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January 31, 2016

A Teenager Was Reportedly Found Dead In A Drain Hours After Using "Chronic"

Dean Shield was found in a drain yesterday evening, hours after taking the drug.

We Know If You're A Wine Mom Or A Vodka Aunt

It's always 5 o' clock somewhere.

Which Batman Villain Is Your BFF Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

You'll take down the Dark Knight together!

Are You More Emily Or Richard Gilmore?

The ultimate power couple.

Greek Soccer Players Sat Down During A Match To Protest Refugee Deaths

AEL Larissa and Acharnaikos players sat for two minutes on Friday in a call for authorities to protect refugees — particularly children — crossing the Aegean Sea.

January 16' Favourites

A little bit of everything from the month of January

This Hairstylist Reinterprets Famous Paintings As Hair Colors

It's basically an art form of its own.

31 Accesorios de pelo que puedes hacer tú mismo

Maneras baratas y fáciles de ahorrarte esos días de cabello feo.

Prosecutor: Two Virginia Tech Students Plotted Murder Of 13-Year-Old Girl

David Eisenhauer, a student at Virginia Tech, is accused of killing Nicole Lovell. Natalie Keeprers has been charged with helping dispose of her body.

This Video Perfectly Sums Up What It's Like To Experience A Breakup

"Now you can sleep with whoever you want!"

The New, Diverse Majority In America Will Win Elections

Not a bunch of clever political consultants.

Which Selena Gomez Album Should You Be Listening To?

♫ Who says you're not perfect? ♫

Sansa Stark Will Finally Catch A Break On The Next Season Of "Game Of Thrones"

“It’s probably her best season yet. It’s her really coming into her own." —Sophie Turner

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Apologized For "Two Cubans" Line After Internal Pressure

Complaints from NBC staff and advocacy groups. "How do you control someone like Chris Matthews?"

Koch-Affiliated Super PAC Raised $11.1 Million In Second Half Of 2015

Freedom Partners Action Fund, Inc. ended the year with $14.8 million in the bank.

Is This Lady The Worst Babysitter In The World?

“Kick him in the nuts, call him a c*nt, and run!”

A Little Boy Gave All His Money To A Preschool Teacher To Help Her Fight Cancer

Camden Hand gave the teacher $105.15 to help with her treatment.

Halsey Opened Up About What It's Like Living With Endometriosis

"I have managed to live a wild, incredible, and unpredictable life with endo, and I'm here for you."

15 Oral Sex Horror Stories That'll Make You Gag

"I threw up on his penis and my instant reaction was to put the vomit back in my mouth."

Here's Our Best Look Yet At The Harry Potter "Fantastic Beasts" Movie

Warner Bros. has released a short behind-the-scenes video.

Eugene Chung Wants To Be Virtual Reality's First Auteur

But in a medium that doesn't yet have an audience or a rulebook, that means starting from scratch and taking big risks.

Which Firefly Character Shares Your Fatal Flaw?

Mercy is the mark of a great man. I guess I'm just a good man. Well...I'm alright.

Cameron Launches Attack On "Disgraceful" Racial Bias At UK Institutions

The prime minister will force universities to reveal how many black and ethnic minority students they have and has announced a review into apparent racial bias in the justice system.

Dozens Killed As Militants Burn Children In Nigeria

A survivor recalled hearing the screams of children as they burned to death.

Ce que des personnes trans pensent des films censés les représenter

13 femmes et hommes trans donnent leurs avis à BuzzFeed sur des films qui mettent en scène des personnages trans.

19 habitudes à bannir avant vos 30 ans

Lâchez (un peu) votre portable!

Mais pourquoi cet acteur de High School Musical est-il si important sur Wikipedia?

Corbin Bleu a sa biographie sur Wikipedia dans plus de langues que n'importe qui d'autre –à l'exception de Jésus et de Barack Obama– et nous ne savons absolument pas pourquoi. Aidez-nous à résoudre ce mystère!

18 pubs de notre enfance qui passaient à l'heure du goûter

«Tu pousses le bouchon un peu trop loin Maurice!»

If Disney Movies Were Directed By Tim Burton

Don't you wish this version of Beauty and the Beast were real?

Who Should Be Your First Celebrity Hookup?

You'll never forget your first.

Idris Elba Made Fun Of The Oscars' Lack Of Diversity At The SAG Awards

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diverse TV."

Terry Wogan Hosting "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" Is His Greatest Unsung Performance

"It was the only time we had a standing ovation in the studio," the show's producer said.

21 Cosas que necesitas si amas a los cerditos

Piensa más allá de la alcancía en forma de cerdito.

19 Times Jacob Tremblay Was Too Awesome For Words

This kid has more charm in his little finger than most of us do on our best day.

Do Antidepressants Double The Risk Of Aggression In Kids?

A paper published this week shows many flaws in how pharma companies collect and report dangerous side effects.

This Test Will Determine How Word-Sensitive You Are

How does a moist cup of creamy pus sound to you?

America’s Quiet Crackdown On Indian Immigrants

The U.S. government has moved quietly and aggressively to prevent undocumented Indians from entering the United States, many of whom are Sikhs fleeing political repression or economic collapse at home.

I Won The Battle Against Button-Down Shirt Gapping For Under 15 Dollars

Because buttons are the D+ students of clothing fasteners.

19 Eurovision Moments To Remember Terry Wogan By

"Spain is next, with a song called 'Bloody Mary'. That reminds me, I haven't touched a drop yet."

We Know Which Famous Smartphone Company You'll Own In Future

This is what you always wanted to be!

21 Lessons Parents Learn The Hard Way

You won't find this stuff in "the books."

