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January 17, 2016

18 Dingen Die Donkere Nederlandse Vrouwen Niet Willen Horen

Voor eens en voor altijd, om het leven voor ons allemaal een stukje makkelijker te maken.

We Know How Scared You Are Of Life Based On Reactions To Videos

The number of times that you react to this video is going to be important information to life.

Who Said It: The "RuPaul's Drag Race" Edition

RuPaul's Drag Race has spawned a number of sass queens, all with famous sayings and put downs. But do you remember who said what?

El tenis de alto nivel tiene un serio problema de partidos amañados

BuzzFeed News revela que las autoridades del tenis mundial han sido avisadas de la existencia de un núcleo duro de 16 jugadores. Pero ninguno de esos jugadores ha sido sancionado y más de la mitad de ellos comienza a jugar el Open de Australia este lunes.

19 Of The Most Lol-Worthy Tumblr Posts About Dating

"There should be a dating website called ebae."

プロテニス界に八百長疑惑、極秘資料を入手 ランキング上位16選手が関与か

BuzzFeed Newsは2万6千試合のデータを分析。八百長が疑われる試合で定期的に負ける選手たちがいた。

Which Nicholas Sparks Book Should You Read Next?

The King of Romance is more than just "The Notebook."

11 Steps To Teaching A Class At BuzzFeed That're So Easy, A Baby Could Do It

But babies don't do it because we have an age requirement for employment at BuzzFeed. So you, brilliant human, are the next best thing.

Le tennis de haut niveau a un sérieux problème de matchs truqués

BuzzFeed News révèle que les autorités du tennis mondial ont été averties de l'existence d'un noyau dur de 16 joueurs. Mais aucun de ces joueurs n'a été sanctionné et plus de la moitié d'entre eux commence à jouer l'Open d'Australie ce lundi.

62 People Now Own As Much Wealth As Half Of The World's Population

New research by the charity Oxfam shows the world has grown $67 trillion richer in just 15 years – but that wealth is becoming increasingly concentrated.

When You Just Can't Focus

I have work to do but on the other hand, internet.

Why Working Out Doesn't Have To Suck

There are a bunch of ways to work out, you just have to find one you don’t hate.

The Tennis Racket

Betting worth billions. Elite players. Violent threats. Covert messages with Sicilian gamblers. And suspicious matches at Wimbledon. Leaked files expose match-fixing evidence that tennis authorities have kept secret for years.

"The Hateful Eight" Is The Meanest Movie Quentin Tarantino's Ever Made

The Western goes where Tarantino's last two movies didn't — into unapologetic sadism. Warning: This piece contains spoilers!

Three Americans Kidnapped In Iraq Have Been Released

The three contractors were reported missing in January.

Which "The Force Awakens" Character Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

I see your eyes... I know your eyes...

No Additional Episodes Of "Making A Murderer" Have Been Made Yet

But the filmmakers have spoken to Steven Avery several times with an eye towards making new installments.

This College Student's Horrifying Photo Shows Why You Should Be Wary Of Taking Shots

"I’m very lucky to have made a full recovery, but I know there are others who won’t be as lucky."

Why New York Values Works For Ted Cruz: It Can Mean Anything

The phrase is just vague enough to suggest Trump doesn’t care about this or that issue that voters do, but not lock Cruz into any one attack. How it played at a tea party convention in South Carolina over the weekend.

Can You Identify The 2015 Hit Song From Just One Lyric?

How deep is your lyrical knowledge?

10 Game-Time Wing Recipes You Have To Try!

Looking for a touch-down recipe for your next game-time feast? Try one of these tried and true, crowd-pleasing recipes and be the star at your next gathering! Recipes are from Cooking Hawaiian Style's collection of wing recipes.

16 Recipes To Use Up The Avocados In Your Fridge

For when they all go ripe at once and you panic.

This One Makeup Question Will Determine Your Dominant Character Trait

Beauty is in the eyelash curler of the beholder.

What Does The "U Up?" Text Mean?

If it has a penis, it's probably about sex!

People Who Don't Swear

"Fudge my life."

26 Hilarious Tweets About Work That Are Way, Way Too Real

“Starting a blog that’s just reviews of the food I steal out of the fridge at work.”

Show Us Your Tiny Or Subtle Tattoos

Small and casual ink for the win.

