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January 20, 2016

17 Realizations All Women Have While Jean Shopping

"Why do no companies understand how powerful my thighs are and how quickly they will consume the flesh of the average jean?"

¿Vas a extrañar el Distrito Federal?

Es oficial: los defeños han muerto.

Another Round Episode 27: No New Friends, My Squirrel Dude

In this episode, introduce a segment called "Is This Real Life," Tracy tells another joke, and we sit down with Alexis Wilkinson, the first black woman president of the Harvard Lampoon!

10 Jeans Hacks To Keep You Looking Fly

Here's how to wash your jeans: DON'T.

Here's What Celebrities Have Been Saying About #OscarsSoWhite

From Twitter fights to heartfelt statements.

How America's Top Colleges Plan To Fix The Admissions Process

A new report endorsed by elite universities calls for schools to rethink a system that favors the wealthy.

Potential Jurors Raise Issues Of Police Brutality At Akai Gurley Shooting Trial

Several prospective jurors were dismissed the selection process when they told the judge they could not be fair and impartial in a police shooting trial.

These Countries Are Scarily Bad At Protecting Their Nuclear Materials From Cyberattacks

A new study released by the Nuclear Threat Initiative showed that more than a quarter of countries with weapons-grade nuclear materials were not prepared to protect themselves from a cyberattack.

Why Do We Call People Douche Bags?

Have I become the douche bag or has the douche bag become me?

10 Jeans Hacks To Keep Your Look On Point

Here's how to wash your jeans: DON'T.

21 Cosas que los verdaderos veganos comen

No es tan difícil como piensas.

22 "As Seen On TV" Products That Actually Exist

You can finally say goodbye to your saggy neck.

Schwarzenegger, Former Aides, Distance The Governator From Trump

Arnold may be the only true predecessor to Trump — a real celebrity, who understood how to use the power of his celebrity. But that's about where the comparison ends, his former political aides are quick to say.

Clinton Campaign Wants Latino Donors To Step Up As It Eyes $50M First Quarter Goal

At a Latinos for Hillary finance strategy meeting, senior Clinton staff told Hispanic donors they are looking to juice Latino fundraising, but donors said they want that money to go towards outreach and engagement to the Hispanic community.

19 Beautiful Gifts For People Obsessed With Frida Kahlo

"I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you."

21 Confessions From Obsessed "High School Musical" Fans

In honor of the movie's 10th anniversary.

Patriots Player Dubbed "Good Samaritan" After Rescuing Woman From Burning Car

Linebacker Darius Fleming was witness to a three-car pile-up two days before a playoff game.

Should You Believe Personality Tests?

How well do you really know yourself?

Should You Believe Personality Tests?

How well do you really know yourself?

Good News For Cigarette Makers: The Minimum Wage Is Rising In 23 States

Smoking rates are down, but it's still more common among low-income consumers, who are set to get pay rises in 23 states this year.

The Shaming Of Robert De Niro

After a slew of box office bombs and critical flops, Robert De Niro’s been told to retire, that he’s ruining his legacy, that he’s too blinded by his own genius to understand just how limp his films truly have become. But what if there’s a different explanation for why his movies end up so badly?



A Musical About Jeremy Corbyn Is Coming To Rock You

"This is a comedy with more twists and turns than a Jeremy Corbyn reshuffle, albeit much shorter."

61 Divinos tatuajes pequeños y de buen gusto

Porque pequeñas cantidades de tinta pueden tener un gran significado.

Are You More Yuppie Or Hipster?

They are not the same thing.

List Of Schools Allowed To Discriminate Against LGBT Students Will Be Published Online

The Education Department's Catherine Lhamon made the announcement in a letter to lawmakers obtained by BuzzFeed News.

A Bad Day On Wall Street As Global Markets Plunge

The good news: slow-moving economies can't crash too badly. "It’s really hard to kill yourself jumping off a two foot ledge."

To Strengthen Consumer Privacy, The ACLU Looks To The States

The ACLU is kicking off a 16-state effort to pass privacy laws protecting students, employees, and citizens from government surveillance.

