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21 Tweets About Canada That Are Funny Because They're True

When you see that it's -9 degrees today and think "Oh, good. That's warm."

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1. Recess:

This is how we toughen kids up in Canada. Over -19C? Get outside, punk.

2. Windchill:

It's - 13 out there but feels like -5829 with the windchill. #CanadianProblems

3. Warm:

When you see that it's -9 degrees today and think "oh good. That's warm" #CanadianProblems ❄️🇨🇦

4. Socks:

That feeling when your toes are so numb you can't tell if your socks are on your feet or in your boots. #wintersback #Canadianproblems

5. Tims:

When the line up at the airport Tim Hortons is longer than the line up at customs #canadianproblems

6. The struggle:

It's real. 🍩🍩🍩 #timhortons #Vancouver #vanstagram #vancity #canada #canadianstruggles🇨🇦 #s…

7. Online shopping:

Finding a sweet deal online and then realizing you’re on the American version of the website. #CanadianProblems

8. Moustache:

#CanadianWinter : When you can't open your mouth because your moustache is frozen to your beard.

9. Cars:

Winter is when you confuse cars for snowbanks #dontgooutside #CanadianWinter

10. Parking:

Not being able to tell if you've parked on the curb or a snowbank. #CanadianProblems

11. Sorry:

Just apologized to someone who called me with a wrong number #sorry #CanadianProblems

12. Sorry:

Bumping into an empty chair at a busy coffee shop. Apologizing. #CanadianProblems

13. Beavers:

Beavers are the worst neighbours, they're always building shit without a permit.. #canadianproblems

14. Curling:

Edmonton buses carry brooms. Because you never know when a curling game might break out. #CanadianProblems

15. Insomnia:

Woke up in the pitch dark and thought "crap,insomnia again"...looked at my watch, it was 8 am. #solstice #canadianproblems

16. Alberta:

Driving in snow on the backroads with high beams on be like… #yeg #YEGtraffic #alberta #canadianwinter

17. Good friend:

Going out of town for the weekend and having a friend on standby to shovel your walk so you don't get neighbor complaints. #CanadianProblems

18. Fashion:

Searching winter outfits on Pinterest and I'm just here like I don't think these bitches know what winter is... #Canadianstruggles

19. Milk bags:

so u put the bag of milk in the jug and then use it...but why cant u just put the milk in the jug without the bag???¿??¿

20. Iced Capps:

I drank my Ice Capp too fast & now my stomach hurts & I'm shivering.. Why must @TimHortons taste so good?! Canadian problems.

21. And, finally, the ultimate totally legit Canadian problem:

Rode a couple kilometres on my polar bear this morning, then I realized I forgot my hockey stick back in my igloo. #CanadianStruggles