Obama Says Iran Nuclear Deal, Prisoner Swap Show The Power Of Diplomacy

“We’ve achieved this historic progress through diplomacy," the president said, "without resorting to another war in the Middle East."

Kylo Ren Did A Hilarious "Undercover Bosses" Skit

"People are gonna love the new me!"

Actor Armie Hammer Secures Life Rights From Mexico Drug Cartel Boss "La Barbie"

While Sean Penn was secretly meeting with fugitive drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, Lone Ranger actor Armie Hammer confirmed exclusively to BuzzFeed News that he has secured the life rights for a film about another famous cartel boss, "La Barbie."

Everything You Need To Know About Netflix's Original Series In 2016

From Orange Is the New Black's premiere date to Black Mirror casting!

Jeremy Corbyn Wants To Open Up Diplomatic "Back-Channels" With ISIS

"There has to be some route through [to ISIS] somewhere," said the Labour leader.

Man Declared Brain-Dead From French Drug Trial Dies In Hospital

Four other patients who took part in the trial remain in a stable condition in hospital, but with "neurological problems".

22 Times Science Was Actually Straight-Up Magic

How dumb do you think I am, science?

21 Bizarre Tinder Bios That’ll Make You Swipe Left

"Hobbies include: Collecting toenail clippings for my rituals."

19 Game Day Recipes To Make This Sunday

Chew something other than your fingernails.

47 Cosas que tal vez no sabías sobre Kim Kardashian

Para empezar, usa un bolso de diseñador de $20 000 para los pañales de North.

These Pretzel Bites Are Dippable AF

… and this little piggy went in the dipping sauce.

This Color Blot Test Will Reveal Your Inner Fear

We know what lies in the dark corners of your mind.

24 Gorgeous DIYs That Go For The Gold

Give your life the Midas touch.

7 Insanely Easy Organizing Tricks To Try This Week

One tiny change is still progress!

17 Completely Awesome Party Ideas For Kids (Or Adults)

Doughnuts, dinosaurs, gnomes: these ideas are so delightful you'll want to use them for your *own* birthday party.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Sunday's Democratic Debate

BuzzFeed News correspondents Evan McMorris-Santoro and Ruby Cramer reported from Charleston, South Carolina.

We Know How Many Times You've Had Sex This Week

♫ We be all night, looooooove. ♫

27 Underrated Parenting Products That Actually Work

There are a lot of products that you don't need. These are the ones you do.

The Pill That Prevents HIV Is As Safe As Daily Aspirin

Taking Truvada every day to prevent HIV isn’t any more dangerous than taking a daily aspirin to prevent heart attacks, a new study finds.

12 People Pose Nude To Show How Diverse Bodies Really Are

"You can do what you can do to me, but I will still be here, and in this body, and totally unashamed." (NSFW, obviously.)

We Smell People's Fingers So You Don't Have To

"Burnt hair and burnt milk."

15 Decisions We Totally Don't Regret At All

Shower sex SOUNDED like a good idea...

A Priest, Rabbi, And Imam Discuss Gay Rights & More

They Discuss Abortion, Gay Rights, Women's Rights, and More.

Three "Middle Eastern Men Taking Suspicious Photos" Actually British Tourists With Poor Vision

The two men and teenager, from Manchester, were in Canada for treatment for an eye condition.

Here's What You Need To Know About "Color-Melting" Your Hair

It's how everyone gets that ~natural-looking~ ombre.

9 Science Stories You Can't Miss: The Grad Student Harassment Edition

An astrophysics professor fell in love with his grad student, then fired her for it. Here's that and other great science stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

For Everyone Who's Sick And Tired Of Washing Their Goddamn Hair

A tale of solidarity for dirty-haired beasts everywhere.

YouTube Star Explains Why He Appeared In Bareback Porn Shows

Exclusive: Calum McSwiggan told BuzzFeed News what drove him to appear in X-rated videos and why he's embarrassed that they featured unprotected sex. "I want it to serve as a warning."

Republicans Can’t Agree On How To Talk About The Bernie Sanders Surge

Threat? Blessing? Reason to concern troll Democrats?

Here Are The Victims Of The Burkina Faso Terrorist Attack

At least 30 people were killed and about 150 injured after al-Qaeda attacked a hotel in downtown Ouagadougou. BuzzFeed News will continue to update this story as victims are identified.

Which "Devil Wears Prada" Character Are You?

