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January 25, 2016

Which Member Of Overwatch Are You?

The world needs heroes!

18 Lol-Worthy Tumblr Posts About Books

BAE: Books Are Everything

10 Go-Go Remakes You Absolutely Must Hear

Its not a hit until a go-go band remakes it!

Hillary Clinton Wants To Talk To You About Love And Kindness

In the early days of her husband's administration, Hillary Clinton tried to start a national conversation about basic human decency, only to be mocked. In the midst of the most mean-spirited presidential campaign in memory, she talks with BuzzFeed News about the unchanged way she sees herself — and if she'll ever be able to communicate it.

How Crappy Is Your Roommate?

It might be time to get the hell out of there.

Watch This Teenager's Emotional Reaction To Waking Up From Heart Surgery

"I'm so happy. I’ve been waiting so long. I can breathe again."

21 Posts About Watching TV That Will Make You Say "Same"

*Watches Netflix* *Looks out window* *The sun has burned out and all life on Earth is extinct* *Continues watching Netflix*

32 Canciones que escuchabas en 2006 en Alfa 91.3

Antes de Toño Esquinca, todo era pop/rock en inglés.

17 Times People Fell Head-Over-Heels For Musical Theater

Looks like modern Broadway should send the producers of Wicked a thank you card.

Retta’s Guide To Not Sucking At The Internet

These tips are unfoRETTAble.

How Far Would You Make It On "The Bachelor"?

This quiz is the most dramatic rose ceremony — ever.

Things Around The House You Can Sell For A Lot Of Money

Cash in on items lying around your home.

British Minorities Are Fed Up With Immigration And Want UK To Leave EU, Claims UKIP

Britain's migration policy “discriminates against current Commonwealth settlers in favour of cheaper European labour”, said spokesman Steven Woolfe.

Grand Jury Charges Videographers Who Shot Secret Planned Parenthood Video

The Texas grand jury originally convened to investigate whether Planned Parenthood had broken the law.

What's Your Worst Audition Horror Story?

American Horror Story: Audition

The 7-1/2-Hour O.J. Simpson Doc Everyone Will Be Talking About This Summer

O.J.: Made in America is part true crime, part cultural history, and the most powerful and essential documentary about race, class, and gender in America in years.

Which OU Theatre Professor Are You?

Are you a Lynnae or a Fred? A Karen or a Tom?

Google Used A Powerful Stolen Generation Illustration This Australia Day

The Google logo has been re-designed into a "Stolen Dreamtime."

Police Officer Was Too Upset After Shooting To Help Akai Gurley, Lawyers Say

Officer Peter Liang himself needed an ambulance.

When It's Too Late To Say Something

Should I say something?

There's A New Lawsuit Challenging Ted Cruz's Eligibility To Be President

Walter L. Wagner filed suit last week against Cruz in United States District Court in Utah.

The 8 Best Things I Saw At The First-Ever Broadway Fan Convention

BroadwayCon is Comic Con for Broadway lovers. It was basically musical theater nerd heaven in the middle of this past weekend's blizzard in New York.

Test Post - Not For Prod

Please do not delete any sub buzzes from this post.

This Girl Looks So Much Like Taylor Swift It Will Freak You Out

She's a doppelgänger dressed like a daydream.

19 Unwritten Rules That Canadians Live By

If you lost a mitten, accept that it's gone forever.

An All-Girls School In Toronto Featured Two Trans Graduates In Its Alumni Magazine

The school says it wants student to be their "authentic and best selves."

Black Widow And The Hulk Are Adorable In This "LEGO Marvel's Avengers" Cutscene

Who knew Murk Ruffalo would make such a cute LEGO dude?

Here's Why James Forcillo Was Found Guilty Of Attempted Murder But Not Murder

The Toronto cop fatally shot Sammy Yatim in 2013.

23 Recetas con whisky para mejorar tu día

Whisky: Le hace bien al cuerpo.

Inside The Most Vicious Conflict On The Internet

When the internet's pit bull obsessives grab ahold of something, they don't let go.

本当に「赤」を見分けられる? テストしてみましょう


The Uncertain Future Of The Walmart Worker

Staff have had an eventful year so far: Mass store closures were announced, small pay raises went into effect, a major pro-labor legal ruling was celebrated.

300,000 Drones Registered With The Government, FAA Says

Failure to register an aircraft can carry civil penalties up to $27,500. Criminal violations can lead to fines of up to $250,000 and three years in prison.

What Does Your Taste In Dessert Say About You?

You act just like a cookie person.

