18 Magical Scottish Baby Names That Will Make You Want To Have Children

Should your baby be a Liùsaidh or a Lachlan? H/t Behind The Name.

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Pronunciation: LOO-sai. A beautiful, Gaelic version of the Italian name Lucia, meaning graceful light. It's pronouced a little like Lucy, but with more of a flourish. For a little girl with perfect elegance and poise.


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Pronunciation: AHR-an. Arran is the name of a stunning, mountainous island in the Firth of Clyde, whose name means "peaked" or "high place". For a rugged, adventurous, outdoorsy little boy.


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Pronunciation: EYE-la. The name Isla derives from one of Scotland's most beautiful islands, Islay, which is often referred to as "The Queen of the Hebrides." For a girl who will take on the world, and win.


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Pronunciation: OOSH-jun. This lyrical name is a Gaelic version of the Norse name Eysteinn, meaning "eternal stone". For a kind and reliable little boy who is always solid as a rock.


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Pronunciation: MAR-ee. This beautiful name takes its inspiration from Mary, which (in Hebrew), is thought to mean "wished for child" or "beloved". For the most special little person in your life.


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Pronunciation: BAEY-un. This unique name is derived from the Gaelic word beatha, meaning "life". For a lively, cheeky, energetic, and happy little boy.


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Pronunciation: ALE-sa. Ailsa Craig is a pretty islet in the Clyde named "Island of Alfsigr's Island" by the Vikings. "Alfsigr" translates as "elf victory." For a very special, otherworldly little girl.


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Pronunciation: bl-AIR. This no-nonsense boy's name is taken from the Gaelic blár meaning "plain or battlefield". For a bold, fearless, and feisty little chap.


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Pronunciation: EYE-oh-na. The name of a truly gorgeous, dreamy island in the Inner Hebrides, where Saint Columba once founded a secluded monastery. For a contemplative, thoughtful little girl.


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Pronunciation: Ka-TREE-na. This lilting, musical take on Catherine comes from the Greek καθαρος (katharos), meaning "pure." For a thoughtful, kind-natured, generous girl.


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Pronunciation: ANG-oos. From the Celtic Oinogustos, which means "one choice", and the name of an 8th-century Pictish king. For a level-headed little leader.


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Pronunciation: LACK-lan. Lachlan was originally a Scottish Gaelic nickname for someone from Norway, but now it's one of the most Scottish boys names of all time. For an imaginative, clever little traveller.


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Pronunciation: DOM-nall. Domhnall was the name of two 9th-century kings of the Scots and Picts, and derives from the Celtic roots dumno (world) and val (rule). For an ambitious little boy who wants to make a difference.


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Pronunciation: DOR-ee. This pretty name is taken directly from the Scottish Gaelic word for "pilgrim". For a smart, fearless little girl who will definitely travel far in life.


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Pronunciation: FER-ghus. This fantastic name is made up of two Gaelic words: fear (man) and gus (vigour). For a go-getting boy who won't give up on his dreams.


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Pronunciation: AIL-ih. This sweet Scottish name is more unusual than Helen, which has its roots in the Greek word ελενη (helene), meaning "torch". For the brightest baby around.