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17 DIYs For People Who Can't Keep Plants Alive

If you can't grow a garden, make one!

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4. Grow your own crystallized flowers, no soil or watering required.

Leslie / Pink Stripey Socks / Via

Take fake flowers and suspend them in a Borax mixture for these sparkling results. Learn how here.


10. These origami planters are the perfect showcase for some convincing faux stems.

Or go big and use real leaves! I believe in you. Learn to fold 'em here.


12. Or needle felt some treacherous Venus fly traps.

And save money on feeding them. Make these pretend predatory plants here.

16. These hydrangeas are probably the most beautiful thing you could do with a bunch of corn husks.

Yanni Vandel / Via

All you need are the husks, some glue and wire, and lots o' patience. Check out how to do it here.


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