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This Man's Insane Makeup Art Will Straight Up Mesmerize You

World, please say hello to Ryan Burke.

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Burke's otherworldly creations are simply breathtaking.

Ryan Burke

They're so good, they got him noticed by THA GODDESS Pat McGrath. He's now a brand ambassador for her extremely coveted makeup line.


Burke got started in makeup through his involvement in nightlife, and it's easy to see the club kid vibes in his looks. "I taught myself everything I know through trial and error," he told BuzzFeed.

"I am inspired by symmetry, geometric shapes, drag culture, club culture, fashion, art, unconventional materials, patterns — anything really that alters my appearance and distorts my features," Burke told BuzzFeed.

"I’m not usually trying to look like a certain type of person or style or gender, even. For me it’s more about a color scheme and vibe that I wanna work with and how I can use makeup and materials to create a unique look," he continued.


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