran A “Horror” Jail In America Is Taking Over A British Youth Prison

Guards assaulted inmates at a prison in Mississippi run by MTC, which has been awarded a contract to run a controversial young offenders facility in the UK.

13 teorias de fãs de Harry Potter que vão fazer sua cabeça explodir

Porque não existem coincidências no mundo bruxo.

As 19 coisas mais importantes que aconteceram no Globo de Ouro de 2016

Aviso: um monte de coisa do Leonardo DiCaprio

Leia a adorável carta que David Bowie enviou para uma fã de 14 anos

"Meu nome verdadeiro é David Jones e você deve imaginar porque eu o mudei."

Jean-Marie Le Pen porte plainte pour cette photo, et il pourrait l'emporter

L'ex-président du FN a porté plainte pour cette photo diffusée en décembre. Et il pourrait gagner son procès, disent deux avocats à BuzzFeed.

82 coisas que você pensa quando assiste "Labirinto" pela primeira vez

Eu gostaria de chegar em todos os lugares em uma nuvem de brilho como David Bowie, por favor.

17 Moving David Bowie Lyrics And Quotes To Remember Him By

"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I know it won't be boring."

16 Healthy Dump Dinners You Can Make In A Crock Pot

Healthier meals that are as easy as dumping it in a crock pot and forgetting about it!

Como os famosos eram em 2006 e hoje em dia

Não foi só você que mudou bastante nos últimos anos.

12 Redenen Waarom Nederlands Eten Verschrikkelijk Is

Het valt niet te vreten. Écht niet.

After BuzzFeed News Investigation, Warren Buffett's Mobile-Home Company Responds

Clayton Homes declined to comment for an article that said it targets racial minorities and charges them extra, but the company has since issued a lengthy statement.

All The Golden Globe Afterparty Moments You Won't See On TV

Look at all the fun you missed out on!

25 Things Every Grown-Ass Adult Should Have

Small tweaks that will have a big impact on your home and your life.

Ousted American Apparel Founder Could Return With Takeover Offer

Investors who back Dov Charney have made a bid of $300 million for the bankrupt retailer.

Syrian Refugee Crisis Will Help Our Holyrood Campaign, Says UKIP

"The things UKIP have been banging on about for years have finally been made manifest," UKIP Scotland's leader told BuzzFeed News.

People Are Mourning David Bowie On Twitter And It's Both Moving And Heartbreaking

"Take a step back and look at the high water mark for what is possible for an artist to accomplish in a human lifetime."

Sen. Mike Lee: Doesn’t Help GOP To Speak Of Immigrants In “Demeaning” Terms

"I don't think it helps to speak of immigrants in terms that are insulting or demeaning."

Hunderte Frauen warnen vor Rassismus im Kampf gegen sexuelle Gewalt

In einer heute gestarteten Kampagne #ausnahmslos heißt es: "Sexualisierte Gewalt darf nicht nur dann thematisiert werden, wenn die Täter die vermeintlich „Anderen" sind".

Duvido você entender a letra desta música inteira

"Rhammahamãnnn sentir o cheiro dela rhhramâm..."

8 cosas de los videojuegos que necesitamos en la vida real

Mamá, he reseteado mis stats con una poción y voy a cambiar de carrera: ahora soy mago.

Fans Sang "Happy Birthday" To David Bowie Just Days Before His Death

Holy Holy, who include two former bandmates of Bowie's, had the audience at their show Friday leave a special birthday message on voicemail.

17 Presentaciones maravillosas de David Bowie que deberías ver ahora mismo

David Bowie murió el domingo tras una batalla contra el cáncer. Aquí están algunas de sus mágicas presentaciones.

Le maquillage: attentes VS réalité

Parfois la réalité dépasse un peu trop vos attentes, RIP.

Will You Win A Grammy Or An Oscar?

Or maybe you'll win both!

Batman V Superman 1966 Shot By Shot Trailer Remake

What if the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice film was made in 1966 starring Adam West and George Reeves? #BvSspoof

Esta es mi talla según la tienda en la que me compre ropa

La verdadera ba-talla de la moda (perdón).

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Baghdad Mall Attack That Killed At Least 18

The extremist group posted an online statement saying it targeted a gathering of "rejectionist heathens."

How Posh Was Your University?