NSA Tried PR Effort With Film "Enemy Of The State," Was Massively Disappointed

Emails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act show the National Security Agency was excited about the movie, but then...not so much.

19 Times Tumblr Totally Nailed What Texting Is Like

Admit it: Nothing is more nerve-racking than waiting for your crush to reply after you texted first.

Rand Paul Is Confused By Sarah Palin's Endorsement Of Donald Trump

"It still boggles my mind that anybody in the Tea Party, the movement that I came out of, could really be supporting Donald Trump."

16 Cosas que seguro no sabías sobre Grace Coddington

Después de 28 años como la Directora Creativa de Vogue, Coddington anunció su retiro.

People Thought This Kid Faked His Perfect Pitch So He's Proving Them Wrong

Warning: This video might make you feel bad about how ungifted you are.

Black Lives Matter Leaders Are Reaching Out To Silicon Valley, And It's Paying Off

Wired magazine's inclusion of Campaign Zero on its inaugural “Clout List” of the top 20 tech insiders defining the 2016 presidential campaign underlines how the Black Lives Matter movement’s proximity to Silicon Valley is helping advance its goals.

18 Signs You Might Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Food

Thanks for the "suggestion" but I'll decide how big a serving is.

JR SKISKI、胸キュンの秘密 歴代のヒロインとともに振り返る【画像】


13 Mujeres muestran lo menos favorecedor de su cabello, maquillaje, y más

"No me importa lo que piensen los chicos. Uso esto por mi."

24 Personas demasiado talentosas para este mundo

Los mejores empleados del mes.

Number Of Undocumented Immigrants In The U.S. Declines To Lowest Level Since 2003, Study Says

A study released Wednesday found that the population of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. continues to shrink, falling by more than a million since 2008.

Can Labor Support Both Black Lives Matter And Police Unions?

Over the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend, leaders of America's largest union federation faced tough questions about the role of police unions in the movement.

21 coisas que só quem teve um PS1 viveu

Virar o video-game de todos os jeitos para poder ler o jogo era o mínimo.

Driver In Fatal Las Vegas Strip Mow-Down Charged With 71 Crimes

Lakeisha Holloway is accused of driving through a crowd of people on the Las Vegas strip in December, killing one.

Up Your Style Game With BuzzFeed's Health & Beauty Newsletter

Looking great is about making the most of your personal style — and this newsletter will help you get there.

Employer To Pay Transgender Woman $115,000 In Job Discrimination Settlement

Britney Austin had alleged her employer used slurs, denied her access to the women's restroom, and refused to change her name on company records.

12 coisas que dão saudades do Brasil nos brasileiros que moram fora

"O departamento de trânsito da Califórnia é pior que o Detran". Criado a partir deste tópico do reddit.

¿Qué tan bien te acuerdas de la canción de los Tiny Toons?

"Soy______, soy ______, y estamos algo_______".

16 Cosas que hizo Kim Kardashian en 2006 y que ya nadie recuerda

Hace 10 años Kim era la BFF de Paris Hilton y ni North ni Saint West pensaban en nacer.

Can You Make It Through These Nature GIFs Without Vomiting?

Sometimes Mother Nature can be a one-way ticket to vomtown.

Martha Stewart Shaded Wendy Williams For Bringing Up The Fact That She's In Her Seventies

Martha may look incredible for her age, but she definitely does NOT want to talk about it.

How Did You Get Over Your Insecurities During Sex?

Tell us how you learned to let go of your inhibitions.

21 Lush Products That Actually Do What They Say

From one Lushaholic to another, you're welcome.

11 Awards All Nurses Deserve!

"What the hell is TGIF? I work literally every weekend."

Are You Team Haleb Or Team Spaleb?

Which Pretty Little Liars couple do you ship?

Here's The Trailer For The Documentary About James Foley

The HBO documentary tells the story of American photojournalist James Foley.

11 Things All Twentysomethings Should Know About Their Jobs

Sometimes you'll feel like you have no idea what you're doing.

