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People Lost Their Minds Over This Awkward On-Stage Eurovision Kiss

Expectation: Belarus. Reality: Romania.

Today is the Eurovision Grand Final, and Romania once again performed their yodel-rap jam "Yodel It!"

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The only difference this time was that the guy in the duo went in for a kiss which went... not quite as expected.

"Now's your chance, it's right, the moment is right" #Eurovision

People just seriously couldn't handle what a mess of a kiss it was.

Most uncomfortable and creepy post song kiss goes to the dude from Romania #Eurovision #SBSEurovision #esc2017

Urgh, no means no, Romania #Eurovision

shout out to romania for absoloutely destroying their yodel cred with an awkward one-sided straight kiss at the end

And that the girl did not look prepared at all for it.

The girl at the end of Romania did not look prepared for that kiss #Eurovision

#romania a creepy, viagra fuelled rage kiss to finish - perfect #Eurovision2017

Look, at the end of the day, we can't all be Belarus.