Red trousers as far as the eye can see.

Daily Telegraph Installs Workplace Monitors On Journalists' Desks

The devices can tell whether newspaper staff are at their desks by using heat and motion sensors, BuzzFeed News has learned. Update: The devices were removed following this story.

Do You Actually Know How Much Alcohol You're Drinking?

The UK government recommends that you drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week. But what does that actually mean?

21 Tweets About Canada That Are Funny Because They're True

When you see that it's -9 degrees today and think "Oh, good. That's warm."

Tube Staff Will Stage Three 24-Hour Strikes Over All-Night Service

London mayor Boris Johnson called the decision "a disgrace".

21 scènes de films et de séries qui n'auraient pas été les mêmes sans Bowie

David Bowie aimait le cinéma, et le cinéma le lui rendait bien.

21 Strange, Everyday Objects People Actually Stuck Up Their Butt

You'll never look at a Minion the same way again.

Oregon Democrat Blames Obama Administration For Bundy Standoff

"It's like Obama and Wall Street. They don't seem to want to take on any lawbreakers whether they're white collar criminals on Wall Street or radical extremists in the West."

23 Motivos por los cuáles es mejor comer que estar enamorado

¿Quién necesita amor cuando hay comida? Te voy a amar, hasta que la pasta nos separe.

17 Ideas originales para aprovechar los libros que ya leíste

Oh sí, los libros no son solo para leer.

BuzzFeed Crossword: CelebriBabies

They put their diapers on just like the rest of us, only way richer.

The 26 Most Profoundly German Things That Have Ever Happened

Germany, we love you, but sometimes you go too far.

26 wirklich abgefuckte Dinge, die Leute ihren Sims angetan haben

„Ich habe mein Baby gegrillt und es an den Vater verfüttert, weil ich ihn hasste.“

The Best Star Wars Film

the most successful franchise of the sci-fi, vote for the best film of the saga

Your Horoscope For The Week Of January 11

Time to take work seriously, or are your friends more important right now? Find out!

Así es como las redes le dan el último adiós al legendario David Bowie

La estrella del rock británico falleció el 10 de enero a los 69 años.

9 Endless Cycles Almost Everyone Gets Stuck In

Bored with hair—>gets bangs—> regrets everything.

23 Moments In Life That Literally Everyone Loves

Wakes up, feels tired, remembers it's Saturday (Y).

24 chansons que les ados des années 2000 ont tous chantées

Vous savez, ces chansons que vous exhumez de Youtube à 5 heures du mat', quand vous êtes bourrés avec vos potes!

Como seria uma novela se ela fosse fiel ao Censo do Brasil

Imaginamos uma nova versão de "Avenida Brasil" segundo a divisão étnica do país. Quer ver como ficou?

This "Moët Medic" Smeared By The Sun Was Actually Volunteering At A Nepal Hospital

"I am the least likely person to live a lavish lifestyle," Dr Petra Hanson told BuzzFeed News.

So sieht die Besetzung von „Hannah Montana" zehn Jahre später aus

Vor fast zehn Jahren wurde die Sendung erstmals ausgestrahlt.

Second Freddie Gray Trial Delayed Indefinitely

Officer Caesar Goodson's trial cannot continue until the Maryland Court of Special Appeals rules on whether another officer — also charged in connection with Freddie Gray's death — can be compelled to testify against him.

27 Increíbles tiendas de música que debes visitar antes de morir

Sin duda lo mejor de viajar por el mundo es encontrar todas las mejores tiendas de música, ¿no?

24 Ways Chrissy Teigen Is Slaying The Pregnancy Game

For starters, her tweets are better than ever.

Here's What Happened When We Tried Bohri Food For The First Time

"You better have nothing to do for the rest of the day."

23 Times Tumblr Went Way Too Fucking Far

Damn, you people really need to chill out.

This Site Shows You What David Bowie Was Doing At Your Age, created in the weeks before the star's death, was created to show people "why they should worship David Bowie."

Student, 16, Is First Teenager To Be Murdered In London This Year

A murder investigation has been launched after Munashe Charles Kutyauripo, also known as Charlie, was stabbed to death on Saturday evening.

The White House Just Joined Snapchat

Unlike your snaps, presidential snaps are forever (according to a White House official).

