25 Pictures That Are True For Absolutely No Good Reason

They just are.

1. This is the grossest thing the human body can experience:

2. Chip bags are 75% air:

3. This is the only way to spell Wednesday:

4. We’ve all danced the sock dance:

5. You got to pretend:

6. Cooking something from the internet always ends up like this:

7. Everyone has THE CHAIR:

8. It’s impossible to eat without finding the perfect show:

9. When you have the fries, you have the power:

10. There is no lower feeling:

11. Gravity has a vendetta against you:

12. It’s never just one person:

Yik Yak

13. This is what happens when you have pets:

14. There is nothing more terrifying:

15. You can never escape:

16. This is the worst thing mom can do:

17. This is how you cook pasta:

18. Moms do this no matter how old you are:

19. The password struggle:

20. We’ve all been this confused:

21. Every piece of dust ever lives on your screen:

22. Everyone has sat like this:

23. We’ve all been at this table:

24. Everyone has used this as their last resort:

25. This isn’t happening:

And, finally, this is life:

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