21 Cosas que sólo los que siempre tienen frío entenderán

"¿Soy yo o hace mucho frío?", Eres tú.

14 Scrubs caseros que mejorarán tu piel

Exfoliantes naturales para una piel suave y saludable.

Elton John Says Lady Gaga Is Working On Music That Sounds Like Her Old Stuff

"I’ve heard two songs, which are killer. They’re just great songs, it’s like back to the early stuff of hers."

These Pretzel Bites Are So Dippable

… and this little piggy went in the dipping sauce.

NY Vs. LA Pizza Taste Test • The Try Guys Pizza Party Challenge

Does NY have better pizza than LA has bad pizza? It's a coast-to-coast pizza party challenge!

Tea Time Around The World

"Did you just eat a mouthful of balls?"

This British Astronaut Politely Shows How You Pee And Poop In Space

We've all been wondering. Tim Peake now has the answer.

Is The Government's Approach To Knife Crime Too "Heavy Handed"?

David Cameron defended his party's tough stance on jail sentences but one of the Met's former most senior black officers said he is "just going round in circles".

Weibo Drops 140-Character Rule Before Twitter

The Chinese version of Twitter is going long.

Este homem é o melhor comentarista de notícias do Brasil

Já temos um vencedor para o Troféu Trocadilho. As imagens são da página Grandes Comentários da Internet.

The Zodiac Signs As "High School Musical" Characters

In honor of HSM's 10 year anniversary.

Cops Stopped Someone In Ontario Who Was Driving With A Foot Of Snow Covering His Windshield

The 80-year-old driver said he couldn't clear the snow by himself.

Social Media For Business – Reasons To Go Social

If you are a business owner, you might have noticed how other businesses have jumped in to the social media bandwagon ever since Facebook, Twitter, and other huge social networking sites came into the scene. And if you haven't already joined the thousands or millions of businesses worldwide who have taken advantage of social media, you are definitely missing out.

These Are The Top Parenting Searches On Pinterest In 2016 (So Far)

The year may be young, but Pinterest fans have been busy, busy, busy.

Como estão hoje os atores do seriado "Sandy & Junior"

O programa estreou HÁ DEZESSETE ANOS e aparentemente ninguém que participa envelhece!

Grace Coddington Is Stepping Down As Vogue's Creative Director

The September Issue star been with Vogue since 1988, making an indelible impact on the look and feel of the magazine.

Drone Photography Company Wins FAA Exemption Ahead Of New Regulations

The FAA is allowing one video production company to fly its drones close to people, the first time such an exemption has been given to a business.

We Bet You Can't Name All 30 NHL Teams In 5 Minutes

You better not freeze ​up while the timer is counting down.

17 Donald Trump Photos Improved By The Wise Words Of Ralph Wiggum

"I want a tricycle, and a dog who won't chew my Hot Wheels, and a brighter future for America."

Meet Diane Warren, Whose Songs You've Been Ruining At Karaoke For Years

You may not know Diane Warren's name, but you've belted out a chorus of one of her dozens of megahits at karaoke. With an unexpectedly viral Lady Gaga hit now up for an Oscar, Warren is in her fourth decade of writing definitive mainstream pop songs without ever quite feeling part of the mainstream.

15 Cosas que tu dentista quiere que sepas

Pasa la lengua por tus dientes y siente esa biopelícula bacteriana agradable y empañada.

All Young Musicians Should Read This Interview With Amberwood

Amberwood, the Canadian Alternative band from Waterloo, ON. just released their new single Rollerskate King. A while ago, I met 3/4 of them in Hamilton (lead guitarist Cam was preoccupied buying a new truck.) Here are 5 highlights of my interview with Ollie (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Colin (bass) and Wes (drums)!

Here's How Josh Radnor Feels About The "HIMYM" Finale

"I think it was in keeping with the DNA for the show."

Egypt's Police Are Raiding Homes To Check Random People's Facebook Accounts

Residents in downtown Cairo say security forces have come to search their apartments and asked to see their Facebook accounts.