19 Extremely Satisfying Moments For Book Lovers

The smell of a new book though.

Soumsoum, miskine, balek: une ado partage un dico de la langue des jeunes

Elle dit qu'il a été réalisé par des élèves de son lycée pour aider leurs profs à déchiffrer ce dialecte mystérieux.

Amal Bentounsi: le policier jugé pour avoir tué un homme en fuite est condamné

Jugé aux assises pour avoir tiré dans le dos d'un homme en fuite à Noisy-le-Sec en 2012, le policier acquitté en janvier a finalement été condamné en appel.

We Know Your Gender Based On These Five Questions

This test is mandatory. (And womandatory)

Can A Party Dominated By Trump Convince America It Cares About Poverty?

Six presidential candidates gathered in South Carolina over the weekend and gave it a try.

M.I.A Is In A Dispute With A French Football Club After Using Their Kit In A Video

M.I.A has defended her decision to wear the kit, claiming it was in support for victims of the Paris terror attacks in November.

Which Marine Animal Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

♫ While we devotin' full time to floatin' under the sea ♫

19 Undiscovered Bars You Must Visit Before You Die

The watering holes in London you need to discover this year.

What's Going On Around The World Today

Fans and celebrities are paying tribute to music icon David Bowie, who died Sunday. Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman has been captured for the third time. And how to really eat healthy in 2016.

15 Supersticiones populares que sobreviven a todos los tiempos en Argentina

La buena o mala suerte, la fortuna y el hecho de no casarse, casi como una maldición, figuran entre las más repetidas.

What Is Your Favourite David Bowie Song Of All Time?

"Changes", "Let's Dance", "Space Oddity" – which would you choose?

26 tuítes que salvaram a graça do Globo de Ouro 2016

Um oferecimento: Twitter brasileiro.

People Are Struggling To Solve This '90s Football Brainteaser

Wave goodbye to your productivity for the day.

10 Disney-Prinzen nach ihrer Hotness sortiert

Eines Tages wird auch mein Prinz kommen!

15 tuítes contando como David Bowie impactou a vida das pessoas

A notícia da morte do Bowie está fazendo as pessoas contarem de que forma ele transformou suas vidas.

A linha vocal isolada de Freddie Mercury e David Bowie cantando "Under Pressure" é incrível

É difícil não pensar nessa música sem lembrar de seu icônico riff de baixo.

17 apresentações maravilhosas de Bowie que você deveria assistir imediatamente

David Bowie morreu no domingo após uma batalha contra o câncer. Aqui vão algumas de suas apresentações mágicas.

Listen To This Incredible Isolated Vocal Of David Bowie Singing "Starman"

"Then the loud sound did seem to fade / Came back like a slow voice on a wave of phase."

LGBT People Reveal Why David Bowie Was So Important To Them

"He was an artist that made me feel OK to be trans, bi, and an outsider."

Das Sagen Bowie-Fans, die vor seinem ehemaligen Haus in Berlin trauern

Der Musiker starb am 10. Januar 2016 im Alter von 69 Jahren. Fans auf der ganzen Welt trauern. Auch in Berlin, wo Bowie von 1976 bis 1978 lebte. Vor seinem alten Wohnhaus haben wir Anhänger gefragt, woran sie sich immer erinnern werden, wenn sie an Bowie denken.

Aid Convoys Head To Besieged Syrian Towns Where People Are Dying Of Starvation

The aid will be delivered to Madaya and two other towns where people have been struggling to survive.

Sean Penn entrevistou "El Chapo" durante a fuga do chefão do tráfico

O ator detalhou sua "visita secreta ao homem mais procurado do mundo".

13 Secretly Healthy, Mouthwatering Whole30 Dinner Recipes

Because you can only eat boring veggies and chicken for so long.

16 Fakten über Dein Essen, die Dich überraschen werden


The Hardest Tube Station Quiz You'll Take Today

More difficult and soul destroying than trying to change lines at Bank during rush hour.

Labour MP Quits Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet Blaming "Negative Culture"

" concerns about the direction and internal conflict within the Labour Party have only grown, and I fear this is taking us down an increasingly negative path."

What Are Your Memories Of David Bowie?

People are sharing their favourite anecdotes about David Bowie and his music. Add yours.

