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Here Are The Most WTF Lyrics From The Eurovision Song Contest 2017

These do include the semi-finals, because I had to watch them.

27 Of The Most Eurovision Things To Happen

A moon, mooning, stars, and everything bizarrely spectacular.

27 Of The Funniest Tweets About Eurovision 2017

"Don't forget that if you drink drive after Eurovision you may end up with more points than Britain."

25 Of The Most Ridiculous Moments Of Eurovision 2017

Dancing gorillas and Australian nudity.

29 Of The Funniest Tumblr Posts About Eurovision 2017

"Of course eurovision is confusing for americans i mean the one with the most votes actually gets to win."

19 ESC-Momente, die deine Schulzeit perfekt beschreiben

Wenn du deine Punkte in der Klassenarbeit mit denen der anderen vergleichst.

A Guy With An Aussie Flag Just Flashed Everyone At Eurovision

Please still invite us back next year Europe.

29 Sassiest Graham Norton Comments During Eurovision 2017

On Moldova's performance: "This is one rough wedding."

Los mejores tuits de Eurovisión 2017

Por si te has perdido alguno, yo qué sé.

Manel ha desafinado en Eurovisión y España no perdona

El representante español en Eurovisión ha desafinado en directo y la gente no perdona.

Croatia Performed At The Eurovision And Now It Is A Huge Meme

"Before, during, and after I write a good tweet."

Sweden's Background Dancers For The Eurovision Are Hot AF

"Sorry Sweden I only care about your background dancers."

Build A Eurovision Performance And We'll Tell You What Country To Represent

Do you want to dance with a man in a horse mask, or are you doing a solo ballad?

39 Of The Most WTF Eurovision Performances Of All Time

When Italy's lyrics included the line: "I love parking inattentively."

El juego de beber de Eurovisión 2017

Cada vez que alguien diga "los países del este se votan todos entre ellos", CHU PI TO.

The Eurovision Song Contest, Explained For Americans

It's the best night of the year and you're not invited.

A Soviet Monument Got A Rainbow Makeover And People Have Opinions

Ukraine's Friendship of Nations Arch got done up to highlight the theme of this year's Eurovision contest: "Celebrate Diversity."

Ukraine Has Banned Russia's Eurovision Entry From Entering The Country

The European Broadcasting Union has now offered Yulia Samoilova the chance to perform via satellite.

19 Eurovision Moments To Remember Terry Wogan By

"Spain is next, with a song called 'Bloody Mary'. That reminds me, I haven't touched a drop yet."

Everything Non-Europeans Need To Know About Eurovision

A guide to the annual WTF event that is the Eurovision Song Contest.

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