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Americans Are Struggling To Understand Eurovision, And Europe Isn't Helping

It's an annual tradition.

If you somehow didn't already know, it's THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2017.

But for America the sudden increase of Europeans flooding their Twitter timeline can be a little confusing.

first of all what the fuck is Eurovision I'm american

And some people are just not happy at all.

I'm tired of this Eurovision shit always being on my timeline. This is America, please keep that over on your social media sites.

TBF, Europe isn't doing their best to help.

Like not at all.

Eurovision explained for Americans: it's everyone who's ever claimed they were abducted by aliens, at a 70s themed gay disco, tripping.

americans: oh my god shut up about that eurovision thing europe: oH mY GoD SHuT uP ABoUt tHAt eUROvIsiON ThING

See you next year, confused Americans.