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    B.o.B. Has Actually Released A Track Claiming The Earth Is Flat

    It's one of many theories that he has, and people are unable to convince him otherwise.

    The rapper B.o.B. has said that he believes the world is actually flat.

    A lot of people are turned off by the phrase "flat earth" ... but there's no way u can see all the evidence and not know... grow up

    UPDATE: B.o.B. has now released a track supporting his flat earth theory, which samples Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

    It includes lines like "use your common sense / Why is NASA part of the department of defense?" and "Indoctrinated in a cult called science / And graduated to a club full of liars / Heliocentrism, you were the sixth victim."

    Recently he has started to debate his ideas with a number of people across the internet, maintaining his belief that the world is flat.

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    To summarise his beliefs;

    * It is impossible to ever see the curvature of the Earth.

    * Just because in some photos it does appear to be curved, this is due to either editing of photos, or curved lenses.

    * NASA has repeatedly changed the shape they think the Earth is - from sphere, to oblate spheroid, to pear-shaped.

    * Any pictures of the Earth being spherical are actually CGI.

    * While we can see spherical planets in the sky, we cannot actually see them for ourselves - only through telescopes.

    * The UN and NASA are hiding the fact the earth is flat by banning anyone from exploring the poles.

    * The UN's flag represents the actual shape of the world.

    He continues to promote his reasoning as well.

    Much of his evidence is screenshotted from The Flat-Earth Conspiracy by Eric Dubay. He has also linked to videos of Dubay.

    Other tweets are trying to prove that cameras are lying to us.

    He is also emphatic about a historical conspiracy to hide this fact.

    People are now actively engaging with his argument to disprove him, but he is sticking to his explanations.

    This is the latest in a long-running pattern of unusual behaviour from the the rapper on Twitter. In August B.o.B. was using Twitter pretty normally, doing Q&As, and posting about his movements and Instagram.

    But after a few odd tweets over the previous months, by November he appeared to grow suspicious that his Instagram was preventing comments being posted, before returning to a more typical manner of tweeting.

    can you guys leave a comment on my IG page and see if it's blocked ? (@BoB)

    He also retweeted this video that Kesha posted, when a test missile appeared in the sky over California, making a sound that people on the video described as "aliens."

    Over the next few weeks, his tweets were fairly normal, until 29 November, when he was about to take a flight and discussed his fears of the flight. However, he then also tweeted a sequence of tweets that went further.

    If any headlines appear about me being crazy or delusional = cover up #water

    I am not a clone, I still have dreams #water

    You ever wonder why it's illegal to explore Antartica or the North Pole ?? #Water

    Screen shot my tweets #water

    Over the next few weeks, he continued to tweet about topics that are typically discussed by conspiracy theorists, including the patenting of genetic codes, human cloning and George Bush Sr. This all led up to the release of his mixtape, Water.

    Thematically, the mixtape focuses on a number of different conspiracies, and as well as some more frequently discussed issues, such as mass incarceration.

    In a very weird moment, however, B.o.B. does a skit on "Uncomfortable," where he appears to predict the discovery of a new (and in his view, fake) planet, something that actually happened six weeks after the mixtape was released.

    Weeks after the release of the mixtape, however, he began to complain that he was being suppressed, by both his label and forces that crippled his social media.

    He suggested celebrities were regularly being cloned.

    Notice a celebrity who have tattoos or piercings mysteriously vanish ? = cloning center

    He railed against "the elite."

    the world isn't waging war, the elite are

    By the end of December B.o.B. was tweeting almost exclusively about things that could be described as conspiracy theories, including "malevolent forces at play" and "The End of Taxation". He was making similar comments on Instagram.

    During January, he continued his musical career, including a performance at the half-time show of the AFC Championship game.

    But his unusual tweets also continued in January.

    they can't control the Arabs or Muslims so the media demonizes them. Just like the WWII propaganda films ... still happens everyday

    Though at this point, many of his followers agreed with him.

    He again complained that his social media was being artificially limited.

    a lot of my account activity is blocked from the populace... but then again twitter isn't a human right so it's not really "illegal"

    And then confirmed that he didn't believe the Moon Landing happened.

    I think a modern day moon landing would expose too many inconsistencies with the last one, #whywehaventgoneback

    He also promoted the Mandela Effect, a theory that suggests shared false memories are evidence of alternate universes.

    This led to an explanation that he believes he, and other people, are from a different timeline.

    To the people who remember like me : you're not crazy, don't assume that ppl will understand if they're not from the same timeline

    He then released another self-produced mixtape, "FIRE: False Idols Ruin Egos."

    Similar themes as his previous mixtape were present, as B.o.B. attacks power structures and chemicals, among other things.

    He also maintained that he was being censored, going so far as to provide testimony from some of his followers, and said that it was due to his beliefs.

    #StopCensorship #StopHumanCloning

    This, and other concerns, finally led to his ongoing battle to prove that the Earth is flat.

    who recorded all of the stock footage of an atom bomb exploding ? 🤔🤔🤔

    Most recently, he also posted this photo, implying that the moon landing was fake as well.

    there's wind on the moon ? 🤔

    People are now almost all in firm disagreement with him.

    Finally, Neil DeGrasse Tyson stepped in to provide a debunk of some of B.o.B.'s science, though as yet, B.o.B. has not responded to this.

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