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15 Foolproof DIYs You'll Want To Try In 2016

Quick projects because you're too busy for all of that.

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1. Three foolproof ways to repurpose your wedding photos:

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

I would love to find another use for my lovely wedding photos. Any thoughts? —Kiera A.

Beautiful wedding photos deserve a lot more than a lifetime tucked away in a box under the bed. Give those babies some room to breathe! One way to repurpose your pics is to print them out and make a cute banner to hang in the house or to whip out during anniversaries. Get the full tutorial here. You can also turn your lovely photos into a minimalist calendar for $29.99. Go here to make one. Another idea, turn your photos into a striking piece of wall art with an over-sized photo strip. Make a set of 2 for $20 here.

2. Three creative ways to recycle leftover wrapping paper:

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

What should I do with all of that extra wrapping paper that I don't feel like hoarding until next year? —Beth E.

There's so much build-up to the holidays and then...BAM...they're over. You put away your amazing gifts and consider taking down your holiday decorations, but what do you do with all that wrapping paper? Well, you're in luck because we have some ideas to help you out. To start: You can fold wrapping paper into birthday hats for an upcoming birthday. Get the tutorial here. If party hats aren't your thing, cut your wrapping paper into strips and secure onto a piece of string for a cute banner that you can hang year-round. If all else fails, run wrapping paper through a shredder to have DIY confetti on-hand for all of your upcoming parties. Enjoy!

3. Three awesome paint pen (or permanent marker) DIYs:

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The holidays totally escaped me this year, and now I'm hoping to DIY some gifts. Help? —Gina D.

There are some super simple and inexpensive DIYs that you can make using one inexpensive material: a food-safe paint pen. Use a paint pen (or a permanent maker) to write a cute saying on a ceramic mug. Then, bake the mugs for 40 minutes at 375 degrees to solidify your design. Learn more about it here. You can also use this same technique to make a simple pattern on a dining set or a teapot. Get some inspo here. And if even thinking about last-minute gifts makes you want a drink, just upgrade some wine glasses with acrylic paint pens for a fun, festive look. Get the tutorial here. Good luck out there!

4. Three organizing hacks that might just change your life:

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I'd love to see... some new organizational hacks. Any tips on ways to recycle stuff to keep things tidy? —Katie X.

Life is messy, especially in the middle of the holidays — which is why now is the perfect time to try a few new, cheap life hacks that are guaranteed to help get your world back in order. To prep for all of your upcoming parties, DIY a cheap wine rack with tin cans and keep your booze looking cute. Get the easy tutorial here. As for trying to keep tiny, annoying odds and ends looking tidy (like that ever-growing bobby pin collection), plop them in a Tic Tac case for easy storage. And want a quick and adorable fix for all of your office clutter? Use vintage-inspired straw canisters to store pens, pencils, and other office supplies. Get more inspo here.Voila!

5. Three must-try ideas to upgrade your mantel:

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I need ideas to decorate my fireplace mantel! Got some? —Corinne

I like decor tweaks when they're quick and dirty. No slaving over expertly-placed tchotchkes or meticulously arranging picture frames around vases around mirrors around some other cute stuff. So let's keep it simple. Hang a frameless clock to create interest without clutter. Get more inspo here. Create a mini-gallery wall that pulls focus to your fabulous fireplace without overpowering the room. Check out some cute decor ideas here. Or, if you're feeling lazy like I always am, hang an assortment of empty frames over your mantel and call it a day. See more here. Mischief managed!