27 Desktop Backgrounds That Will Make You Happy Whenever You See Them

    Make work a *bit* better with some pretty computer wallpaper.

    1. For cake lovers in need of a pep talk.

    2. For wannabe mermaids.

    3. For anyone who isn't a morning person.

    4. For the person who has around 157 vintage dresses favorited on Etsy.

    5. For someone with a windowsill covered with succulents.

    6. For dreamers.

    7. For constant gigglers.

    8. For the type of person who thinks a cup of tea can solve every problem.

    9. For cat people.

    10. For awesome individuals.

    11. For someone with an aquarium membership.

    12. For optimists.

    13. For people who are ready to jump for joy.

    14. For glitter-loving girls or guys.

    15. For cloud gazers.

    16. For anyone who needs some good vibes.

    17. For a creative lady or dude.

    18. For hard workers.

    19. For anyone with a sweet tooth.

    20. For tree huggers.

    21. For fancy folks.

    22. For gems.

    23. For coffee addicts.

    24. For flamingo fans.

    25. For someone with a sunny disposition.

    26. For artists.

    27. For fashionable flower fans.