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9 May 2017

Europe's Still Bloody Confused That Australia Is Even In Eurovision

I mean same, but let us live.

ICYMI, Australia's Isaiah Firebrace has made it through to the Eurovision finals.


Yes, Australia. Yes, Eurovision.

australia in #Eurovision: he- europeans:

Though we've competed the past two years, the whole of Europe still seems rather... confused as to why we keep coming back.

europe: eurovision is for europe only australia: EurOVIsion Is fOr EUroPe OnLy

When Australia keeps showing up on #Eurovision #AUS

People just don't get it.

Still don't know what the fuck Australia are doing in the #Eurovision

And Europeans are having an identity crisis.

teacher: okay class, name some european countries! class: france, poland, australia,

lol i'm still laughing that someone in my psych genuinely thought australia was in europe bc of eurovision

Some want us out of the competition...

#Eurovision Waiting for Australia to get the hell out of Eurovision like:

...while others think we're kinda missing the point.

australia sends songs that are actually good but like...send us trash for once. that's what we're here for #esc2017

What the heck, Australia, you're not allowed to be this good #esc2017

Tbh, even we don't exactly know what's going on.

See you for the finals this Saturday, Europe!

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