19 Things You'll Understand If You've Experienced Sleep Paralysis

The phrase "sleeping peacefully" is a sick, sick joke.

Can You Tell If These Are Texts Or Sexts?

Is it your bored BFF or a Tinder match trying to get steamy?

These Refugees Tobogganing For The First Time Will Make Your Heart Sing

"Snow is a new experience but fun in any language looks the same."

Just 27 Surprisingly Funny Tweets About Cats

The primary function of the Internet is to philosophize about cats. Here are some of the very finest of those musings.

15 receitas de comidas alcoólicas para quem curte um goró

Bebo porque é líquido, se for sólido eu como.

Esto es lo que sucedería si 'El diablo viste de Prada' se hubiese hecho en España

"Mi dieta consiste en no comer nada y cuando creo que me voy a desmayar chupo un taco de jamón".

18 Reasons You Should Avoid Lifting Weights At All Costs

It's great for your health and body goals and makes you feel like a superhero. SO AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS.

15 fotos da visão que os atores têm quando eles estão no palco

O fotógrafo Klaus Frahm documentou a visão que se tem nos palcos de teatro.

O aparelho de monitoramento de um homem capturou o momento exato em que o coração dele foi partido

Levar o fora pode ser fisicamente doloroso, e este homem tem dados que provam isso.

This Blue Dot Test Will Determine How Social You Are

Social butterfly or secret beetle?

49 Facts You Might Not Know About The "Harry Potter" Books

You're really going to want to read Harry Potter and Leopard-Walk-Up-To-Dragon.

How Well Do You Know Japanese Names Of Pokémon?

There's a Chansey you might get these right.

The "High School Musical" Cast Reveals Facts You Probably Didn't Know

In honor of the 10th anniversary, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel, and Monique Coleman talked to BuzzFeed News on the phone about what really went down with the Wildcats.

British Primetime TV Still Dominated By Men, Report Finds

"Why does so much seem to be run by white men who went to Eton?"

21 questions que les gens dans la vingtaine veulent poser aux trentenaires

Est-ce que vous vous considérez comme de vrais adultes?

21 Adorable Stuffed Animals For Grown-Ass Adults


26 das coisas mais engraçadas que as pessoas já disseram dormindo

"Meu marido soltou um peido e eu disse "Caramba, mulher, cale essa bunda."

Apple's Revamped Garageband Makes It Stupid Easy To Make A Song

The company also launched a brand new and dead-simple music recording app called Music Memos.

Este gato doméstico gigante está chamando a atenção por se parecer com um lince

Spock pesa mais de 12 quilos e come meio quilo de comida por dia.

34 celebridades que são extremamente parecidas

Use o slide nas fotos para investigar estes sósias por conta própria!

Veja como o Atreyu de "A História Sem Fim" está hoje

Você sabe que tinha uma quedinha por ele.

Veja como está o elenco de "High School Musical" dez anos depois

É, já faz dez anos desde ~o começo de algo novo~.

24 Times Scotland Proved It Was Funnier Than Us All

"Deep-fry yer pizzas. We're gonna deep-fry yer pizzas."

23 fotos que vão deixar todas as meninas aterrorizadas

Me desculpem, mas este post contém um incidente com curvex.

Plans To Regulate Religious Schools Are "Oppressive"

The proposals would do little to combat extremism and would undermine the good work of faith communities, said Gavin Robinson MP.

Estas fotos de Madonna en su mejor momento son increíbles

El fotógrafo Richard Corman capturó a la reina del pop en todo su esplendor en su etapa previa a la Kaballah.

16 Confessions Your Hairdresser Will Never Tell You

Some clients go a little overboard with sharing...

21 coisas que acontecem quando você tem um cachorro enorme

Diga adeus para todos os copos quebrados pelo rabo de seu cachorro.

What Happens When You Add Adele's Face To Classic Album Covers

Adele makes everything better. Via London-based artist Pello, who wants people to submit their own via #AnyAlbumAdele on Twitter.

