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27 Of The Most Eurovision Things To Happen

A moon, mooning, stars, and everything bizarrely spectacular.

1. The 2017 Eurovision Song Contest just wrapped up. Portugal won. And it was the extravanganza everyone was expecting.

2. Countries in Europe (and Australia) sent one artist or group to the host city (usually of the previous winner) and competed for the prize of fame and glory.

3. Every year, you can expect grand performances accompanied by a loooooottttt of confetti.

4. Or flames, if that's more their thing.

5. And then, it gets weird.

6. This one looks like he’s straight out of that show that’s FINALLY wrapping up after seven long years.

7. These dudes decided to hold onto each other's shoes.

8. And some forgot to wear any shoes at all.

9. Harambe was there.

10. I'm not even kidding.

11. It deserves three photos on this list.

12. Someone was celebrating graffiti.

13. Yes guys, that's a dude with a head of a horse on a ladder.

14. There was some level of existential crisis.

15. A lot of kissing.

16. And then, there was this kiss...

17. ... that escalated to this:

18. This dude became an instant meme.

19. And brides sang into their bouquets.

20. They just love their giant projections so much.

21. Especially those that mimic their dancing.

22. There were laser beam eyes…

23. And a bouncy Kombi.

24. People reached for the stars. An entire constellation of them.

25. Don't ever forget the dude that brought a moon as his prop.

26. And this legit mooning. (This is what happens when you invite Australia to Europe.)

27. Please, please don't ever stop, Europe. You're spectacular.