A Pregnant Teen And Her Unborn Child Died When She Collapsed After Shoveling Snow

Briahna Gerloff was eight months pregnant and suffered from a heart defect, according to reports.

People Are Receiving Calls From Pranksters Posing As Major Companies

Here's something you should probably know before you give out personal information to a company that calls you.

¿Cuántas veces tuviste sexo la semana pasada?

(¬‿¬) (¬‿¬) (¬‿¬)

Gina Rodriguez Tackles Hollywood's Problems With Latino Diversity Head-On

"If you want to see Latinos nominated for Oscars, we NEED to support one another."

32 Things That'll Piss Canadians Right Off

Aw geez, no, you can fuck right off, bud.

Watch Donald Trump Get Expertly Trolled By A British Reporter For 8 Minutes

From an interview with Matt Frei of Channel 4 in 2013.

21 Things All Boston University Students Know To Be True

Unsubscribing from all of those emails you signed up for at Splash is the bane of your existence.

16 Problemas que solo los amantes del maquillaje entenderán

Los malditos tutoriales 'fáciles' de Youtube son una farsa.

Here's What Happened When Americans Tried To Label Just "Manitoba" And "New Brunswick"

Who says they are the two overlooked provinces, eh? Who says.

19 Fakten, die Du über „Aladdin“ vielleicht noch nicht weißt

Unter anderem, welchem Mega-Filmstar Aladdins Gesicht nachempfunden wurde.

24 Imágenes que te harán gritar: "¡Orale!"

El mundo es un lugar muy interesante.

27 Desktop Backgrounds That Will Make You Happy Whenever You See Them

Make work a *bit* better with some pretty computer wallpaper.

Heidi Cruz Is Asked On The Radio If She Is "Sleeping With An Immigrant"

"There is no case here," Heidi Cruz says about questions over the citizenship of her husband, Ted Cruz.

17 Memes imprudentes que solo te darán risa si ya viste The Revenant

Una selección de chistes completamente irrelevantes para el cine.

17 Complicaciones que todas las mujeres tienen a la hora de comprar pantalones

"¿Por qué ninguna empresa entiende mi sufrimiento?"

Women Allege Illegal Strip Searches While Held In Immigration Detention

Thirty-one women — 14 of them transgender — in a California jail say they have been subject to blanket, routine strip searches despite laws and policies that say individual suspicion is required.

15 Things That All OVs During O-Week At UoG Know To Be True

Orientation Week at UoG is also known as one of the greatest weeks that you will ever experience! You can sign up to be an Orientation Volunteer (OV) at by March 10th.

Florida State Settles With Former Student Who Accused Jameis Winston Of Rape

The lawsuit claimed FSU "concealed and obstructed the sexual assault investigation so that Mr. Winston could play football."

Here's What Lyft's Driverless Future Might Look Like

It’ll be customized, rider-focused — and here sooner than you think.

An Artist Draws Police Sketches Of Famous Literary Characters

"In the world of crime and law enforcement the witness identification is the most unreliable part. If you transfer that onto the world of literature, we all have our own biases and impressions and we bring that to the story."

Transgender Athletes Can Now Compete In Olympics Without Sex Reassignment Surgery

The International Olympic Committee has released a new set of guidelines for transgender athletes.

We Know Whether Or Not You Like Cilantro

Are you more cilantro or cilan-no?

Shonda Rhimes' Comments About Diversity In Television Are Everything

"It's not trailblazing to write the world as it actually is."

DWP Contractor Offering Doctors More Than Double Average Salary To Assess Benefits Claimants

US firm Maximus is trying to recruit junior doctors on salaries starting at £72,000, compared to the £30,000 they would earn from the NHS.

Dov Charney's Last Attempt To Win Back American Apparel Has Failed

A $300 million bid that would have reinstalled him at the company didn't fly with a bankruptcy court.

McDonald's Sales Are Booming Thanks To All-Day Breakfast

The chain hasn't seen a sales bump this big since 2012.

Can You Remember These "Gilmore Girls" Minor Characters?

It's time to return to Stars Hollow.

18 Times English People Got Burns Night Very Wrong

None of these things are Burns suppers.

19 Actually Stylish Men To Follow On Instagram

Here's how people who actually work in the industry do it.

¿Qué tipo de queso va con tu personalidad según tu signo?

¿Eres de los que se derriten o de los que huelen a pie?

B.o.B. Has Actually Released A Track Claiming The Earth Is Flat

It's one of many theories that he has, and people are unable to convince him otherwise.

