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Apparently Chance The Rapper Is Going To Be On Kanye's New Album

And yes, the album is still named Swish.

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Thanks be to Yeezus, Kanye West finally released the track list for his upcoming album, Swish.

Guys, it's going to be the best album of all time.

And it's also worth noting that Kylie Jenner *really* wants you to know she's seen the track list.

Someone else who apparently has also seen the track list is Chance the Rapper.


According to this Instagram post from radio host Big Boy, the two Chicago rappers were in the studio together "creating something from scratch."

"Not only is Chance The Rapper a lyrical beast.....he's also a GREAT photographer," he wrote. "Hellllooooo. #Swish #KanyeWest #HandWrittenTrackList #ChanceTheRapper #ItsComing"

Chance is a fan and friend of Big Sean and GOOD Music, Ye's record label.

Chance the Rapper / Via

And has said that Kanye specifically is one of his biggest inspirations.

Chance the Rapper / Via

Last year, Chance posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, "Anyone who knows me knows how big of a moment this was for me. I've been his biggest fan since 04 and I'm pretty sure I'm still his #1 fan."

Chance the Rapper / Via

On Jan. 8, Chance sent out this tweet after Kanye announced his album would drop on Feb. 11, but it looks like things have changed in just a few short weeks.

We've already heard the songs "No More Parties in LA" featuring Kendrick Lamar and "Real Friends," so which song is Chance on???

This day can't come soon enough.