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A Filmmaker Has Made The British Board Of Film Classification Watch Paint Dry For Ten Hours

The director himself, however, is yet to watch the epic in its entirety.

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British filmmaker Charlie Lyne has submitted a 607-minute film of paint drying to the British Board of Film Classification.

Today's the day: two BBFC examiners are currently watching 'Paint Drying'. AMA:

Lyne crowd-funded the project after visiting a BBFC open day and feeling that filmmakers had become "resigned" to the power of the board.

'Paint Drying' has been delivered to the BBFC:

Lyne submitted the film, titled "Paint Drying", to the BBFC on Monday. He stated in a Reddit AMA that the board will watch the film over the next two days and reply with a classification within the next few weeks.

According to his AMA, Lyne is keen to screen the film but is awaiting the board's classification before making final plans. The film made a brief cameo at the end of an episode of Newsnight earlier this month.

Thanks to everyone who alerted me to Paint Drying's surprise TV premiere on @BBCNewsnight yesterday.

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