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19 Extremely Satisfying Moments For Book Lovers

The smell of a new book though.

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1. When you go into a giant bookshop and are overwhelmed by all the choices in front of you.

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2. Especially when it's an old, independent shop where you can ~feel~ the history of the place.

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3. When you buy a new bookmark and don't have to resort to dog-earing your pages.

4. When you get a new book and smell the pages.

5. Getting an old book and touching the ridiculously soft pages.

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6. When you see a beautiful hardback version of an old favourite.

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7. When your favourite author finally releases a new book.

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8. Finishing a book and then realising you already own the next installment.

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9. When someone lets you borrow that book you've been eyeing up.

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10. When someone enjoys the book you recommended to them.


11. So you get to indulge in lengthy conversations about all the emotions it gave you.


12. When enough time has passed for you to reread an old favourite and it feels all new.

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13. When you manage to finish a book without making a single crack in its spine.

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14. When someone is happy to sit and read quietly with you.

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15. When you go on a book-buying spree.

16. And get to put them away in your (probably already quite full) bookcase.

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17. When a used book has annotations from the previous owner, so you get to see it through their eyes.

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18. When you discover a new library to explore.

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19. And when you find a cosy nook to read your book in peace.

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