Syrian Refugee Featured On Humans Of New York To Attend State Of The Union Address

Dr. Refaai Hamo, whose story touched millions when it was posted on the popular Facebook group, will be a guest of First Lady Michelle Obama.

19 Dinge, die nur Boyband-Fangirls in ihrer Jugend gemacht haben

Es war die beste aller Zeiten, es war die schlimmste aller Zeiten

Noma Dumezweni Has Called Criticism Of Her Hermione "Ignorant" And "Unimaginitive"

"It stems from ignorance. They don’t want to be a part of the creative act. To say it’s not as it was intended is so unimaginative."

Mourners Gather At Mural To Honour David Bowie

Fans left flowers and tributes in Brixton, the singer's birthplace.

This Is How Every Indian Has Been Reacting After Getting Netflix

"Goodbye, Moserbaer. Goodbye, Shemaroo."

21 Dinge, die Du nur weißt, wenn Du seit 10 Jahren eine beste Freundin hast

Ihr habt viel mehr Geschichten, als ihr zählen könnt. Und Du scheust Dich nicht, sie zu verwenden.

Así es el luto en redes sociales cuando muere un famoso

"Claro, ahora resulta que todos conocíais a este cantante que ha vendido 140 millones de discos".

¿Sabes cuáles son las capitales de estas Comunidades Autónomas?

Parece fácil hasta que deja de serlo. Y luego vuelve a ser fácil.

David Bowie: A Life In Pictures

The legendary singer, songwriter and actor died on 10 January at the age of 69. Here is David Bowie’s life in pictures.

Cette photo de police de David Bowie est la plus cool du monde

La grande classe, même après avoir été arrêté.

17 Wonderful David Bowie Performances You Should Watch Right Now

David Bowie died on Sunday after a battle with cancer. Here are some of his magical performances.

21 Secrets Fortnum & Mason Staff Won't Tell You

We handle an insane amount of cash.

25 choses super tordues que les gens ont faites à leurs Sims

«J'ai cuit mon bébé Sim au barbecue et je l'ai donné à manger au père car je le détestais.»

David Bowie en images

Merci pour ces beaux moments.

Les 24 minutes où le web n'a pas voulu croire à la mort de David Bowie

«Ce n'est pas possible, c'est forcément un hoax.»

Sky News Just Read Out A Fake Story About David Bowie Live On Air

The spoof story about Bowie serenading diners at a curry house was posted last week.

13 Reasons Nobody Will Ever Be Able To Replace Rahul Dravid

Because he is, and will always be, The Wall.

9 secretos que quizá no conocías sobre David Bowie

Ground Control to Major Tom, your circuit is dead, there's something wrong.

People Are Sharing The Incredibly Moving Video David Bowie Released Days Before His Death

"Look up here, man, I'm in heaven. I've got scars that can't be seen," the late musician sings in "Lazarus".

25 Fotos, die zusammenfassen, wie groß David Bowie war

David Bowie starb am 10. Januar 2016 im Alter von 69 Jahren.

Las 22 mejores caras de los Globos de Oro

Las reacciones lo dicen todo.

Read The Charming Letter David Bowie Sent To A 14-Year-Old Fan

"My real name is David Jones and I don't have to tell you why I changed it."

21 phrases de drague qui ne marcheraient que dans Kaamelott

Sans toi, la vie serait comme un bocal à anchois sans anchois.

An Art Collective Is Anonymously Beautifying The Streets Of Bengaluru With Amazing Artwork

250 volunteers are trying to transform the city a thing of beauty.

Los fans están recordando a David Bowie con esta imagen que refleja todas sus etapas

Es obra de la ilustradora inglesa Helen Green y muestra todos los personajes que Bowie adoptó durante su carrera.

17 Life-Changing Ways To Eat PB&J

For all you peanut butter and jelly fans

Ce Français détourne brillamment des peintures avec des objets du quotidien

Une manière pour Eric Hoube de raconter sa propre histoire de France.

These 11-Year-Old British-Indian Girls Have A Higher IQ Than Einstein

Anushka Binoy and Kashmea Wahi both have a staggering IQ of 162.

Les fans de David Bowie lui rendent hommage avec cette superbe image

Cette image, par l'illustratrice britannique Helen Green, montre les multiples visages de l'artiste mort dimanche à travers sa carrière.