23 Pictures That Capture Just How Huge The Arab Spring Really Was

Five years later, the images of revolution.

These Kids Are Getting A Puppy After Their Dad Made An Ill-Advised Hockey Bet

"I was a little bit shocked like, how am I going to get out of this?"

Ces shibas aiment vraiment vous écouter parler

Ils n'écoutent pas toujours mais quand ils le font, ils le font bien.

23 Hot AF Male Models That Will Sexually Awaken You

EXTRA EXTRA! Thirst traps, thirst traps, get your thirst traps RIGHT HERE.

Scottish Parliament Rejects Call To Legalise Incest

A legal quirk forced the parliament to consider a call to legalise incest but it was immediately thrown out.

11 Namen von Neubauten, die dich ratlos zurücklassen

Schöner Wohnen im "Anne Frank Living".

A Filmmaker Has Made The British Board Of Film Classification Watch Paint Dry For Ten Hours

The director himself, however, is yet to watch the epic in its entirety.

Gun Store Owner And Teen Son Die In Shootout With Customers Over $25 Service Fee

The victims died after being shot during an argument with an irate father and son customers over a charge for repairing a gun.

Can We Tell How Posh You Are From How You Talk?

Tatler needs to know as a matter of urgency.

Apparently Chance The Rapper Is Going To Be On Kanye's New Album

And yes, the album is still named Swish.

Coke Reformulates Its "Healthy" Drink Line After Sales Slide

The green-packaged Coke Life has now reduced its sugar content to four teaspoons.

18 Cosas que solo un par de mejores amigos entenderá

Si ustedes no han hecho pis juntos, no es real.

23 Euphoric Experiences For Everyone Who Loves To Eat

"Donuts by the coffee machine" THANK YOU KIND SWEET ANGEL.

A Former Model Told Us How She Stays Healthy

"To eat healthy is just to eat the food that you enjoy. There’s lots of everyday food that people enjoy that just so happens to be healthy."


easy uploader

Donald Trump Aspired To Be President John Kerry’s Envoy To The Middle East

Trump said he would solve the Arab-Israeli conflict in two weeks.

A Family Saved This Piglet From Freezing To Death In The Blizzard

The young pig was found shivering along the side of a small road in Maryland as a massive blizzard hit the Northeast.

Finde mit einer Frage raus, welcher IBES-Star Du bist

Bist Du eher Menderes oder Sophia Wollersheim?

17 Wahrheiten, die nur Menschen mit einem seltenen Namen kennen

"Kann ich Dich nicht einfach anders nennen?" NEIN!

Charity Voices Anger After Coalition Supported By Britain Bombs Hospitals In Yemen

“Is this the new normal: a Médecins Sans Frontières hospital bombed every month?" asked one worker.

16 Texts Fetuses Wish They Could Send

"Could you move your rib? I think my foot is stuck."

New Genetically Engineered Monkeys Show “Autism-Like” Behaviors

The mutant animals are anxious, have abnormal social interactions, and run in circles.

SNP Accused Of Ignoring "Thousands" Of Members As It Blocks Fracking Debate

"When you start questioning the SNP leadership, especially online, it doesn't go down well at all," a former member told BuzzFeed News.

How Bajirao Mastani's Flaws Make It A Perfect Tribute To Great Indian Storytelling

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as Bollywood.

Zika-Linked Birth Defects Declared A Global Health Emergency

Up to 4 million cases are estimated for the Americas in the next year, prompting the declaration from the World Health Organization.

22 Pictures That Prove Everyone Is Totally Faking It

None of us know what we're doing.

Chloë Moretz On Turning The Little Mermaid Into A Modern Day Badass

She came to BuzzFeed UK to discuss everything from fighting an alien apocalypse, to learning how to not be quite so badass.

This Man's Insane Makeup Art Will Straight Up Mesmerize You

World, please say hello to Ryan Burke.

What's The Sexiest Book You Ever Read?

*licks finger, turns page*

BuzzFeed Crossword: Don't Get Emotional

An easy Monday crossword to start your week!

Egyptian Capital Turned Into A Ghost Town On The Anniversary Of The Popular Uprising

Streets were empty and many stores were closed in Cairo.

27 Bilder, die außerhalb der Schweiz keinen Sinn ergeben

„Raclette kann für Vögel tödlich sein!”

Descubre aquí: ¿Qué edad tienes realmente?

Con solo tres preguntas sabemos si eres un adolescente atrapado en el cuerpo de un veinteañero o todo lo contrario.