22 choses qu'on devra expliquer à nos enfants plus tard

«Tu vois Junior, avant, il y avait un truc qui s’appelait « dictionnaire » pas Google.»

¿Que consejo te daría Aless Gibaja?

Lecciones de vida de alguien que quiere lo mejor para ti.

Quiz: boy magia ou carboidrato?

O quiz mais tenso que você terá de responder na sua vida.

What Underrated Clothing Store Should You Be Shopping At?

Because you already own everything at Forever 21.

David Beckham Looks Ridiculously Hot In These Behind-The-Scenes Photos

He's so good looking that it's not even fair.

26 trucs (très) étranges que des personnes ont dit dans leur sommeil

«Mon mari a pété et dit: "Putain, meuf, ferme tes fesses."»

Just Discovered: A Giant Planet Is Likely Hiding Far Out In Our Solar System

An icy world 10 times heavier than Earth might follow a 20,000-year orbit around the sun, astronomers reported on Wednesday. The mystery planet would explain the far-flung orbits of dwarf planets beyond Pluto.

Son mari est mort mais l'Australie ne reconnaît pas leur union

Un représentant des autorités locales s'est excusé auprès de ce Britannique veuf dont le mariage n'est pas reconnu en Australie.

12 trucs faciles quand on apprend le japonais (si, si)

Heureusement, tout n'est pas aussi compliqué que de maîtriser les caractères...

17 photos qui résument la cuisine japonaise

Des fraises au chocolat avec du thé vert?!

88 Detroit Public Schools Close Due To Teacher Absences

"We're doing it for the children. We want them to have equitable learning environments just like our suburban counterparts, and we apologize for not stepping up sooner," one Detroit teacher told BuzzFeed News.

14 Pop Stars When They Released Their First Album Vs. Now

Some have changed more than others.

White People Are Pissed At A College For Planning A "Whiteness History Month"

The Oregon community college wants "to challenge the master narrative of race and racism through an exploration of the social construction of whiteness."

SNP MP Fears A Nuclear Weapons Convoy Could Crash And Destroy His Constituency

A nuclear security expert told BuzzFeed News the risk was so small it's "hardly worth considering".

Obama's Anti-Torture Team Has One Job — And Nobody Wants Them To Do It

A congressionally-mandated initiative to overhaul U.S. interrogation strategy is bringing to light the frustrations -- and fragility -- of Obama's post-torture legacy.

These Hollywood Actors Performed Monologues Of Other Women's Abortion Stories

"How can we trust women to make smart choices for their children, but not trust them with the decision to have children?"

22 Fotos que toda chica odiará

Lo siento pero esta página contiene un incidente con el rizador de pestañas.

What's The Funniest Reason You've Cried While Drunk?

Because sometimes you can't hold back the beer tears.

Tory MP: I Use Poppers And They Shouldn't Be Banned

Crispin Blunt has urged the government to reverse its plan to ban poppers.

27 Rock-Ikonen, von denen Du noch nie Kinderfotos gesehen hast

"Wer das Rennen nicht fährt, kann weder gewinnen noch verlieren." – David Bowie

Jeb Bush Calls Donald Trump "A Junkyard Dog"

"I don't know why he's so worried about me, maybe he thinks that I'm a real threat to him, cause I am," Bush said.

It's Official: 2015 Was The Hottest Year On Record

136 years of climate change in 21 seconds.

Martin Shkreli Fires His Entire Defense Team, Hires Attorney Like Tom Cruise From "A Few Good Men"

The notorious "pharma bro" replaced his legal team, pushing back his court date by two weeks.

Connaissez-vous la signification cachée de ces 12 logos?

Certains se captent au premier coup d'œil, d'autres moins.

La Fitbit de este hombre capturó el momento exacto en el le rompieron el corazón

Que rompan contigo puede resultar físicamente insoportable y este hombre tiene datos que lo demuestran.

