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19 Extremely Satisfying Moments For Book Lovers

The smell of a new book though.

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1. When you go into a giant bookshop and are overwhelmed by all the choices in front of you.

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2. Especially when it's an old, independent shop where you can ~feel~ the history of the place.

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5. Getting an old book and touching the ridiculously soft pages.

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6. When you see a beautiful hardback version of an old favourite.

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8. Finishing a book and then realising you already own the next installment.

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13. When you manage to finish a book without making a single crack in its spine.

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16. And get to put them away in your (probably already quite full) bookcase.

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17. When a used book has annotations from the previous owner, so you get to see it through their eyes.

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18. When you discover a new library to explore.

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19. And when you find a cosy nook to read your book in peace.

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