32 cosas que todos los que estudiaron arquitectura entenderán

Ibas a ser grande, ibas a alcanzar la gloria.

20 More Canadian Politicians Who Are Basically Pokémon

New session of Parliament, new Poké-MPs. (Read last session's list here.)

This A Cappella Tribute To Republic Day Will Definitely Get You Into The Patriotic Spirit

"India has great culture and is our home. We love India and we wanted to share our music and joy with everyone on Republic Day."

Can You Spot The Real Rugby Badges From The Fakes?

Will you win Man of the Match, or be chucked in the sin bin?

18 fautes de français qui nous brisent le cœur

On fait tous des fautes mais comme même.

What's Going On Around The World Today

Winter Storm Jonas dumped more than 2 feet of snow on much of the U.S. East Coast. Women in some Latin American countries have been asked not to get pregnant until 2018. And a trans woman gave up makeup for a year.

Des milliers de gens se sont fait piéger par cet émouvant post Facebook

Désolé pour les plus de 700.000 personnes qui ont liké.

This Band Surprised Dancers Auditioning For Their Music Video In The Best Way

Watch the premiere of Oh Wonder's "Lose It" music video, exclusively on BuzzFeed.

Here's What Facebook Knows About Young People And Money

They're scared of debt, and not big fans of investing (unless it's done by robots).

Do You Still Remember What Happened In "A Series Of Unfortunate Events"

Do you have a memory to rival Klaus Baudelaire's?

If Ryan Reynolds Could Give You Advice, What Would You Ask Him?

Let's face it, he's beautiful and talented and goddamn hilarious so we're sure he can help you out.

Muslim Women Use The #TraditionallySubmissive Hashtag To Challenge David Cameron

"Traditionally submissive in three languages, including English," one woman joked after the prime minister said British Muslim women weren't empowered.

La Casa Rosada tiene un nuevo habitante y es totalmente adorable

Balcarce, de perro de la calle a mascota presidencial.

Explorer Henry Worsley Has Died During An Attempt To Cross Antarctica For Charity

The former army officer was 71 days into his bid to become the first person to cross the continent unaided.

9 canciones La Movida si se hubiesen grabado hoy

Cruz de navajas por Kylo Ren.

18 moments satisfaisants pour les personnes obsédées par l'eye-liner

Lorsque qu'on vous dit que vous maîtrisez (par-fai-te-ment) l'eye-liner.

Sonakshi Sinha's Knee Looks Like Satish Shah's Face

Yes, yes, it is indeed a slow news day.

Delhi's Been Taken Over By Incredibly Cool Street Art; Here Are The Folks Responsible

Hey New Delhi, this is what you should be taking selfies with.

At Least 60 People Die As Cold Snap Hits Taiwan, Japan, And China

The unseasonably cold weather brought snow over the weekend to parts of eastern Asia that are more accustomed to subtropical temperatures.

People Are Offended By A Diet Pill Ad Showing Slim "Teenagers" Losing Weight

Critics say the ad featuring young women is "irresponsible", but XLS-Medical Max Strength insists its models are "age appropriate".

Asylum-Seekers In Cardiff Won't Have To Wear Red Wristbands To Get Food Any More

A private company has dropped its controversial policy after outrage.

25 Tumblr Posts That Will Make Socially Awkward People Cringe

This one time someone sneezed and I said: "Good night".

21 atemberaubend schöne „Pocahontas“-Tattoos

Manchmal ist das richtige Tattoo nicht das einfachste.

Museum Workers Face Trial After Attempting To Reattach Tutankhamun's Beard With Glue

The Administrative Prosecution Authority of Egypt described the handling of the 3,300-year-old artefact as "shocking."

21 Things Everyone Who Wears Uggs In 2016 Will Relate To

They are the comfiest shoes and you don't need any others.

Carers Suspended For Torturing Dolls Dementia Patients Consider Real Babies

"People like this should not be working in the care industry," a spokesperson for Ashbourne House nursing home said.

This Robot Nerd Can Do A Rubik's Cube In One Second

Robots can have too much time on their hands too, I guess?

18 Times Britain Got Seriously Burned By Tumblr

"Calm the baps Gazza, let’s go for a cheeky Nando's yeah?"

Duke The Disabled Dwarf Bull Who Uses A Wheelchair To Walk Needs A New Home

Duke, who uses a wheelchair to walk, lives at a animal sanctuary in England but his owners are being forced to relocate and are fundraising to find a new home.

Zika Virus In The UK: What You Need To Know

Public Health England advises British travellers delay pregnancy for a month after returning from Zika transmission areas.

L'arme pointée par un Calaisien sur des migrants ne serait pas factice

Il s'agirait d'un fusil de chasse non déclaré en préfecture, selon La Voix du Nord. Une enquête est de nouveau ouverte et la préfecture retient «la menace d'une arme».

15 théâtres vus de la scène

Le photographe Klaus Frahm a rassemblé des photos incroyables, prises à partir des scènes de différents théâtres.

Les trucs les plus bizarres que les Américains ont fait pendant le blizzard

Comme se filmer en train de nager dans la neige.

Holy Shit, This Cat Has The Same Face As Aditya Pancholi

You have to see it to billi-eve it.

A Blindfolded Muslim Teen Asked For Hugs In Central London And Got Loads Of Them

Muna Adan, 18, told BuzzFeed News the reaction was "amazing".

Tu ruptura explicada con gifs de gatitos

Siempre hay un gato para un descosido.

Rajnigandha Pan Masala Asked People To Tweet Six-Word Stories, And It Kinda Backfired

"Having Rajnigandha daily causes oral cancer" #RajnigandhaSixWordsStory

Cómo decir "que te jodan" en 19 idiomas distintos

Porque hay que estar preparados vayamos donde vayamos.

On a testé les nouvelles frites nappées de chocolat de McDonald's

Spoiler: Ça ne s'est pas très bien passé.

UK's Slow Response To Ebola Cost Thousands Of Lives, Says Report

A report on lessons from the Ebola crisis suggests the UK is vulnerable to future epidemics because it lacks the capacity to rapidly manufacture vaccines.

Former Army Chief David Morrison Named 2016 Australian Of The Year

Morrison took out the prestigious award for his efforts to promote gender equality in the Australian armed forces.

Le punk londonien en images

Punk London est un festival qui se déroulera toute cette année pour célébrer les 40 ans d'icônes punk et des fans dans la capitale anglaise.



15 Secrets Newsagents Won’t Tell You

People still buy top-shelf magazines, and no, we don't know what the winning lottery numbers are in advance. Stop asking us.

セクハラだと問題になった翻訳機広告動画 舞台裏を俳優が説明


Dhanush Is Going To Star Alongside Uma Thurman In His Hollywood Debut

Spoiler alert: He's going to be locked in an Ikea cupboard.

28 Winterbilder, die Du als enorm befriedigend empfinden wirst

Eis und Schnee können Dich mehr befriedigen, als Du Dir je vorstellen konntest.

17 Aussie Slang Terms That Americans Should Start Using

Have a crack at some tops Aussie phrases.

Can You Pass Our Mildly Difficult Aussie Exam?

If Steven Bradbury can win gold, you can pass this.



土屋アンナさん完全勝利 舞台けいこ欠席めぐる裁判で


21 Emo Songs That Are 10 Years Old This Year

Take me back, back to better days.

Here's Why Australia's National Day Of Celebration Is A Day Of Mourning For Indigenous People

January 26 marks the invasion and survival of the world's oldest living culture.

"That's What Tennis Players Do": Ex-Pro Pleads Guilty To Match-Fixing

Nick Lindahl told friends he intended to lose a match in 2013, allowing them to place bets on the outcome.

ISIS Video Purports To Show Paris Attackers Involved In Beheading, Shooting

A new propaganda video purports to show several of the men involved in November's terrorist attacks, calling on Muslims in Europe and the United States to kill nonbelievers "wherever you find them."

The Anti-Starbucks: Australia's Exclusive Café Culture

Australia is a continent full of experts in espresso artistry. To its inhabitants, ordering coffee is an expression of themselves, a daily indulgence into the world of caffeinated creativity. What happens when a simple American moron orders a cup of joe? THE WHOLE F*&@ING CONTINENT EXPLODES.

This Is What Happens When You And Your Best Friend Have No Boundaries

I've seen your naked body more times than I've seen my own.

さようならTwitter 幹部が相次ぎ退職


仙台市でデイサービス送迎車が転落 90代女性が意識不明




Getting A Phone Call In 2016

Umm... Can't you just text me?

Which Class Of '18 JMU Dance Major Are You?

We're all insanely different from each other, but we're all equally as fab. Which one of us nut jobs do you relate to the most?

These Five Questions Will Tell You What Percentage Ravenclaw You Are

Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.

OK Morons, It’s Time To Stop Eating Sausage Sandwiches Horizontally

We take our sausage placement very seriously.

11 Gross Facts About Your Teeth

Brb, going to brush my teeth.