Please bore someone else with these questions. (jk please take this quiz.)

7 Healthy Eating Tricks That Are Actually Realistic

Healthy food can be totally cozy when done right.

Everybody Hates Mark From

What kind of prick never has their travelcard ready?

Who Said It : Professor McGonagall or Hermione ?

'Well, I'm glad you listen to Hermione Granger at any rate'.

Two Killed, Four Children Injured After Tornadoes Sweep Through Florida

In Manatee County, two adults died and four children were seriously injured after a tornado destroyed a mobile home Sunday morning

Leonardo DiCaprio Hints There Were Times He Thought He Should Have Won An Oscar

His latest film The Revenant leads the race at the Academy Awards with 12 nominations.

Top Stroke Doctors Hit Back At Jeremy Hunt's Latest Weekend Death Claims

A letter signed by 59 of the UK's leading experts on strokes backs up continued claims that the health secretary has misused data.

Jeremy Corbyn Wants To Have Nuclear Submarines Without Nuclear Missiles On Board

The Labour leader has suggested keeping the UK's nuclear submarines but without their nuclear capability.

A Beginner's Guide To Football Betting

Whilst football is recognized as easily the most popular team sport on the planet, drawing television audiences of billions to its major events, relatively few football fans take the opportunity to put their football expertise to the test by taking part in football betting.

GoWild Online Casino Gaming And Earning

Do you think that online gaming sites are just there for you to spend your money on? Well, you might need to think again as there is an online gaming site that can help you to earn large commission. This online gaming site is GoWild Casino.

Uber Says It’s Fighting Sexual Harassment In Egypt But The Causes Aren’t Going Away

In a country where nearly every woman has been subjected to harassment, can an app used by mostly the elite make a dent? Miriam Berger reports from Cairo.

Si Harry Potter avait été écrit par Marc Levy, Tolkien, Pagnol...

Harry Potter – Toutes ces choses que tu ne sais pas, par Marc Levy.

People Are Pissed Off At Britain's Pathetic Attempt At Snow

"I've shit more snow than that," one man said.

Female Prisoners Are Making Designer Items In A Private Prison

Brora, Anya Hindmarch and Sue Bonham are among those who have been supplied. The scheme claims impressive results for offender rehabilitation, but there are questions around its transparency.

Are You Actually BB-8?

Will the real BB-8 please stand up?

We Know If You Play Piano Or Not.

Classical music is honestly the key to the soul.

People Completely Lost Their Shit When Aaron Rodgers Made That Pass

Rodgers threw the pass just as the Cardinals were about to win Saturday night. The pass forced the game into overtime, and the Cardinals were ultimately victorious.

If Trump Were To Take Credit For The Virgin Birth, This Is How I Think He'd Do It

This is a parody. It is a joke. Trump did not do or say this, nor did the Virgin Mary give birth inside a Trump Entertainment Resorts property. Parody parody parody.

The Texas Shout Out - 454 Cities In One Song

Surely this is a world record?

Check Out The Hottest Brothers In The NFL

Move over Manning Bros. it's all about the Kendricks Krew.

Así eran tus divas del pop favoritas en 2006 y así son ahora

Tantos aciertos y tanto tropiezos. ¡Qué tiempo tan feliz!

Siéntate, relájate y mira nuestros Vines favoritos de 2015.

Sabíamos que los estabas esperando con ansia.

10 Vegan Lunches That Will Actually Fill You Up

You don't need meat to have a full belly!

Sponsor Of New Gun Bill Welcomes Sanders Support To Correct "A Serious Mistake"

Bernie Sanders said Saturday night he supports a new bill in Congress aimed at lifting special liability protections for gun manufacturers. Sanders supported the special protections in 2005.

Can You Match The Panic! At The Disco Video To Its YouTube Comment?

They swore to shake it up. Did you swear to listen?

Which Popular 2015 Television Series Do You Belong In?

Reality is limited. TV is forever.

8 Signs You Were Raised In The South

Southern by the grace of God.

If You've Ever Had Acne, You'll Understand These Struggles

These people revealed their struggles with acne.

Esta no es una foto de un hombre poniendo su trasero en la cara de su bebé

¡Pero no te preocupes! Si te fijas bien, verás que en realidad no es para nada un trasero! ACTUALIZACIÓN: ¡Hemos encontrado a la mujer detrás de la foto!

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