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17 Practical Items That Will Soothe Your Type-A Soul

Celebrate your inner Monica Geller.

1. These coasters that double as table art:

2. This set of nesting containers:

They are sexually awakening. Find it here for $35.

3. These boxes that help you de-clutter your things:

4. This amazing purse organizer that will change your life:

There are different sizes you can choose from. These are the medium ones. Find them here for $35.95.

5. This cutting board with grid lines:

6. This life-changing shower caddy that keeps everything in place:

7. This spice storage set that will satisfy your need for uniformity:

8. This under-the-sink organizer with sliding drawers:

So you can take a deep breath and actually find your cleaning products. Find it here for $24.99.

9. This "Hide N' Sink" caddy that FINALLY lets your organize your styling tools:

10. This drawer insert that will actually keep your socks and underwear organized:

You can also get two of them and put them side by side in a larger drawer. Find them here for $7.99.

11. This cable box that will keep your messy cords out of sight:

12. This luggage organizer travel set:

A set comes with one large and one small luggage bag, an underwear and bra organizer, and a toiletry holder. Find the full set here for $126.95. You can also purchase the components individually.

13. This rechargeable, handheld label maker:

14. This amazing seven-piece planner set:

Complete with pens for color-coding!!! Be still my beating heart. Find it here for $79.95. You can also buy individual components.

15. This set of canisters that will keep your office supplies in order:

16. These incredibly useful keychain levels:

17. This handmade embroidery hoop that is 100% accurate: