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January 8, 2016

Justin Bieber Reportedly Asked To Leave After Climbing Mayan Ruins

Bieber had been told several times not to climb on the ruins or walk into restricted archeological areas before being asked to leave the site near Cancun, the local paper reported.

The Most Compelling Stories You Need To Read This Week

This week for BuzzFeed News, Meredith Talusan explores the complex aftermath of of a transgender sex worker's death in the Philippines. Read that and these other great stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

19 Lamentables prejuicios sobre los mexicanos, revelados por Google

Al parecer, la mayoría de los mexicanos somos feos.

The Next iPhone May Lose The Earbud Jack And People Are Freaking Out

"wired headphones are amazing tho wtf apple"

We Pranked A Bunch Of People By Dropping An iPhone In Front Of Them

It's as if they're seeing an old lady get punched in the face.

14 Respuestas divertidísimas que puedes aplicar en Grindr

Para esto mejor me hubiera puesto a ligar por Waze.

What Girls Do On Instagram

What filter should I use on my selfie?

13 Tecnologías futuristas que no sabías que ya existen

Desde armas láser hasta un traductor para tu perro.

Año nuevo, pelo nuevo: 17 ideas para tu cabello

*Pidiendo cita con la peluquería*

15 trucos de belleza de India que deberías usar ya

Cortesía de quienes más saben: las madres.

¿Cómo de fan de los Beatles eres?

¿Es la voz de John, Paul, George o Ringo?

What Girls Do On Instagram

What filter should I use on my selfie?

People Drink Coffee That Has Been Digested By An Animal

...and they will never be the same!

28 Looks inmortales de David Bowie

Y 28 canciones clásicas de este ícono en un playlist.

18 Transformaciones de cabello que te harán querer cambiar de look

Porque no hay mejor mes para hacerlo que enero.

New App Peach Is Blowing Up

Peach appeared from nowhere and we're not sure what it's "for," but whatever.

History's 8 Most Important Un-Pivots

Silicon Valley has a new buzzword with plenty of historical relevance.

Your Zodiac Sign Will Tell You What Music To Listen To

Use the stars to please your ears.

La intro ochentera de los Simpson es sencillamente maravillosa

Homero como héroe de acción ochentero es lo único que necesitas ver hoy.

Al-Qaeda Graphic Designer Connected To UK Terror Plot Pleads Guilty

Minh Quang Pham, who admitted to being directed by al-Qaeda to bomb Heathrow Airport, faces life in prison on terror charges.

La gente está pintándose el pelo con los colores Pantone de 2016

Dentro de poco los veremos en cada esquina.

21 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving pictures from the first week of 2016.

17 Magníficos GIFs científicos que no podrás parar de ver

¡Contempla el esplendor de la ciencia!

Can Americans Pass The UK Driving Test?

Adapted from actual questions from the DVSA car theory test. Four wrong answers, and you’ve failed, and then you'll never drive your lorry on the carriageway, chap.

Can You Choose The Right Scarecrow?

It's not the nice ol' Wizard of Oz scarecrow anymore.

Rashida Jones Just Released The Greatest '90s Music Video Ever

Warning: Lots of dark lipstick and scrunchies ahead.

A Giggling Lindsey Graham Says Ted Cruz Is Natural Born

"Am I the judge? Okay, I'll be the judge. I want Judge Judy to do this."

Let's Spend Some Time Just Watching Oscar Isaac Sing


It's Not Clear How Many People Were Injured In An Attack On An Egyptian Hotel

The assault on the Bella Vista hotel was undertaken by an unknown number of assailants, injuring an unknown number of victims, for an unknown reason.

Kale At Scale: The Era Of Fast Food Kale Is Upon Us

Every McDonald's, Starbucks, and Chick-fil-A in America now offers the nutritious leafy green.

Unsolicited Flirting From Garbage Truck Leads To True Love, WWE Themed Wedding

This is the true story of Chris and Amy, newlyweds whose journey began on the back of a waste disposal vehicle and led to vows featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers and One Direction lyrics. You had me at "Hey, hot stuff!"

21 Cosas que eran geniales en 2006 pero definitivamente no lo son en 2016

¿Por qué hay personas que siguen usando Crocs?

9 "Game Of Thrones" Fan Theories That Make The Show Better

Wait, y'all think Roose Bolton is a WHAT?

We Know What Kind Of Instagrammer You Are Based On Your Choice Of Emoji

Because if you're not on Instagram, are you even alive?

Apple's Next iPhone Probably Won't Have A Standard Headphone Jack

You'll have to connect your headphones through the Lightning port or via Bluetooth.

Man Charged With Hacking Celebrities And Stealing Sex Tapes Pleads Not Guilty

Alonzo Knowles was denied bail on Friday and will face trial in Manhattan later this year.

Mario Diaz-Balart To Give State Of The Union Spanish Response To Obama

The veteran Florida congressman, often at odds with the administration on immigration and Cuba policy, considers Obama as divisive and says House Republicans are committed to putting the country "back on a path to prosperity."

Tristeza flogger: cerró Fotolog

El cierre de Fotolog nos hace recordar todo lo que vivimos: hoy, todos somos floggers.

New Phishing Scam Targets American Taxpayers

If you get an email from the IRS asking for your personal information, it's not the IRS.

7 Trucos fáciles para organizarte que realmente querrás probar

Olvida las grandes promesas de fin de año, elige hacer unos pequeños cambios.

10 Reasons Why You Should Become One Of The Leaders And Best

It really is great to be a Michigan Wolverine

17 Hilarious Bathroom Wall Messages That'll Make You Pee Your Pants

Or at least keep you entertained while you go to the bathroom.

This Viral Photo Of A Baby With Its Placenta Sheds Light On Different Birth Rituals

"Maori tradition of returning the placenta to the earth is a beautiful way of honoring the placenta that gave us life."

20 Years Ago, This Is What The Golden Globes Looked Like

It was the year Brad Pitt thanked Kaopectate.

Be Careful About Sharing That Statistic About Rape In South Africa

A horrifying number making the rounds is almost 20 years old.

We Know If You Tweet Or Retweet More Often

What's your Twitter style?

This New Product Is Like A Keurig But For Brewing Beer

PicoBrew has partnered with over 100 craft breweries so that you can make their beer at home.

Los tuits que le enviaron a EPN sobre la recaptura del Chapo son oro puro

"Ponte una 'S' en el pecho. Te amamos, tlatoani excelentísimo."

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Taylor Kinney

The Forest actor takes our Q&A!

Twitter Stock Keeps Hitting All-Time Lows

The shares have fallen below $20, with investors remaining unimpressed by recent product updates.

Did You Know That There Are Secret Codes On Netflix?

Unlock the ~hidden genres~ they don't show you.

Huckabee: Cruz "Childish” For Suggesting I Drop Out So Conservatives Can Unify

"Why not rally around me? Why not rally around Rick Santorum?"

Big Batch Breakfast Bakes

Get the whole family together for breakfast!

Suspect In Philadelphia Officer Ambush Charged With Attempted Murder

The man who shot Officer Jesse Hartnett multiple times Thursday night confessed to committing the act in the name of Islam, police said.

Amandla Stenberg Comes Out As Bisexual In An Inspiring Snapchat

"As someone who identifies as a black bisexual woman, I've been through it."

Mexico Hurries To Extradite Drug Kingpin "El Chapo" Guzmán To U.S.

The leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel was captured by elite Marine forces in a predawn raid. Guzmán will now return to the same prison he escaped from in July.

Would You Time Travel To The Past Or Future?

"How are you gonna find baby Hitler?"

Huckabee: Katrina Warnings Ignored Because Climate Change Activists Cried Wolf

"I can't help thinking, one reason they ignored warnings of dangerous weather from real experts is that they've heard from so many self-proclaimed experts who were exaggerating to advance their own agendas."

NYPD Sergeant Stripped Of Badge For Involvement In Eric Garner Chokehold Death

Sgt. Kizzy Adonis was served with disciplinary charges and placed on modified duty in relation to her role in the 2014 incident.

Desculpe, mas vinho tinto não é bom para você

Novas diretrizes sobre álcool dizem que não há "nenhuma justificativa para recomendar a bebida por razões de saúde".

Uma mulher fez blackface para dar visibilidade às mulheres africanas e está surpresa que as pessoas estão ofendidas

A jornalista húngara Boglarka Balogh contou para o BuzzFeed News que ela não acha que pintar a pele de negro seja ofensivo em seu país porque ele não tem a mesma história do que os EUA.

Não é sua obrigação fazer com que todos gostem de você

E você não precisa gostar de todo mundo, certo?

Beyoncé se juntará ao Coldplay no show do Super Bowl

"Sua dinastia não está completa sem uma líder como eu."

É oficial: Crystal Reed voltará para "Teen Wolf"

Dê uma olhada na tão esperada volta de Crystal Reed em Teen Wolf. E mais: Reed e o produtor executivo Jeff Davis revelam como aconteceu a reunião supersecreta.

17 curiosidades sobre os filmes de Harry Potter

Você sabia que Robbie Coltrane, também conhecido como Hagrid, ficou com um morcego preso em sua barba uma vez?

15 maneiras de melhorar o sexo em 2016

Comece 2016 com uma trepada. (Desculpa.)

17 cachorros que simplesmente SABEM

Eles sabem que você sabe que eles sabem… Portanto, o que você vai fazer sobre isso?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Talks About The Beauty Of Life And Death

"My knowledge that I will die gives focus and meaning to every day that I am alive."

Do You Really Know The Words To "Breaking Free"?

Taking you straight back to your favorite Disney Channel days.

21 Photos That Will Give All Early '00s Edinburgh Uni Students Intense Flashbacks

"Teviot, with these 75p vodka and cokes you're really spoiling us."

Des internautes ont été très cruels avec ce survivant d'un cancer

Les internautes l'ont comparé au basketteur Stephen Curry, mais «drogué». «C'était embarrassant, humiliant et même légèrement blessant».

McCain Walks Back Ted Cruz Comments: "I Assume That He Is Eligible"

The Arizona senator says he's just asking questions.

Airbnb Asks Guests If They Feel Safe Traveling On Airbnb

A regularly conducted survey asks Airbnb users to rank the company's trustworthiness, among other things.

Can You Spot The Real FA Cup Team Badges From The Fakes?

You might know what the Arsenal badge looks like, but what about Exeter City?

Clinton To Aide: If Fax Fails, "Send Nonsecure" With "No Identifying Heading"

"If they can't [send through secure fax], turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure."

Are You More Like Pitbull Or An Actual Pit Bull?

Fetch, Mr Worldwide! Good boy.

This 87-Year-Old May Be The Best, Most Canadian Neighbour In Canada

The antithesis of the "get off my lawn!" tale.

Kendrick Lamar Performed A Brand New Song On "The Tonight Show"

"You ain't gotta tell me that I'm the one. Yes I'm the one."

50 Ejemplos de arte callejero de todo el mundo que te dejarán boquiabierto

"El arte sacude del alma el polvo acumulado en la vida diaria"― Pablo Picasso

13 Libros más devastadores que la película

Al menos puedes secarte las lágrimas con sus páginas.

23 moments que tous les (vrais) obsédés de cuisine comprennent

Rien n'est comparable à la première utilisation d'un couteau en céramique.

Two Men Guilty Of £1.6 Million Online Dating Scam Jailed For Five Years

Ife Ojo and Olusegun Agbaje were jailed at Basildon crown court on Friday for an elaborate fraud that duped a woman in her forties out of £1.6 million.

Which Romantic Comedy Describes Your Love Life?

Do you like each other, just as you are?

19 Shameless Things That Happen When You Become Obsessed With A Band

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Government Alcohol Limits Aren't Meant To Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Health and risk experts argue that the goal of the CMO's new guidelines is not to change behaviour, but rather to make sure people know the risks of their actions. "Public health advice should treat people like grown-ups."

What Song Should You Play On Repeat This Weekend?

Cheers to the freakin' weekend.

Coachella Bills, Ranked From Worst To Best

If you don't agree, you can go ahead and re-rank it yourself.

What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

Or rather, when you win the lottery.

What Song Helps Get You Motivated?

♫It's the eye of the tiger...♫

23 Times Liz Lemon Spoke The Goddamn Truth


Ben Carson: Ted Cruz's Canadian Birth "Not An Issue"

The prognosis is good, the doctor says.

This Color Test Will Determine Your Sexual Fetish

Which fixation leads to sexual gratification?

Can You Match The Football Club To Their Weird Motto?

Latin is alive in well in football, but nobody really knows why.

This Is What Breakfast Looks Like Around The World

From povitica and puri to crumpets and conch: you need to eat all of this.

Benghazi Committee Member: I'm "Hopeful" Clinton Will Be Charged For Private Server

"I think that there is only one answer that can be reached, and I am hopeful that will be the outcome that the FBI achieves."

17 signes que 2016 va être une année complètement apocalyptique

Cinquante nuances de Grey va rentrer au programme du bac français, c'est sûr.

This Is Why Nurses And Midwives Are Angry About Having Student Bursaries Cut

The government says changes will create 10,000 more training places by 2020, but many fear the new system will lead to a drop in the number of student nurses.

15 Foolproof DIYs You'll Want To Try In 2016

Quick projects because you're too busy for all of that.

Hinds: A Lesson In Cool From Spain's New Faces Of Garage Rock

Hinds rates manbuns, Miley, moshpits and more.

British National Party Removed From Register Of Political Parties

The Electoral Commission said the far-right party had failed to pay a £25 re-registration fee.

17 Things "The Sandlot" Actually Taught You About Life

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

Erkennst Du romantische Komödien der 2000er an ihrer Netflix-Beschreibung?

Ohne die Namen der Charaktere aus den Filmen natürlich. So einfach machen wir es Dir nicht.

What's The Best Thrift Shop In The United States?

♫ I'm gonna pop some tags.♫

The Cast Of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia", Then Vs Now

How the gang has changed since the first season.

We Need To Talk About Snoke

I'm calling bantha fodder on all your damn Snoke theories.

Nicht-Hessen sollen eine Hessen-Karte beschriften und scheitern grandios

Wir haben Nicht-Hessen gebeten, diese leere Karte zu vervollständigen.

Fotos que muestran Disneylandia antes vs. ahora

Una colección de fotos increíble de Imagineering Disney compara fotos de época de Disneyland con las actuales.

The Secondary Characters Of "Friends," Then Vs. Now

The one where Paul Rudd is immortal.

A Beauty Company Is Claiming That You'll Only Succeed "By Being White"

People criticized the advertisement for a Thai skin whitener as racist. The company has since removed the video.

Martin Shkreli Has $45 Million In His E-Trade Account

The former pharmaceutical executive became the subject of widespread scorn in September for defiantly raising the price of a life-saving drug from $13.50 to $700 a pill.

23 Tweets That Prove You Should Never Cross Cara Delevingne

She's almost as talented at shutting down haters as she is modelling.

Nigel Farage Admits He Wasn't The Target Of An Assassination Attempt

The UKIP leader said he might have gone a bit far in claiming someone was out to kill him.

Are You More Like Smaug Or Drogon?

Does "Dracarys" sound familiar to you?

9 Struggles Of People Who Love Really Spicy Food

Sit down, kids. Not talking about people that order "Hot Wings" here. We're talking about the sick *&%$s who are always going "Nuclear".

Weekend Reads, Jan. 8

Our special guest this week is Deputy Global News Director Ryan Broderick, talking about some of his favorite stories he read online recently:

É assim que você percebe que um meme acabou

Por mais que as pessoas digam "esse meme já deu", ele só morre MESMO quando isto acontece.

17 DIYs For People Who Can't Keep Plants Alive

If you can't grow a garden, make one!

12 Wonderfully Bizarre French Expressions, Translated Literally

"To have one's arse filled with noodles" = to be lucky. Makes perfect sense.

9 Things You Should Know If You Wear A Bra

Let's break it down for you.

It's Never Been Harder To Sell $60 Gap Sweaters At Full Price

It's never been harder to make a case for a $60 sweater.

We Know Where You Live Based On Your Favorite Foods

Tell us what you like; we'll tell you where you live.



What's Going On Around The World Today

After days of serious decline, China’s stock markets rebounded today. Belgian prosecutors say they’ve found a Brussels apartment that was used as a hideout for the Paris attackers. And some good news for manatees: They may no longer be listed as endangered.

18 Razones por las que Argentina no es un país para ansiosos

41 millones de habitantes poniendo a prueba tu paciencia.

Este jovem indiano ficou famoso no YouTube cantando funk em português

Tudo começou quando ele fez amizades com brasileiros no Orkut e foi apresentado ao "Créu".

19 fois où Chris Pratt a été notre dieu en 2015

Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait pour le mériter?

Identité des terroristes, mise en danger des otages: des journalistes poursuivis

D'après nos informations, deux policiers, un journaliste et un consultant sont poursuivis pour avoir entravé l'enquête en diffusant l'identité des terroristes de Charlie Hebdo. L'enquête contre BFMTV est, elle, «toujours en cours».

Kids Company Psychologist Barred For 12 Months After MDMA Scandal

Updated: A Health and Care Professions Council tribunal has found "all charges proven" against Dr Helen Winter, but did not strike her off permanently.

That Hilarious Tony Blair and Bill Clinton Transcript About Punching Ham Is Fake

But just this once, fiction is stranger than truth.

52 Things Girls Think When Texting A New Boyfriend

I'm pretty sure they didn't intend for the blue ticks to give people this much anxiety.

15 jogos para Android que você não tinha noção de que existiam

Jogue o meme da "Senhora", teste seu nível de safadeza no "Safadômetro" e muitas outras aventuras.

Facts You May Not Know About This Day In History

And happy birthday to the King of Rock 'N' Roll!

DWP Used Six-Month-Old Assessment To Deny Woman Health Benefits On Day She Died

Dawn Amos was told she no longer qualified for a benefit designed for elderly disabled people because she was too healthy – in a letter written the same day she died. Her husband told BuzzFeed News he wants answers.

Do You Know What Happened In The News This Week?

North Korea said it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, President Obama announced executive actions on gun control, and Chipotle is under criminal investigation. Take the BuzzFeed News quiz, made from stories featured in the BuzzFeed News app and the BuzzFeed News newsletter this week.

22 Tweets About Pokémon That Will Get You Every Time

"*points to cheek* and this teardrop tattoo represents my devotion to water type Pokémon."

Two Killed As Raging Wildfires Destroy An Entire Town In Australia

Emergency warnings have been issued across Western Australia by fire crews.

23 erotische Momente, die nur Schwaben verstehen

Spätzle sind der Höhepunkt.

Which Award Show Mishap Is Most Likely To Happen To You?

We're actually gonna let you finish.

18 Bilder, die Du kennst, wenn Deine WG faul ist

Ihr streitet euch lieber, wer damit dran ist, den Müll rauszubringen, als ihn einfach rauszubringen.

A Woman Using Blackface To Raise Awareness Of Tribal Women Is Surprised People Are Offended

Hungarian journalist Boglarka Balogh told BuzzFeed News that she doesn't think blackface is offensive in her country because it doesn't have the same history with it that the United States does.

16 Breakfasts Everyone Must Eat In Cardiff

Explore the Welsh capital, one lush breakfast at a time. Tidy.