23 Things All '00s Green Day Fans Desperately Wanted

*Covers entire wall in Kerrang posters*

26 Important Questions For People Who Go To The Gym

You guys look great and are very impressive, but there are some things we non-gym types just don't understand.

Woman Killed After Being Pushed In Front Of Subway By Stranger

The 20-year-old woman died after allegedly being pushed in front of a train by a man in Berlin, Germany.

17 Signs You May Actually Be Addicted To Hajmola

You've probably wreaked havoc on my digestive system. Somehow, I love you anyway.

These Extraordinary Close-Up Photos Of Animal Eyes Look Out Of This World

Putting the anatomy of eyes under the spotlight.

30 Celebridades que cumplen 30 este año

Treinta años de juventud.

BuzzFeed Crossword: Work Hard, Play Hard

Happy hour has just begun!

Everyone Is Freaking Out About These Downright Magical Airbnbs

Treehouses, green houses, mushroom lofts, and more!

The New Wonder Woman Movie Officially Looks Amazing

Gal Gadot? More like Gal GODDAMN.

Basic Food-Sharing Etiquette For All You Damn Heathens

We live in a SOCIETY, for crying out loud.

The Posters Of 2016 Oscar Nominated Movies With The White Actors Removed

Nothing to see here. Seriously, there's literally almost nothing left to see here.

8 Clubs And Societies You Never Knew We Had!

Try something new & out there. We've got over 320 clubs and societies at Leeds, here's our pick of the 8 more unusual clubs you may not have even known about.

20 imagens que vão te lembrar a sua infância na casa da sua avó

Faça o favor de mostrar este post para sua avó, seu desnaturado.

Chocolate Giant Cadbury Gives Nestlé The Finger In A Feud Over Kit Kats

Nestlé has been trying to trademark the shape of its classic Kit Kat since 2010 but rival Cadbury is not having a bar of it.

La préfecture de Paris tweete un message anti-Hollande et porte plainte

«Une enquête est en cours», déclare la préfecture administrative de Paris après la publication sur son compte Twitter d'un message pro-Poutine et anti-Hollande.

What's Going On Around The World Today

Terrorists carried out a deadly attack at a university in Pakistan on Wednesday. The U.S. Supreme Court will review President Barack Obama’s plan to defer deportation for up to 5 million immigrants. And stargazers rejoice: If you wake up early enough for the next month, you’ll be able to see five (!) planets.

¿Cuál Moria Casán rige tus astros según tu signo zodiacal?

Moria Cásan es “la one”, pero a cada casa del zodíaco le corresponde una Moria que define su personalidad. Te contamos cuál es la tuya.

14 títulos de filmes que ganharam traduções da pesada no Brasil

Por que "Hangover" virou "Se Beber, Não Case", meu Deus?

This Video Is For Every Dude Who Has Ever Had A Roommate

Admit it: You've done most of these things, if not all.

Ce flyer rigolo veut éduquer les mauvais conducteurs

Il n'y a pas qu'en coloriage qu'il ne faut pas dépasser les lignes.

Can You Guess The 25 Most Common Passwords?

Spoiler: These passwords are incredibly stupid passwords.

How The Tories Spent £1.2 Million On Facebook Adverts In Run-Up To Election

The Conservatives massively outspent Labour on unregulated online advertising during the election, targeting marginal seats.

Diese beiden Hunde-Freunde werden Dein Herz zum Schmelzen bringen

„Lottie und Grizzly sind vom ersten Tag an unzertrennlich“, das sagte ihr Frauchen zu BuzzFeed Kanada.

South Australia Premier Apologises To Bereaved British Man Whose Marriage Wasn't Recognised

Exclusive: Marco Bulmer-Rizzi will receive a new death certificate for his late husband after South Australian premier Jay Weatherill phoned him and promised to change the law.

This Is The Ancient Christian Monastery Destroyed By ISIS In Iraq

Satellite images published by the Associated Press confirmed the militant group has razed the 1,400-year-old St. Elijah's Monastery to the ground.

