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19 Eurovision Moments To Remember Terry Wogan By

"Spain is next, with a song called 'Bloody Mary'. That reminds me, I haven't touched a drop yet."

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5. "This skit must have seemed like a tremendous idea at the time, but actually it's covering a commercial break for Finnish television. And if you don't mind me expressing an opinion, I'd prefer the commercials."

7. "The Polish entry next. There are four girls pretending to play the violin, there's a huddled figure over a piano, and you haven't seen teeth like this since The Osmonds."


When 24 songs had been performed and there was only one to go.


When the Greek hosts tried to flog Eurovision DVDs in 2006.

12. "I've seen this. This goes on for quite some time, so if you fancy making yourself a stiff drink, or putting the kettle on, or walking the dog, this is the time to do it."

At the start of the "interval" performance at the 2009 Eurovision in Belgrade.

After Latvia gave Sweden 8 points and then Russia 10.


After Ukraine gave Russia 12 points in 2008.

During a skit in the green room in 2007.


In 2008 he summed up this part of the show with this comment: "Why are these green room moments such an unmitigated disaster?"

When Sweden was terrible at telling us what their votes were.


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