27 Subtle And Tasteful White Ink Tattoos

Because you've been thinking about getting inked.

12 Cheap And Lazy Ways To Cut Down On Waste

The best part of this is how much money you'll also save.

Proof That "Futurama" Is The Funniest, Cleverest Show In History

"The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised."

22 Guaranteed Ways To Piss Off A Human

What do you MEAN I'm too late for brunch?

7 Easy Organizing Tricks You'll Actually Want To Try

In just ten minutes, you can be so much more organized.

We Know Which Disney Princess Your Mom Wishes You Were

If she can dream it, she can do it.

Do You Actually Remember The Words To Kanye West's “Gold Digger”?

Cause if we quiz yo' ass you'll least get half.

7 Healthy Eating Tricks That Are Actually Doable

Healthy snack ideas, tips for better meal prep, and more.

Can You Pass This Texas Food Test?

Are you a true Texan?

29 Insanely Delicious Indian Recipes You Need To Try

There's a lot more to life than chicken tikka masala.

19 Surprising Things You Probably Didn't Know About Herpes

For example, that most people have it. And yeah, that might include you. And no, it shouldn’t ruin your life.

23 Adorable Pins To Give Someone You Love

Your love is ~pinfinite~.

11 Ways Your Makeup Can Literally Turn You On

You’ll never need blush again!

What's The Best Thing To Buy At Trader Joe's?

Don't even get me started on that Mandarin Orange Chicken.

25 Incredibly Honest Reasons People Are Waiting To Have Sex

Spoiler: It's not always for religious reasons.

Who Would You End Up With In "Once Upon A Time" Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you destined to be with a hero or a villain?

The 27 Worst Things About Going To Stock Photo University

Why are we always sitting on the stairs?

15 Charts Anyone Who Has Taken A Shower Can Relate To

I came up with this idea in the shower.

9 Things People With Bare Nails Will Never Understand

*Finish nails, realize you have to pee, cry inside*

Do You Know Your Fact From Fiction?

Depends on if you can bust these myths.

16 Fake Body Piercings Your Parents Won't Even Mind

May all your non-pierced dreams come true.

Which Subscription Service Do You Wish You'd Known About Sooner?

Tell us the best way to make it feel like Christmas every month.

11 Amazing Chicken Wings From Around The World

Fly through our wing world tour.

19 Euphoric Experiences For People Who Hate People

When a stranger looks as if they're about to sit next to you on public transport...and then they don't.

At Least 45 Killed In Multiple Suicide Bombings At Shiite Shrine In Syria

A further 40 people were injured near the Shiite shrine of Sayyida Zeinab, Syrian state media report.

Andy Murray Loses In Australian Open Final For Fifth Time

Four of the defeats have come at the hands of this year's champion, Novak Djokovic.

John McDonnell Thinks Worldwide Open Borders Are "Inevitable"

"In this century, we will have open borders," said the shadow chancellor.

Google Says It's "Difficult" To Work Out How Much UK Tax It Should Pay

The company has defended its £130m tax settlement with the UK government.

People Are Paying Tribute To Terry Wogan And Saying "Good Riddance" To January 2016

"It’s truly like God’s put an intern in charge of deaths and he’s going through the list of celebrities people really love."

How Well Do You Remember The Lyrics To "Poker Face" By Lady Gaga?

♫ I promise this, promise this, check this hand cause I'm marvelous ♫

Sir Terry Wogan Has Died Aged 77

He died after a "short but brave battle with cancer", his family confirmed.

If Lady Gaga Lyrics Were Motivational Posters

♫ I live for the applause, applause, applause. ♫

21 Super Bowl Snacks You'll Need To Host The Best Party Ever

Even if you're just there for the commercials, you're gonna need some of these awesome snacks to get you through the game.

Republican Donors Give The Nebraska Senator Attacking Trump Lots Of Love

Sen. Ben Sasse took his critiques and jokes about Trump to the Koch donor network meeting in California. "The way to make America great again is not by abandoning the constitutional limits and saying to some guy, 'Would you be our king?'"

A Brief History Of Lori Petty's Red Carpet Style

Her pink getup at the SAG Awards is just the beginning.

Viola Davis Speaks Out About #OscarsSoWhite And The Boycott

When asked about #OscarsSoWhite, Davis spoke about the need to be proactive about change and shared her thoughts on the boycott.

We Know What You HATE To Hear Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When someone tells you to hurry up and you just explode inside.

The Jeb Bush Hatchet Man Who Might Accidentally Elect Donald Trump

Over decades in politics, strategist Mike Murphy has developed a certain reputation: delivering Republican success in blue states, charming the press with his wit, and spending and making lots and lots and lots of money. This time, he's led Jeb Bush's PAC's multi-million dollar assault on Marco Rubio — while Donald Trump is poised to win Iowa and New Hampshire.

The Koch Network Has Already Spent $400 Million In Run-Up To 2016

"I’ve been identified lately, and its not so bad," Charles Koch tells donors and reporters at his network's California meeting. "I’m still here and stronger than ever….This isn’t some secret cabal."

We Made A Drinking Game For "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" Australia

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, let's get shitfaced tonight.

Los 19 mejores vestidos de los SAG Awards 2016

Aquí tienes a las mejores vestidas que desfilaron por la alfombra roja.

When A Little Girl & A Bulldog Become Best Friends

Featuring Erin & her bulldog Harvey! Check out their adorable Instagram:

7 Struggles Of Taking One More Shot

It was only supposed to be one more…

Panic Ensues Over Grindr Outage

"Swear #Grindr goes down more times than I do"

Cheap Vs. Expensive Tequila Taste Test

"They're both bad, I hate them both!"

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