Some Labour MPs Really Want Jeremy Corbyn To Join Their Anti-EU Campaign

They're not impressed with the Eurosceptic Labour leader's position.

How I Learned To Accept My Self-Harm Scars

Drumming, friendship, and heavy metal music gave me hope in a time of depression and low self-worth.

Lupita Nyong'o Had The Perfect Response To Lack Of Racial Diversity At The Oscars

"It has me thinking about unconscious prejudice and what merits prestige in our culture."

Tennisspieler der Weltspitze sollen Spiele manipuliert haben

Wetten in Milliardenhöhe. Weltklasse-Spieler. Gewaltandrohungen. Geheime Nachrichten an sizilianische Zocker. Und verdächtige Spiele in Wimbledon. Vertrauliche Dokumente zeigen Hinweise auf Spielabsprachen, welche die Entscheider der Tennis-Welt seit Jahren unter Verschluss halten.

10 Steps To Get The Perfect Nudes

It's all about setting the scene.

Americans Listened To Coke Studio For The First Time And Were Pretty Damn Impressed

"I would prefer to listen to this than a lot of the Bollywood music I've heard so far."

16 Memes You Need To Show Your Parents If They're Pressuring You To Get Married

"You're next." – The most terrifying sentence in the English language.

Adele war einfach nur fantastisch, als sie einen Song von Nicki Minaj sang

Sie trank sogar eine Tasse Tee auf ex! Jetzt schon legendär!

Red Doors On Asylum-Seeker Homes To Be Repainted After Abuse Claims

The Home Office said it was "deeply concerned" by the issue.

39 fléaux de l’internet sur lesquels les députés devraient se pencher

Le vrai problème ce n'est pas les liens, mais les pokes.

Uber Defeats Plan To Make Customers Wait Five Minutes For A Taxi In London

The ride-booking company just swatted aside another attempt to control its growth, despite concerns from black-cab drivers.

Diese Frauen haben von EOS-Lippenbalsam schwere Ausschläge bekommen

Eine Sammelklage wurde gegen das Unternehmen eingereicht.

57 Things That Happen The Morning After A One Night Stand

"Have you seen my pants?" *hops awkwardly around the room half-naked*.

23 moments de plaisir quand il fait froid

Se rouler sous la couette et ne plus jamais en sortir. PLUS JAMAIS.

23 Photos That Will Make Anyone Who Works In IT Satisfied

Some happiness for the real heroes of the 21st century.

19 Gorgeous Finnish Baby Names That Will Make You Broody

Is your little girl a Satu or a Maija?

23 Easy Peasy Packed Lunch Ideas

Shop-bought lunches are SO 2015.

10-Year-Old Boy Questioned By Police Over "Terrorist House" Spelling Error

UPDATE: Lancashire police has released a statement denying this was the sole reason officers spoke with the pupil and said the response to concerns for his safety was appropriate.

Diese 25 Bilder der Haustiere der US-Präsidenten sind purer Zucker

Es ist das Land der Niedlichen und die Heimat der Kuschligen.

Hommage à Jean-François «profondément choqué» Copé

«Je passais ma vie à être "profondément choqué"», a confessé l'ex-président de l'UMP mardi soir. Hommage à sa phrase culte.

7 cosas que el porno gay me prometió y aún no he conseguido

Levantaría el puño hacia el cielo para reclamarlas, pero igual alguien se piensa que estoy ofreciendo fisting.


結局、男が主役なの? UPDATE: 写真に女性がいない理由が判明。「かながわ女性の活躍応援団」は、男性による男性向けの意識改革だった!

Une adolescente aurait avoué sur Facebook avoir tué son copain

La jeune fille de 18 ans a été arrêtée par la police il y a quelques jours. Elle est soupçonnée d'avoir poignardé à mort son petit ami de 21 ans.

Así de distinta era la vida de los adolescentes de los 50

¿Cómo se diría YOLO en los años 50?

Akshay Kumar Urges Indians To Be More Than Just Armchair Patriots In This Intense Video

"Let's step out and truly prove what it means to be an Indian."