6 libros de texto que ojalá hubiéramos tenido en el instituto

Estudiar Historia del Arte bien, pero aprender a hacer la declaración de la renta también habría estado guay.

Fingerprints, Explosives Found In Paris Attackers' Brussels "Hideout"

Belgian prosecutors say they appear to have discovered an apartment used as both a hideout and a bomb factory by the Paris attackers.

Scottish Homes Evacuated After Severe Flooding And Threats Of Danger To Life

Police Scotland advised people living in parts of Aberdeenshire to evacuate their homes on Thursday due to severe flooding.

Soldes: des coups de gueule contre des «arnaques» cartonnent sur Facebook

Plusieurs coups de gueule ont été partagé des milliers de fois ces derniers jours, mais les marques visées se sont défendues de toute tromperie.

Majestic Snowy Owl Captured Mid-Flight By Road Traffic Camera

Eat your hearts out, nature photographers.

Diese Fotos zeigen, wie brutal-schön Ballett ist

Fotograf Rick Guest zeigt die verborgenen Stärken von professionellem Tanz.

How Taylor Swift Reversed Female Opinion To Become The Most Famous Pop Star In The World

In 2013 Swift was a regular fixture on "Most Hated Celebrities" lists. Then came a carefully strategised comeback in 2014 – and with it, a transformation in public opinion beyond all recognition.

Watch This Comedian Perfectly Nail What It's Like To Make Plans With Friends

Think I'm going to play my "back out at the last minute" card...

Un magnifique oiseau filmé par une caméra de surveillance au Canada

Des images impressionnantes, en provenance du Canada.

8 profs que tous les L ont eus

La prof d'anglais qui estime que vous avez un devoir d'excellence parce que vous êtes en L.

Por qué nos flipa Qué tiempo tan feliz

Analizamos el Música Sí de la tercera edad.

17 chiens à qui on ne la fait pas

Ils savent que vous savez qu'ils savent... alors, qu'est-ce que vous comptez faire?

Here Are The Nominations For The BAFTA Film Awards 2016

Bridge of Spies and Carol are leading the nominations, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens has missed out in the major categories and Spectre received no nominations at all.

Les girafes sont merveilleuses, la preuve en 16 photos

Elles donnent LES MEILLEURS bisous.

Ces magnifiques photos de mariage vont vous couper le souffle

De simples mots ne rendront jamais justice à ces images.

Voici des coiffures que vous pourrez copier en 2016

Il est temps d'appeler son coiffeur... tout de suite!

This Is The Most Amazing Home Birth Story You'll Ever Read

And there wasn't a dry eye left on the internet when the parents finished telling the story on Twitter.

The Indigenous Man Trying To Save A Dying Tradition

One of the last traditional storytellers.

This American Actor Stumbled Across And Instagrammed The Plane From Dilwale's "Gerua"

Obviously, SRK fans have flooded his comments section.

One Of Lemmy's Last Appearances On Camera Was For A Finnish Milk Advert

The Motörhead frontman brought a trademark touch to the newly-released dairy ad, throwing in an impromptu "You asshole".

Are You More Sydney Opera House Or Harbour Bridge?

The real question all Aussies want the answer to.

We Turned Notorious Aussie Teen Drinks Into Grown-Up Cocktails

It's time to make new memories with a Vodka Cruiser that aren't nauseating.

Cruz Wants A "Retroactive Assessment" Of Refugees In The U.S. In Wake Of Terror Arrests

"We need to see a systematic and careful retroactive assessment of refugees brought in from high risk countries," he told reporters in Iowa, "to examine the public record, to examine all of the evidence that might indicate whether these individuals have ties to radical Islamic terrorism."

These Grandparents Won The Lottery And Their Reaction Is The Best

"The best thing we've ever won is the old chook raffle!"

Would You Survive A Quentin Tarantino Movie?

"I like the way you die, boy."

North Korea Warns Of War After South Resumes Loudspeaker Broadcasts

Days after North Korea claimed to have tested a hydrogen bomb, South Korea retaliated with propaganda broadcasts across the nation's border.